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  1. Watched The House of the Dragon last night and have to say that for a pilot it was pretty good. Plenty of references, should this really be in spoilers considering the site we are on..? Probably should add
  2. Glad to hear this, I have put S4 off because S3 just wasn't good for me. Yeah I have seen all kinds of things saying it's better than GOT and Breaking Bad. That scares me because I'm sure it's pure hype building B.S.
  3. Not sure what your point is. I have from the beginning said he is a POS and I would be happy if he never played again. Is he suspended long enough at 11 games, not in my opinion, is his fine large enough, not in my opinion. Missing 28 games in the NFL is a big deal, that is my only point.
  4. I don't root for injuries so...hopefully karma kicks ass.
  5. Didn't say he was suspended or mention money. Said he will miss 28 games. To a competitor that kills you. 28 games of his prime years.
  6. Other than a total ban this seems about right IF you factor in that he also missed all of last season. By the time this is done he will have missed 28 games.
  7. IMO it makes sense. The one person he respected and wanted love and approval from was Kim. He didn't know she confessed and once he found out his whole demeanor changed. He did this to take the wrap so she would be ok. To me that tracks with Jimmy. As to the prisoners, Saul was a hero / friend to exactly the people he is locked up with so why would he be a target? He is someone they respect because he followed the criminal code and never ratted on anyone. Plus, he can help with legal advice and bake a tasty loaf of bread!
  8. I think it was a good ending, an ending that made sense. Just take out the BCS chant on the bus and it would be even better. I also like how Gene's life has paid dividends to Jimmy, his experience at cinnabon and baking there has gotten him what's considered a prime job in the kitchen in prison. Saul was trying to get everything he could for himself with his plea deal until he learned that Kim confessed. Once he learned that he changed back to Jimmy and tried to find a way to protect her and let her know he was still inside Saul. He wanted her approval more than anything. The confession at the end was exactly what he would do. He wanted them to know that Walt wouldn't have been who he was without Saul, kind of his "I am the danger" moment. To me the best moment of the episode was when they shared that cigarette in the room together. It brought us back to the beginning. They didn't need to talk to each other in that moment, just the smoke and the knowing looks. That should have been the final scene instead of the walk outside.
  9. Westworld S4, about 4 episodes in now. Liking it so far. Liked the music again, Enter Sandman was a good choice and took me a beat to catch it. There was another song during an episode that I just couldn't quite place.
  10. But why spend draft capital on a one season rental when you are not anywhere near a contender? Hell they aren't even contenders for 2nd place in their own division.
  11. This just made my day. I completely forgot tonight was the finale, now I have something worthwhile to watch tonight! I'm staying spoiler free and looking forward to seeing how they wrap it up.
  12. Why would the Jets trade for Jimmy G? They are no where near a win now team and all he could do is cost them a draft pick and get them a worse draft position in a year where there may be a few legit QB's to pick from. It would make zero sense for the Jets, so they probably will do it!
  13. Finally going to start the new season of Westworld. I watched about 10 min of Ep 1 last night and felt completely lost even though I watched the "previously on"...was tired so I went to bed after that 10 min. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and watch a few episodes and hope it hooks me.
  14. He is a 2nd year player. I just wonder what the receivers think?
  15. Did anyone see the report where Justin Fields said his current receivers basically suck. That they would have been 6th stringers at oSU and that's why he is making a big adjustment in NFL!!! Way to build team morale!
  16. I assume that she has put herself in a life where decisions have been removed from her because she doesn't trust herself. If you notice throughout the episode she never make a choice on anything until she chooses to turn herself in.
  17. I was gonna mention that but couldn't remember what he was repeating!
  18. This is pretty spot on what I think too. I think we see Gene on the run at the crossroads deciding which was to literally turn and then we get the Walt flashback and something in it triggers Jimmy to come back and he chooses to turn toward New Mexico and turns himself in. Then we get him in color in lock up being back to himself and in his element.
  19. Prey is not a good movie. It's better than any since Predator 2 but that isn't saying much. Predator was out 40 years ago, total Alpha male testosterone fest and still had better and more believable action than Prey did. 2022 and the CGI looked worse than super mario on my nintendo did. Hell Donkey Kong looked and moved more realistic than some of these animals. I do like the thought and premise of the movie and it's something that they could continue, going back in time farther or forward more. I also like the actors in it and think they did a good job.
  20. Good episode. Showed just how far Gene is willing to go because I really feel like he was going to hurt her, maybe not kill though. Kim's life seemed just like she would want it to be, mundane and boring. No spark to enjoy, just he boredom to punish herself. I like that they left it open as to whether the DA would prosecute. Leaves her living with it hanging over her head still even though she confessed. I think Gene has plenty of time to get out of town or hold up someplace. She said Saul Goodman has her and she doesn't even know the name he is living under there or where he lives. I could see him grabbing his money and diamonds and fleeing, maybe one of the last scenes we get is him at those crossroads while fleeing. Maybe he heads back and we get a repeat of Kim from this episode, except we know they will prosecute him. Last scene being him in jail with that other lawyer visiting him as his defense and Slipping Jimmy smiling at home in his element.
  21. Glad to read this, I was considering going to see this and now I'll wait.
  22. Sandy and TC in the same couple of days. Olivia in Grease was Ginger and Mary Ann rolled into one woman, sigh
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