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  1. And the truth in the books that Jon Snow was not the baby in the TOJ. Ned Stark travel back to Starfell to gave back the sword of Morning that is where is found that Ashara Dayne had marry Brandon Stark in secretly marriage. While Brandon Stark was in the Black Cells for threating the Prince, King Aerys in mean while had send for his father, that take few days if he gone by boat. During that time Jon Snow was conceive in the Black Cell before the start of the war. Ned Stark had lie about Jon Snow real age to cover up his true identity. That he is the true born of Brandon Stark and Ashara Dayne. Dany is the baby in TOJ because of her white hair she couldn't never be pass off as Stark So Ned made a switch of babies. Dany for Jon Snow. It is lot better than R+L=J and it one big joke. Queen Rhaella's story was swap for Ashara Dayne's she the one who gave birth healthy baby the stillborn was the Queen Baby. Viserys knew this but keep quiet because he didn't want Robert's wrath on them more than really was.
  2. I watch a great video that theorize that the Oily Black Stones might be under all that ice. There is problem with a story of beating Others to back if the First Men won the war of Dawn why did Free Folks continue to live above the wall. A smart person theorize that wall is really a vault that Starks use a weapons in their wars. The Starks double cross the Children and made bargain with the Andals to kill off all the children and take control of the Others. The Others were former citizens of The Great Empire the Blood Emperor worship the Black Stone. He Try to bring more Black Stone from space with magic that stone bring bad effects and turn the Citizens of The Great Empire into ice. Brought the Long Night.
  3. Sir these are great points!!!! I would never have think of this. I have three question does this act have be done on pure Targaryens? remember during last 300 years Targaryens have marry into Velryons, Blackwoods, Daynes, Martells, Arrys the Brakkens, Hightowers, the Baratherons etc. I believe you wrote that Euron Greyjoy is thinking about Arrianne Martell she also have Targaryen blood too. Quentyn Martell was thinking that his blood will let him allow to ride a dragon too. Question 2 Summerhall what really happen? I was thinking that the Masters didn't wanted Aegon (Egg) to release new dragons into the world and that why they send a saboteur to stop Aegon and his court. But how did Duncan the Knight save the world? all them did die in the fire? include Duncan himself. Note GRRM never told us how many Targaryens were in Summerhall at the great burning. I believe (Aegon the Egg) his two sisters did survive the fire by not going to it. Question 3 If Rhaegar need a warg to pass in his second life why didn't he marry Lyanna first? I believe he wanted to bring 3 riders of his sigil that why he name them Rhanys, Aegon the third one Visenya. I understand why he wanted a second wife because Elia Martell couldn't have any more. Daenerys is really is Visenya Targaryen read about the switch theory by Preston on youtube
  4. These are great points. but you saying Viserys who died from a golden crown soul lingered around Dany from some time then enter Viseron and Rhaegar's soul also wait for 14 years in enter in the Rhaegal?. ps I just add few points in the books version Dany is the daughter of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Jon Snow is son Brandon Stark and Ashara Dayne. Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are cousins Jon Snow is a warg his "brother" Who is a Wilding himself recognize him and call him brother. The Daynes are not Valyrians, but I believe they from the Great Empire and when Dany enter the house of Undying she saw the Kings/Lords of The Great Empire. Maybe it the scene second before she running from " her ancestors" is the second part of vision. At one time The Three Eyes Raven was trying connected to Euron Greyjoy but maybe lack of Weir Trees it he couldn't reach him. Euron Greyjoy wicked a MF ( He Dream once that he could fly)
  5. Remember there Valyrains was a 5000 years old civilization. They were sheep herders, spell binders and controllers of 14 volcanos.
  6. Sophia Wilson17@yahoo.ca

    The danger of Gerold Dayne

    I think that he Hot head and wants more than he is given.
  7. Sorry I mix up with my replies
  8. He had serious blow to his head I believe that gave him brain damage when he kill whole House Farwosy his second wife House.
  9. Stannis in the books didn't burn followers of faith that is show version. I think what you are talk about House Blank (I forget their name) were piss off at Stannis about the burning of Faith statues. His brother law was burn for being traitor and not for taking down his Faith statues. Viserys in the show version was 4 years old yes he had emotional issued due to his upbringing and the constant stress of living in the street also a 300 years dynasty to maintain and try to bring back yes, but his treated of Dany was terrible and his ignorance of Horse people that they must bow down to him because of his blood. The real world doesn't work like that he should learn that from the streets. He wanted to live in his fantasy world. ps yes Stannis did assassinating his brother.
  10. Good Point but Ser Selmy already said that at the 8 years Viserys was showing madness.
  11. Daeron was young and reckless 50 000 men lost to Dorne war and other 10000 get it back well maybe little nuts!
  12. You look at Aerys's behavior with his Queen and why desperate to have Viserys after what 10 miscarries. His Jealously of Twin Lannister with his two golden twins. Why he wanted Viserys on the throne but not his grandson
  13. Ygrain in Catylyn chapters she talk about during the war she was at Riverum and worry about the Robb while she was at Riverum she gave birth there. Then she arrive at Winterfell when the war was over to join Ned that when she found that Ned had bring the baby (Jon Snow) the Child of Ashara Dayne and Brandon Stark the real Lord of Winterfell and King of North. Ned told every one that he was same age of Robb (No) Jon Snow is older I believe in books version at beginning he said that is 14 years old I think his REAL age is 15. In Dany is 13 years old in books I think she was born the Tower of Joy the rebellion was over 14 years. She was switch with Jon at Starfall then she the took identity of the still born daughter Rhaella Queen.
  14. please re read my post again