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  1. Pate, possibly Syrio Florel and Phyrio Forel
  2. Pono Motho Zekko Jommo, Zekko, Moro something more than 70,000 riders. Dothraki Sea is a big place. Why the Roz deviation?
  3. Faceless men are killers not sure what this "alchemist" is doing having taken on at least three different faces while wandering the seven kingdoms. Who exactly is his target and why was whoever targeted?
  4. Jon Snow Sisterton and who was the fisherman's daughter.
  5. Her favour will go to a non participant at the tourney from sweetsister (no webs) just an affinity to direwolves Jon Snow from Sisterton
  6. Anyone ever brought up the point that the offspring of nobility on both sides are not considered bastards therefore Jon Snow of the Tower being the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna should have a true born name Aemon Targaryeon maybe. from the concordance bastards
  7. There were two born at ToJ they're given names Aemon and Visenya as named by their dead parents Rhaegar and Lyanna only to be renmed by Eddard Stark Jon Snow and by Howland Reed Meera Reed.
  8. Why is it even necessary to warg Sandor when in the near future Alayne/Sansa will have Nymeria and ShggyDog at her beckon call.?
  9. Well there is that fourth ship unaccounted for, you know, the fleet of four Braavosi ships Davos saw when he was at White Harbour and seemingly three turned up at Eastwatch....
  10. At least 6 (as noted by ravens from Eastwatch) and in my view all....
  11. Why? She has been bending over to attempt to gain JS's trust, knowingly poffering false prophecy does nothing to get on the inside...
  12. No, there were the three NW ships, 5 Lyseni and 3 Braavos (which I assume were Tycho's) Jon is speaking with Mel (after the Selsye debacle) Mel..."Your ships are lost" Jon..."Six remain. More than half the fleet." Mel..."Your ships are lost. ALL of them. Not a man shall return. I have seen that in my fires" Jon..."Your fires have been known to lie." Mel..."I have made mistake, I have admitted as much, but--" I'm taking Mel's word for itthat the fleet is lost... As far as Tycho lending his ships and stranding himself...I would expect that the Iron Bank has an open contract with any Braavosi vessel to allow an Iron Bank agent boarding privileges and course changes as necessary...
  13. Of course he is going to stay alive if only to fulfill Asha's dream of a Queensmoot redux....as noted by Haregg and pointed out by the Reader....
  14. Climb over the wall to get in and jump off the wall to get out...is it really that much of a headbanger? Stannis had Karstark and has his Maester they would be a fount of information as to who "was in the castle"... Both in The Sacrafice chapter (less so) and Theon1...Theon babbles "everything to his sister" whther she bekieves him or not is another question..."take him to the tree" suggests not Stannis has no clue as to Davos's whereabouts he might falsely concluded that since Manderly is with the Bolton in force Davos is longer on that plane...
  15. No they are wrecked off of the coast at Hardhome....wasn't that the last message JS received all 11 ships lost...
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