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  1. When I think of a movie as being the best, it is something I want to see again. I want to see things that I may have missed, or appreciate subtle things or just to enjoy the ride again. Not wanting to watch something again doesn't make it bad either. Clearly it's just an opinion of mine.
  2. Really? He has taken two teams to tfe NFC championship games and one to a super bowl, how is he a tier below Cousins? To me they are the Spiderman meme pointing at each other. Hopefully you aren't going to point to empty stats. Really couldn't care less but Dallas is doing nothing in free agency and I need my football fix. Dallas had two glaring needs. RB and LB. This was a RB heavy market, and not just avg RB's but top tier guys were available relatively cheap, and we did nothing.
  3. He's basically Matt Ryan right? Jared Goff'ish. Good QB who can operate an offense and not hurt you.
  4. Apparently not everyone in Texas knows how to play Texas Hold Em'. Jerry, this is not how All In looks. This is how standing pat, checking, hoping for a free card looks. If that house Derrick Henry bought recently is so he can sign w Houston and not Dallas I will cry a little.
  5. I have actually enjoyed the last couple episodes more, not because they're better but I just couldn't stand the actors from the first episodes. But yes, the fracturing of the story makes the series not hold the weight like BOB had, I doubt BOB will ever be matched. If they had chosen to follow a single squadron we may have gotten more of that feel but since they are supposed to be showing all of the Masters of Air to us that family feel gets lost. The POW camp part seems like a waste on a show called Master of Air, just my opinion. I understand it was a big part of the experience for fliers but I feel like if they spent all the time being used on the POW camps back in the air it would be a better show. More focus on the fighters and bombers and any new techniques they did to turn the tide and win the war.
  6. I watched most of the show, it's the one awards show I still watch. My wife got home right after it ended and her first question was, did Billie Eilish sing yet, I wanna see her. So there is something to her for my wife to want to see her perform, we are 50+ years old. We both watched Oppenheimer, Holdovers and Flowers Moon and agreed Opp was the better movie and felt shorter then Flowers. We also both have no intention on rewatching any of them, whatever that says about them / us. When Pacino came on and did whatever he did I felt a little sorry for him and more so for the nominees, has anything been said if he was ill or just age? I didn't read this whole thread so apologies if it was mentioned up thread. p.s. It was nice to see the show not take itself so seriously for once. Cena coming out like he did was refreshing since the Oscars usually seem really uptight and full of themselves as a show. p.s.s. Did anyone catch Emma Stones reaction when Jimmy made the comment about the Poor Things clip, "that was all of the movie we could show without blurring it"... the camera went to her and it seemed to me she was pissed, probably tired of all the attention the nude scenes have gotten.
  7. My list as I look at it isn't necessarily the best comedies, groundbreaking or whatever. Just what I like and what I like to watch in reruns as well. Tier 1 - will watch most episodes if they are on and I'm killing time Friends, Big Bang, Seinfeld, Two and a half Men (Sheen episodes only) Tier 2 - Shows I used to watch a lot of but don't stop on when channel surfing HIMYM, Married w Children, Home Improvement, That 70's Show, Silicon Valley, Cheers, Tier 3 shows I remember more from childhood, some were already in reruns and probably should watch again Wonder Years, Sanford and Son, Good Times, Happy Days, Cosby Show, Night Court, Different Strokes, Facts of Life, Family Ties, Barney Miller There are a lot that I just never watched that I heard are great. Arrested Development, It's always Sunny, The Office (tried a few episodes) etc.
  8. Two and a Half Men, Seinfeld, Big Bang, and Friends are my four go to time killers. Two and a half men only when Sheen was on it, never ever Kutcher.
  9. No, I get that but there are hundreds or thousands of miles of open sand dunes shown in the mid and north and yet they land ships there. Hey I have tons of experience with under ground desert worms and avoiding them by using rocks and vibrations, I've watched a couple of the Tremors movies! I assume the graboids in Tremors were a pretty direct rip off of Dune.
  10. 1. Ok, that made enough sense 2. Somewhat reasonable and yes it was mentioned but if you don't know using the nukes on people is forbidden then it makes zero sense. The convenient shield thing again. Man those shields are great and useless. Much like shields in all sci fi I guess. Remember, I am not invested in this at all. I'm just giving an opinion as an outsider who watched the movie.
  11. How do you land them anywhere and not get eaten? Also, who says they have to land. The battle scene clearly showed the ship was in the air while firing upon the mountain temple.
  12. It's actually a pretty good show, but I probably have bad taste!
  13. If by weird you mean sad that we are still waiting for the next book, then yes, weird!
  14. Can someone explain the whole can't user lasers or guns in the desert? I must've missed it in the first movie. As I was watching Part 2 I was like man wtf aren't they just shooting instead of going hand to hand? Then you have the helicopter things that are shooting and the ship that shoots the mountain over the Freman secret city, and it's confusing why some shoot and they clearly have the technology to do it but they don't do it more often????
  15. Man I don't remember Ross being cheap in the show. Yes he wanted his shirt back but it was his favorite Salmon shirt. IDK, I was usually blinded by Rachel so... Ross was definitely the most unlikeable. The first couple seasons he was so annoying, all the constant whining and moaning and the damn monkey. Joey and Chandlers friendship was the best thing about the show for me. Well that and Jennifer Aniston.
  16. Except that Friends is still being watched more than HIMYM and always will be, it still finds new fans. I like both and think the writing on HIMYM was better, but if both were on this afternoon I'd probably pick Friends to watch. See the snip below. HIMYM didn't even do those ratings when airing live. How many views does Friends still get? Yet Friends' popularity seems to be on the rise. Between its various syndicated airings, the show still draws a weekly audience of 16 million in the U.S., a big enough viewership to make it a viable hit on current network TV (and that's not even including streaming).
  17. I'm not a big Dune fan at all, never saw the other movie way back and never read a book so I am just not getting this. Over all it was an ok movie. The scenes I enjoyed the most were on the other planet with the pale bald people, those scenes were cool as hell, the way it was filmed, the black sun etc. The introduction of this psycho killer and letting us know he will be unleashed was a hell of a set up. For me this was the best part of the movie. Unfortunately the payoff sucks ass. We get one scene where a ship is shooting at the rocks presumably at his command, and how the they just now find out they were under there btw? Then we get his fight scene where he dies. That's it. All that build up and he is killed basically the next time we see him? What an absolute waste. This whole southern pole b.s. OMG we know they are down there but there are sandstorms in a ring around it protecting it so we will do nothing. You travel through space, IDK maybe land a ship from space there, bypassing the oh so horrible sand storms? Or fly over them? Man this plot hole killed me. Another issue. They introduce these 92 atomic weapons that every great house has. It appears in the last battle that they fired three of them. AT THE ROCKS. Why not fire more and IDK maybe at the enemy forces, and ships and the fortress? Maybe you save thousands of your people who needlessly died in hand to hand combat. All this said and I'll probably see the next one in theaters because I love big sci-fi action movies on large screens.
  18. Watched Dune 2 this weekend, went to the theater specifically to give this more of a chance since I watched part 1 at home and wasn't wowed by it. Yeah, the size of the screen didn't make a difference. If you liked P1 then I'm sure you'll like P2, it just isn't for me. I'll leave details in the Dune thread.
  19. Finished S3 of Slow Horses . Overall this is a very good series that is easily binged. You could get an entire season in about 3 hours, I almost did. S3 did go a little farther into an absurd situation. Looking forward to S4.
  20. When S3 Slow Horses, only watched one episode today and it was a good one again. I don't really have a single character or actor on the show that I truly dislike so that makes this so much more enjoyable. One thing that begs a question. They mention Cartwrights parents every season, hopefully James Earl Jones doesn't have a cameo, or a voice over in a future episode. If you know you know.
  21. Finished S2 of Slow Horses, another really good season. Really surprised by the death in Ep3, shouldn't be based on the premise of the show, but still. On to S3, ep2 already. And joy!
  22. Finished S1 of Slow Horses and I really enjoyed it for a few reasons. I like the pacing, around 40 min episodes and the whole season was just six episodes. I also liked the actors in this compared to say True Detective Night Country where I found the lead character just annoying. The other thing that was nice is that this was somewhat grounded in reality. You could see this scenario play out in real life and it wouldn't be shocking, so it's how the characters act with each other that carries the show, not over the top chases and death defying scenarios.
  23. Great news for the FA's this year too. There will be a week of nutso spending to kick off free agency.
  24. Why would they learn when according to the article this season was the most successful? It was probably better than I give it credit for, I was soured right off the bat and it tainted my viewing. I hope it's a new fresh "mystery" again so I can start w a clean slate.
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