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  1. Very very accurate. When I was into the UFC at my peak it was because I watched The Ultimate Fighter season 1 and I was invested in seeing these guys fighting going forward. TUF unfortunately turned into The Real World and every other reality show in subsequent seasons though and I stopped watching and now barely watch UFC BTW, on All stars this is trivia week. You know TJ loves it if he announces it with his evil laugh.
  2. I am going to get a lot of hate for this but that's what turned me off to the Lord of the Rings movies. I knew absolutely nothing going in to it. When I watched the first long ass movie and absolutely nothing happened except to set up for the next in the series I was so pissed. The only one of those I liked was the last one and will never watch them again. I am fully aware that this is my fault because I could have done some checking on the books but didn't do it. I also understand that there wasn't another way to do this but it just struck a cord when I read that comment. Looking forward to Peaky Blinders final season. IIRC last season felt like it was about time to kill it so this is good timing for me.
  3. Hard to imagine this show would still be on the air if he didn't come back after his accident. I'd bet it would have ended years ago.
  4. Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt are all in this movie. And Harry Potter!
  5. Well I haven't watched it since the late 80's or early 90's so I am not sure how well it's aged but, yeah I think so. The Jewel of the Nile was a sequel but don't remember if that was as good.
  6. Had time to kill and so I watched The Lost CIty. It is so badly a rip off of Romancing the Stone from the 80's. Unfortunately I liked Romancing a lot more than this one, but hey, I killed a little time!
  7. Yeah it helps to have him ripping them sometimes, calling them out on their bullshit. Hope to see you never!
  8. I was at DeShauns house yesterday and I asked to use his towel to dry my hands and man that thing was stiff as a board and pretty small.
  9. The Northman, I watched it at the theater on a big screen and visually, great. Main part of movie, ok. Last third or so of movie not so much. To each their own, some will like it, most will not.
  10. My opinion. She didn't plan on letting them escape. The tracker was a back up in case they came for her and got away. At the end of this season they will need to believably explain why no one is after Leia now that they think she is part of an underground rebellion, maybe they wash it off as only Third Sister was after her. So unless she spends the time between this show and ANH entirely with the Rebellion it will be hard to explain.
  11. I think the drama is still there but MTV edits some of it out, we didn't see the Ashley - Josh issue last year. But yeah, now that its serious money they are drinking a little less and making better decisions, dammit!
  12. Going to revive this topic to say that The Challenge All Stars is pretty good this season, added new younger all stars and every cast member has been to a final so no softies. Also for those interested there will be a mainstream CBS channel The Challenge starting in July. Cast from across CBS reality shows, 500,000 grand prize, top female and male go on to compete in a new show, The Challenge world?, can't remember title, on Paramount+. It will pit winners from several different challenge shows across the world and the new CBS one.
  13. Is he the guy who represented Robert Kraft?, cuz he "got him off"...
  14. Not a surprise since it came out that they provided Watson with a NDA to give the massage therapist. Hmm...why would he need that. And they provided the room for him to use. I mean it became comical last week when Watsons lawyer said it wasn't illegal to get a happy ending..
  15. It would be interesting if it got tied in and made sense. Could use the adults that are already in Russia for the plot.. still, get out of Dorne and leave it behind.
  16. I love every minute of this. I just wish the Browns couldn't void his contract. They should have to eat it for getting him while all of this was still unsettled. That or if they voided it they had to pay all that money to womens shelters and the victims. Lets not give Browns fans the bends... start them out on one year as Lions fans and then move them to Cinnci. I think the shock of going straight to CInnci fans would be too much for their systems. Let them suffer one more year.
  17. Binged this over the last week, and like someone mentioned above, doing it this way does blur the details unlike GOT were we had a week to rewatch and analyze every damn little thing to death. I love this season so far. When I love a season I sure as hell don't want less of it so I don't understand the wanting shorter episodes. Why would I want less of what I like? That said if something was to be cut... Russia = Dorne.... just quit it. Unless there is some earth shattering reveal we had to be in Russia for this is just annoying. I mean how did Hopper do that to his foot and then walk, run, and fight on it? Like most I like the way they are handling the OG's as they were called. They are getting older and have different interests and will grow apart some and the show at least addresses that reality. Overall I'd say this is a huge improvement over last season and one of my favorites.
  18. The past week Watched Stranger Things new season and I loved it. I am sure if I took notes I'd remember the parts that were slow or off track but I liked this a lot more than last season. Now I'll go to the Stranger Things thread and remember all that and be told it sucks! Also watched the first couple episodes of The Boys and loved that even more. For some reason I like flawed "heroes" more than most. To me Homelander is more realistic than Superman. Going to have bad days, get mad, lose control sometimes. Obviously not the degree Homelander does, but it would happen. Watched Ambulance on Peacock. It was slightly better than I thought from the previews, I expected garbage and this was an ok action movie. The one thing I found that kept taking me out of the movie was the obvious drone footage. It was like the movie was advertising just how much a drone can do on a film set. One scene they flipped two cars basically just so the drone could fly underneath one of them as they flipped to get a cool shot. And yes, it was cool shot, but you could feel it was staged and just seemed out of place.
  19. Well, my thought on why he was there Watched the three episodes this weekend and loved them. Homelander is a toned down Donald Trump, or maybe thats' backwards!? The worse he behaves the better his numbers and the more fringe people come out to support him. Also, I am sure I am not the only one who thinks
  20. He heard that there is young actress in Obi-Wan who runs a lot so he wanted to remind us that he can too!
  21. I enjoyed this episode right up until the last part of the battle. There in lies the problems with this type of power, you show Vaders strength but then the same wall of fire he just extinguished erupts and allows Ben to get away? Put the fire out again or force pull him to you. IMO it would have been better to have the droid pop out of the fire and attack like a Terminator catching Vader by surprise allowing Ben to escape. One last gripe, I'm tired of seeing Leia run already, believe we have seen her run for extended period of time in every episode. For some reason when she runs I see an Ewok running. I was also surprised at the level of carnage Disney let Vader do, gives me hope for future shows.
  22. Yeah I remember when they were both there in Minne...great duo
  23. Wow, just heard that Marion Barber was found dead today, 38 years old. Had a rough time since he left the NFL, mental issues. Loved watching him as a Cowboy for a few years.
  24. It's something they have been doing since the covid shut down, at least for the bigger movies. I've seen similar openings with the stars for other ones. Nice touch. I went to a Friday matinee, work schedule necessitated it, and it was mostly empty. I have an app so I can check what seats are sold and pick mine and I usually check like three showings for three days and see what is mostly open and all the showings were like that. It must have picked up after I saw it. Saw plenty of friends on social media went and loved it, two different ones have gone twice.
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