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  1. Sophia Wilson17@yahoo.ca

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    Cold Hands in the Books version is/was the 13 Commander of Night Watch he made a bargain with the Others to become a King of Night Watch. I don't think he is a Stark.
  2. I think that Aegon is not Blackfyre but (maybe) he is the Nephew or grandnephew of Aegon IV (Unlikely) Sisters. Nephew Aegon had two sisters who marry off to Nobles.
  3. Sophia Wilson17@yahoo.ca

    Arthur Dayne?

    ps there seven King guards I believe that Rheagar took 3 with him and left Elia and Rhaenys and Aegon Dragon Stone it that mad King that called Elia Martell and her children back to King Lannings then like an idiotic let in Tywin Lannister's Amry in got everyone kill.
  4. Sophia Wilson17@yahoo.ca

    Arthur Dayne?

    I just add this theory on who is Parents of Jon Snow Arthur Dayne and Lyanna Stark = Jon Snow Rheagar Targaryen wanted to help his good friend to be with girl he loves Lyanna Stark. He took the blame on himself in kidnapping the girl, bring her to the Tower of Joy to marry Arthur Dayne. I believe this theory than R+L=J
  5. I was his wife Tana who poison the Black Brides Maegor did father some children but they kill by Tana.
  6. Maegor was not infertile. He marry four women to know to have many children. The reason why last four wives had still born children because the Wife and Chief of Whispers was poisoning the women/wives.
  7. Interesting but remember the Starks weren't always Kings of North there other families that fought for that title. Yes you right that Starks stomp them to the ground or marry them to their family. I don't believe Craster was the ONLY one made children offering.
  8. Starks don't have sex with own daughters! I believe Craster create this because he didn't have the guts to hunt women (Free Folks) villages.
  9. I think he just knew that if he leave offerings (or Safice) the Cold Ones will leave him alone. ps I believe there others (Free Folks) whom done the same thing as Craster in past 8000 years.
  10. ps Rheanyra so-called half brother was married to his full sister and still had many bastards
  11. ps I don't think matter to the council they wanted a male King the Old King gave them one. Rhaenys should been Queen end of story.
  12. I am going say it I think that Quentyn Martell is still alive.
  13. Missing Dragons What Happen to Them? Cannibal, Sheepstealer, Silverwing
  14. My Theory is that part of the Pact with The Others is the Others demand that population keep the low on (Westeros) or that some sons of the Humans will be given to the White Walkers. Because this happen so long ago the terms of Pact were forgotten. As time went on The Others is now regard as legends. Also people believe A Hero beat them back and that why the Wall was built. Please list your theories.