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  1. I had same thoughts about the bystanders. As to Keanu lines in the movie, I saw an article that said he cut a lot of his own lines from the script. Sounds like he was passing the torch maybe and letting the other actors get some spotlight? From everything I have ever heard about him sounds like something he would do.
  2. Weren't there reports of what the Ravens offered out there, so other teams did know what he wouldn't accept. As to him being the most valuable etc.. There is an argument there also. 50+ million per year guaranteed for 4-5 years and give up two 1st rd picks for a running QB coming off back to back seasons with knee injuries? You and I know we are on opposite sides of this so us discussing this is a moot point.
  3. If it is known that he wants a 5 year deal close to or exceeding 230 mill fully guaranteed contract and teams don't want to pay that and give up two 1st rd picks then it makes total sense to stay away. You'll need those 1st round picks to put cheap talent around him because that contract will be a hinderance. Teams with top 5 or 10 picks aren't just a QB away from the SB, they need lots of help and giving away those top picks would hurt. Also, teams may have reached out to him to get a feel for what he wants, just because it's not reported doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Only the GM and Lamar would know since there is no agent involved.
  4. Yeah I had forgot about that one, it reminded me of a video game and was pretty mesmerizing. I also know why a certain scene seemed so familiar... I read an article and there were a few things like this in the movie
  5. Started watching Dexter New Blood on Showtime. Wasn't going to watch it but I saw Yellowjackets is doing a weekly release and I want to binge them. Honestly I like Dexter more than I thought I would. I am about halfway through so it still has time to lose me. I'll probably finish tomorrow and will know better then if it was worth it. It feels new but also familiar. It's at a pivotal point where it can go right or off the rails.
  6. Watched John Wick 4 this weekend and loved it. Thinking this is right behind the original for me. Loved the scenery in the movie. Yes they could have shown a little more restraint and cut some of the fight sequences shorter but I never felt like I was ready for the movie to be over. For me the only spot that felt long was Another thing that was fitting was Definitely see it on a big screen so you can take it all in.
  7. I still think he is going to resign there. I think he has seen that the market isn't what he expected. Maybe he plays a year on this tag and then test the market again.
  8. I don't know about this. Everyone I know who saw it said it was better than anything since Empire. For me it's my third favorite, ANH (mostly because it came first), Empire and then Rogue One. I don't know anyone IRL who saw it and didn't like it. The reason I didn't like the prequels, aimed to much at kids. The last trilogy, well it was a rehash of the original trilogy with even worse acting. What I want is an entirely new group of heroes and villains somewhere new. I don't want R2 or BB or anything like them again. Give me a different style of droid if we have to have some.
  9. I plan to see it this weekend, know I'll enjoy it no matter what. The original has now gotten to where if I am channel surfing and I see it's on I have to stop and watch it for a little while. The sequels not so much.
  10. Don't look now but life imitating art... Candida auris, C. auris is a fungal disease that's spreading through nursing homes and "presents a serious global threat" !!!! https://www.yahoo.com/news/deadly-fungal-infection-spreading-hospitals-164045552.html
  11. Have to like what the Lions are doing. They had a legit top 10 offense last year but a horrible defense and still almost made the playoffs. They have gone out and signed two top FA CB's and a top safety. Assume that they are drafting the top DT/DE available to pair up on the line with Hutchinson and that defense could be top half of the league if all the new bodies mesh together.
  12. I caught a few minutes of John Wick this weekend and after the scene where John checks into the hotel and meets him, the screen went black and they had a RIP "card" memoriam moment for him. Thought it was pretty cool to get it in so fast.
  13. Forgot I also saw Everything Everywhere all at once yesterday. Too much for me. Too many changes from english to subtitles, time lines, universes, bagels, karaoke laundry mats etc.
  14. I finally watched Everything Everywhere etc yesterday. Have to say I didn't like it. It was just too frantic for me. English to subtitles to English all in the same sentence. Too many everywheres for me! I thought JLC did fine, I rarely know an award winning performance when I see it but I do think the lead woman did great.
  15. Watched The Terminal over the weekend, Tom Hanks stranded in an airport instead of an island with a volleyball. Not a bad movie but just ehh. Watched Greenland, end of the world movie. It also was just ehh. Nothing new, it went a little dark but then pulled itself back from the edge instead of committing to it. If you like end of the world type movies it's not bad, but you will have seen better.
  16. This was killing me, I knew I heard the line before but actually had to google it.
  17. This is where I stand and why saving her was the right thing to do. Her infection stopped while in her arm, meaning that her blood stopped it, therefor her blood likely carries the antibodies or whatever the correct term is for it, of course this is just my opinion and I am no doctor.
  18. I liked the episode, it felt like Andor to me. Seems like we get Gideon back at some point. Maybe he defeats Din and takes the Dark Saber back then later Bo kills Gideon and reclaims the Saber and her right as ruler, and takes them back to rebuild Mandalore?
  19. That and a RB and legit #2 WR. They cannot go into next season relying on Pollard to carry even 65% of the load, he isn't that guy and the Dallas offense has worked best when the running game is working. Maybe with McCarthy at the helm that will change but I am not happy with the RB's right now.
  20. Something is brewing in Dallas. They have cut Zeke and restructured a lot of players contracts to free up more money than it appears they need. A big FA or trade for a big name WR? Getting the Diggs new contract done? Not sure but it really seems like they are gearing up for something.
  21. IMO it was the trauma. Last we saw her she was genuinely terrified and screamed when Joel got to her. This episode we see her and it appeared her spirit was broken. It wasn't until Joel told her about trying to kill himself and the giraffes until she came out of it a little bit.
  22. Dallas made a small ripple, which for them is huge. Traded a 5th round comp pick for Stephon Gillmore. Having him opposite Diggs should improve the def. It really suffered when we lost two starting DB's for the season. They also resigned Safety Wilson and LB Vander Esch at reasonable deals so I am pretty happy.
  23. Lets not forget Ellie just went through a very traumatic experience as was clearly evident in her behavior this episode. Another pretty damn big thing is that Ellie is only 14 years old. In the real world she would not be able to give consent for just about anything let alone dying for a possible, maybe, hopefully, but we have no evidence cure.
  24. Watched Creed and Creed II this weekend. I liked both well enough, thought they did some things very well and some other things too much like the originals. I don't put these on par with Rocky and Rocky II but maybe ahead of the other Rocky sequels. Thought about seeing Creed III in theaters but didn't do it, same with Cocaine bear. Just can't get motivated to see either one. Also watched Outlast on Netflix. Best way I can describe it is a cross between Survivor and Alone. 16 players dropped off in remote Alaska with minimal supplies forced to create teams with no notice or discussion. Not very many rules, basically you have to be on a team to be there and you can't get voted off, that's about it. No host, no narrator. It gets pretty insane and really ugly and hopefully someone else watches it because to me.. I want to make sure I'm not the only one who thinks that. I thought it was going to get even worse than it did.
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