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  1. I don't think I have ever heard The Empire Strikes Back described as light hearted. Apparently I missed the humor in Luke's father cutting off his hand or Han being frozen alive. Han gutting a creature and stuffing Luke in it definitely was a hoot and family friendly! Most of us old people (I was 5 when I saw Star Wars at a drive in theatre on laying on top of a van) who grew up on The original trilogy disliked the prequels specifically because they were too light hearted and pandered to kids. Yes there were serious elements sprinkled in but that's all. Rogue One was the only movie made since the originals that I truly enjoyed and will happily rewatch.
  2. Trailer is out. Saw it this weekend at a movie. It'll get my money just not opening weekend.
  3. So Detroit gets the draft and they are picking so late that most fans will be in bed and pick 29 is kind of a ehh not exactly sexy... Normally they are always in top 10 draft day but nope, not the year you host it. Last year would've been perfect, I guess the script writers screwed that all up. Unfortunately for me the only day I would have a chance to go to it is Saturday and that just isn't the same.
  4. Watched A Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare this weekend and it was pretty good. Based on real events but of course exaggerated for drama and action. It's funny how there were still "gentleman's rules" when it came to war, and special forces were non existent for the most part. It was also a nice entertainment nod to have Definitely worth a look if you enjoy this type of movie. Saw a trailer for Badlands a movie based on the video game. Only mention it because I got an instant Guardians of the Galaxy vibe from the trailer. I'm sure that was enough to suck me in and I'll be watching it. Watched Hotel Artemis on Max. It felt like they watched John Wick and took the Continental Hotel out of it and turned it into a hospital and made a movie out of it. That said it was pretty good, Jodie Foster played the lead very well. Also watched The Zone of Interest. Didn't know it was entirely in German w subtitles so that took a minute to get used to. Not sure how to feel about this movie. Man did I get the creep vibe when almost every scene I can see why this was up for awards because it definitely makes you think and see things and wonder how, looking back now, these people just acted like normal. Like this was just any old neighborhood. I do have a question,
  5. If you only have Netflix and not HBO you cant see Sex and city and therefore the audience for it is limited. But if they license it to Netflix for one year at xxx million dollars, they make money and grow the fan base. Then bring back the rights and hope some audience follows. Either way you made millions by licensing it to them for a year on something thats years and years old.
  6. I binged this all over the weekend and enjoyed the hell out of it. I did have a lot of the same questions I see on this last page but I didn't need them answered to have had a good time watching it. Lots of fun characters, strange creatures and a good ol "death to management" slogan never hurts. Lots of great visuals. I really loved the little roomba like brain guarding vault 31(?) who was basically foiled by a broom that fell over. Then he keeps chasing the guy with a needle, hey stop so I can stab you! I think the last time I enjoyed a show similar to this was Peacemaker, but this was better.
  7. Watched a few things this weekend. Civil War, It was ok, a little better than I thought but ended a little weaker and made some strange decisions. The beginning and middle were pretty good, surreal stuff. It was only the last couple minutes that seemed off IMO. Also binged Fallout over the weekend. I knew nothing about the game so this was just a whim. It's pretty damn entertaining. I mean it's another apocalypse series and it's based on a video game so my expectations were pretty low but damn this was a fun season. It's didn't have the one great episode like The Last of Us had but from beginning to end I enjoyed this much more.
  8. I've never played the game. So far I've only watched one episode and it was pretty good. I'll be binging it this weekend for sure.
  9. So I guess now I have a different take on this than I did at first. She Said and The Big Short now pop in mind because it's not horror schlock, it's real. Oh and fuck Paranormal Activity....creeped me right out
  10. If that's what I'm thinking of then it makes sense why it didn't bother me. Anything done in that movie would seem to fit. That one, A History of the World Part 1, Kentucky Fried Movie...anything could have happened in those movies and it would seem to fit in.
  11. It just made no sense, they all appear out of the hidden caves to dance and they can't even see what's happening(the scene they're setting up) because it's above on the now dry river bed. Most importantly, I remember the CGI as looking like it was on a loop, like the same CGI characters were doing the exact same thing. Yes I know how dancing works, but it looked like a loop versus looking like natural dancing and it took me out of the action based zombie trance I was in.
  12. Watched She Said recently and the whole thing just burns me. Hope he rots in jail for the rest of his life. Wish his enablers were right along side of him. Also watched Lioness and generally enjoyed it. Most of the characters felt right for the roles. There was a twist in the last two episodes that almost ran the thing off the rails but in the end it seemed like it made sense. From what I understand there will be a second season, but new characters and in Mexico this time?
  13. I can't stand those sequences generally. The Marvels comes to mind. Also the dancing waterfall scene in Black Panther. Hate both of those sequences. I do have a vague recollection of a western movie where all of a sudden the cowboys break out in a dance, then go right back to normal, which I found amusing but that's as close as I get.
  14. I feel bad for his kids, family and the family of the people who were murdered. Other than that, good riddance and maybe now the rest of them can live in peace.
  15. This went under the radar for me, first I heard it. Loved him in pretty much anything he did. Seemed like a genuinely good person, someone you'd want as a dad. Strange Brew and Stripes. Small roles but he was good.
  16. Not sure if most disturbing or what but Dark Night of the Scarecrow scared the crap out of me as a kid. That and some movie where the trees came to life and killed people.
  17. Had some free time and crappy weather over the weekend so watched some stuff. Godzilla - Kong, what ever this new one was. Saw it in theatre because the listings on the app were wrong and Love lies Bleeding wasn't showing for another hour. This was the typical monster movie, which is a huge let down after Godzilla minus 1. Don't recommend unless you like these. The Iceman. Older movie about a real life serial killer / hitman. Decent enough movie, not anything special. Couldn't imagine being the wife or daughters finding out your husband/father is a serial killer and you had no idea. World War Z. I've seen this before and decided to watch it again. It's probably my favorite zombie movie. I'm sure it is aided by only dealing with a few days of the zombies but it holds up really well. The Green Knight I might have been burned out or just tired but I couldn't get into this. I made it to where Alicia Vikander makes her appearance and realized I was on my phone more than I was watching the movie so I turned it off.
  18. I think it ended ok. For me it's way below BOB and even The Pacific. The scene where the flyers needed parachutes and door was locked seemed very contrived and forced, it may be true to life but it didn't feel like it. It feels like the black fighter pilots were thrown in for the sake of diversity and to show fighter pilots. They got one episode and after that they were back ground props. I know now that this was based off a book(memoirs?) written by a person in the 100th so adding the fighter squadron almost feels like a mistake? IDK how to express what I am thinking on this, it seems like the show would have been better served if it stayed on that core group. While I was watching it and Rosie went on his tour of Europe and comes across the concentration camp, my first thought was here is the obligatory camp horror sequence that these movies all show. Then when I saw after the episode that he served as a prosecutor it hit me a little different. I really think they messed up not showing us more about these guys before each episode like BOB brothers did. Had I known he eventually did that, the scene in Poland would have come across much differently.
  19. A 6th rd pick for Fields is robbery. Chicago may have been better off keeping Fields and trading him before the trade dead line to some team w an injured QB.
  20. Agree. Rogue One is one of the best "Star Wars" movies period and holds up well for rewatching. IMO it's in third place behind Ep 4 and 5.
  21. Funny, I didn't see it as TV addiction at all. To me it was the uppers addiction that made her stay awake and then have nothing else to do but watch TV. Days and weeks of that makes her manic and delusional and she starts the TV tripping scenes. I may be remembering it differently than it was though, it has been a while since I last watched it.
  22. That movie and Faces of Meth online. The transformations are things of nightmares and when you see their ages it's crazy.
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