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    Daenerys the Terrible?

    "Joffrey, when your enemies defy you, you must serve them steel and fire. When they go to their knees, however, you must help them back to their feet. Elsewise no man will ever bend the knee to you." - Tywin Lannister When Tywin Lannister thinks you're being over the top, perhaps you're being over the top.
  2. cyberdirectorfreedom


    The concept of a unicorn being a horse with a horn already exists in-universe. The Brax sigil is a unicorn: His shield bore a unicorn sigil, and a spiral horn two feet long jutted up from the brow of his horsehead helm. Tyrion reined up to greet him. "Ser Flement." Plus, as White Ravens quoted earlier, Jon recognises a helmet as made from a unicorn's head. Jon hasn't seen a unicorn any more than Ghost has. If Jon can tell a unicorn by sight, Ghost should be able to. I think the enormous goat was just an enormous goat, and I don't think the quote indicates that the goat had only one horn, just that only one of its horns raked Shaggydog.
  3. cyberdirectorfreedom

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    I give it a 1; I don't appreciate being called a psychopathic troll, but I'll just ignore that. There are reasons I gave it a one. I've always had a problem with this kind of time travel; in order for Hodor to have become the way he is, Bran needed to be in the Cave to Warg Hodor through time. But in order for Bran to get to the Cave, Hodor needed to be Hodor in order to take Bran there. But I have an issue with that whole situation in the courtyard; so many people were there, hearing Willas (what was wrong with 'Walder', by the way?) shouting "hold the door", eventually degrading it into 'Hodor'. Old Nan was there too. So, why doesn't anyone know the story of the whole 'Hodor' thing? All I could think during that was this moment from the books: No one knew where "Hodor" had come from, she said, but when he started saying it, they started calling him by it. It was the only word he had. I know, the show is not the books, but that's just such a little thing that didn't need to be changed. No one knew, except for Old Nan herself and a courtyard full of people. Sure. The creation of the White Walkers was interesting enough, but I have a few questions; was that Obsidian that they shoved in him to turn him into a White Walker? If so, why would they be weak to it? But the other question, why is Leaf so strong? The rib cage of a human is very, very strong; but Leaf can just push that dagger through him like he's made of butter. Everything about the attack at the Cave struck me as strange; I always disliked the Skeleton Wights, for one thing. The fireball rocks looked absurd, the Wights were the least physically powerful things I've ever seen, Meera cutting that one down like it was nothing, for instance. Yet, the can push their way through the rock and into the cave? I don't see why Summer had to stay back; that brought them like half a second extra time. I also don't see why Leaf had to sacrifice herself; if she'd just thrown the fireball stone thing she would've had the same effect. But the biggest issue is that Bran and not-Bloodraven were asleep during it. Why? In the books, Bran hears Jojen calling him back when he's in Summer; he heard Meera calling him eventually in this episode, but why-oh-why did he decide that Warging Hodor in the past and present would be a good idea? He could've just woken up, surely. Unless it was all the Three Eyed 'Raven's' idea; he certainly knew that he was about to die, so he obviously knew what was happening outside the tree dream. I thought the play was quite amusing; but then there's "no-one" standing there with a completely disapproving look on her face. She doesn't even try to hide her emotions. Why she thinks that the Faceless Men will ever buy her act is beyond me. I agree with the consensus about the Kingsmoot. Euron didn't strike me as particularly charismatic; but not only that, he also admitted to killing the man who was not only the King of all of the people standing there, but his own brother. I guess the whole Kinslaying thing being a horrible, horrible crime and sin in all cultures and religions has simply gone out the window. "No man is so accursed" and all that. Yara would've been completely within her rights to call for his execution before being Queen. The man murdered their King, his own brother, and nobody cares. Completely absurd. The Sansa and Jon parts were nice, I suppose; though Littlefinger's appearance was rather unnecessary, if you ask me. But they weren't nice enough to offset any of the rest of the episode, which I simply didn't like. So, there you are. 1 out of 10.