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  1. Is it completely insane if they have real doubts about him and committing 250 mill? This is a team that took him and changed their entire team around him, if they have doubts then it should be taken seriously.
  2. So for the Ravens it's a good thing he doesn't have a no trade clause.
  3. Much of the same reaction to this episode as everyone. It seemed rushed, like it would have been better spread out over two episodes. Same thoughts, the main meeting place is burning to the ground and no one notices? Not happy with myself for missing the cannibalism, should have seen that. When I saw the looks between the guys when the girl asked about burying her dad I just brushed it off, even though starvation was obvious, lazy on my part! I did like that Ellie didn't need Joel to come save her despite it being hinted that he would. Since the water was shown to us several times and we also saw canoes, can we assume they escape via the water since they have no horse, Joel is still recovering, and the people of that town should be on their way to the burning building by now?
  4. Never saw or heard any of this when Ozzie was running the show, was it hidden while he was there?
  5. I don't think the Steelers would make much sense. They just spent a 1st rd on Pickett, who played decent for a rookie. To get Rodgers they would have to give up a lot (picks) and pay him which means cutting players, kicking the can down the road, and/or limits talent they can add to help him.
  6. I'm no detective but based on this, and a spoiler I assume you just spoiled that a certain person dies? If so thanks? If not then it's a good fake out.
  7. I like Ramsey as Ellie. She, IMO, has shown a wide range of emotions already. She puts up a brave front and cracks show in it exposing her fear and insecurities. In this episode I truly believed she had a crush on the other girl and not that she was just pretending to. Yeah sometimes the teen angst smart ass thing is annoying but guess what, so are teenagers!!
  8. Strange timing at the least. Georgia stud and top prospect Jalen Carter has arrest warrant issued today for reckless driving and racing(i think). He was supposedly racing along with two other vehicles after they had their National Championship parade and one car wrecked killing two people, Georgia staffers, who were in a Georgia owned Expedition.
  9. It was a good episode but didn't have the feels of Ep 3. Ep 3 was done much better IMO, acting, and of course showing them over years and not just one night. Would have been nice to wrap it up though, I mean go ahead and show us Ellie's infection not spreading while hers does and then how the Fireflys come to find her. Actually that's probably still to come, but it seems like it belonged in this episode.
  10. I was going to mention baseball stadiums as well. Have guys hitting 60 home runs in Yankee stadium and a lot of them would be fly outs in Comerica park. Makes no sense. Also just started Ted Lasso a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it, glad to see it's coming back soon so I won't have a big wait.
  11. Yeah 1982 and 1984 for me were the best of that list.
  12. Watched a few movies this weekend. The Imitation Game very good movie about Turing, his life and breaking the Enigma code during WW2. I had little knowledge about him other than knowing he was a math genius, computer godfather of sorts, so to see what he went through and what he and the team accomplished was pretty cool. Margin Call a decent movie with a lot of names in it about a nameless Wall St firm and the crash from housing. It was decent but with all the names in it I guess I expected more, the Big Short IMO was a far superior movie. Devotion a based on real life movie about a black fighter pilot from 1950. The story was good but the way it played out seemed so fake, and I know that's not the word I am looking for. During the movie there are at least five different scenes where it seems like the actor is making a speech to win an oscar. IDK, the movie just felt off to me and I was on my phone quite a bit.
  13. Have to agree, the list isn't that good and that was the summer leading to my senior year of high school so those should hold strong feelings for me. All the sequels you listed were pretty bad other than Indiana Jones. I think your 1999 list kills 1989 even with the Phantom Menace dragging it down!
  14. If you ever go to Lafayette, it's not because it's pretty and shiny, it's because the coneys are great. Before and after most events that place has a line out the door. Also, pee before because the bathrooms are in the basement and it's like a dungeon!
  15. Man I can't decide if I wanna see this at all or if I wanna see it drunk with a group!
  16. Want to say my first concert at the Joe was Motley Crue like 10 years ago, but I had been there for Wings games before that. For some reason I always went to Toledo, the Palace or Pine Knob for concerts and not Detroit until recently, last 10 years. Now I've been to the Joe, Comerica, Masonic Temple and Ford Field for concerts. After the show do you head to Lafayette for a coney!
  17. Agree with the sentiment but without her this is a silent movie until we come across random raiders and settlements. Joel is supposed to be the quiet brooding type so he can't carry the on screen dialogue. This is the way.
  18. For me that was Guns and Roses at Toledo Speedway jam. That same guy was passed out in the mud before Guns came on stage. Good times.
  19. I see my movies at MJR. After the trailers they always run a clip montage with their song/tune and the ending of this film made me laugh because it was a nothing more than a grand version of that. I did leave that movie happy that I had seen it but knowing I'd never watch it again.
  20. Barbara Bosson, who played Fay Furillo on Hill St Blues died. She was in plenty of other shows but I remember her as the ex wife of Ray on that show. Not a good week for tv police/DA's
  21. If I had the will power I would do that.
  22. Yep. She said she broke her face in 5 places! And this was after she lost a chunk of skin off her finger in the previous game. That poor girl took a beating. Nany, sigh. Her and Johnny were a really good team with a glaring weakness, puzzles. They could do anything that was thrown at them except solve a puzzle in a timely fashion and it was their downfall. I was shocked that Tori and Devin won, never would've picked them at the start of the year. They were definitely deserving and it's been a long road for them to get there. I just thought this was set up to be Nelsons year, I bought that narrative hook line and sinker. The next one appears to be called Legends. P.S. Can Aneesa just stop coming back? Who ever is her partner has a handicap for most challenges and it's just not fair.
  23. Another good, well acted episode. Also liked the older couple in the cabin from the beginning. The panic attack setting in was a surprise for me. When they got to the bridge I expected infected of some type, same for the dam. I thought they would be going there for some reason. Also never expected them to find his brother this fast. But, him not being part of the fireflies anymore makes sense why he was found, the story has to keep going past him. Ellie and Joel bonded a lot more this episode even though she knows he was going to leave her. Hopefully those who thought she wasn't holding her own in the acting dept watched this. I wonder if the fungus has a hard time existing in the north in the winter and maybe that's why we don't see much? Maybe once spring/summer hit the fungi come back in full force like the bugs do? So is next week the origin story of Ellie?
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