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  1. Sophia Wilson17@yahoo.ca

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    No not year older but couple months I going suggest about four months older
  2. No way because it will make his claim weak as King, but IF his on death bed and with his heir and daughter is dead, MAYBE to screw with Cersi and her children claims. Yeah I can see that happening LOL
  3. Why wasn't she give the The Moon Tea? after they find her after the riot and what is it moon tea? I know is an abortion potion, but when a woman in first weeks should able to take to prevent the pregnancy. That is why Cersi and Shae is total witches in the books, they could suggest about potion to Lolly's mother man.
  4. I believe that Dany is child of someone else but that is an other theory.
  5. Rhaella was not marry to her brother at the time so there is no infidelity on any one part.
  6. I disagree with you but we shall the truth in books in 2018 I hope LOL
  7. I believe in the book canon that Dany is child of Rheagar and Lyanna Stark we shall see in books. Viserys is the only true child of Aerys and Queen Rhaella
  8. I THINK he is still alive too the Oil on the whip makes sense I think he might be burn but ride the white dragon. I always like Quentyn Martell
  9. Sophia Wilson17@yahoo.ca


    there proof that Jon is NOT the baby in that tower of joy I suggest you go on youtube or Google the theory. Question if R+L=J is true why would he need a second son if he had already Aegon? as first son already.
  10. Sophia Wilson17@yahoo.ca

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    Because it is CRAP R+L=J it people who wish that Jon is a Targaryen but he is NOT
  11. Sophia Wilson17@yahoo.ca


    No sir listen here there is theory in books that Dany is the daughter of Rheagar and Lyanna Stark. She is not the daughter Mad King Aerys Targaryen and that Rheagar was son of Bonifer Hasty understand?
  12. Sophia Wilson17@yahoo.ca


    In the books there is theory that Dany is really daughter of Rheagar not the Mad King. That Rheagar had child with Lyanna Stark who is granddaughter of Bonifer Hasty.
  13. Sophia Wilson17@yahoo.ca


    At first I thinking nooo! but after Rheagar birth she had 19 miscarries after she had marry Aerys and only after Aerys started to worship the Seven more fervour that he get his son Viserys!
  14. To people I just watch a video that list to reasons why Mad King so envious of Tywin Lannister and why he work so hard to have birth to a child. The video state that he knew that Rheagar was NOT is HIS SON! That Knight the Bonifer Hasty was the father. It is true that Queen Rhaella Targaryen love the knight but they did give into their Love? That why Rheagar was the man that he was and that Viserys was what he was. Your thoughts please
  15. That is a good question not sure, but I do know that she wouldn't abort his children. Knowing that she is greedy she try to have both (Jamie and Rheagar) Rheagar wouldn't never treated Cersi so badly that mainly reason why she did to Robert. It about control she wanted control who goes on throne next and revenge on Robert.