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  1. Bought a ring. Asking next week. Unless I eff it up. While I am sure of myself and answer... am I sure of the latter... I hate this.
  2. Y'all playing the Twins. It's not crazy to suggest Judge can get to 60 tonight.
  3. Pretty sure Yankees are under .500 for the last sixty games. I saw some stat that they had been over .700 for the first sixty and under .500 for the next. So...which Yankee team is the real one? More importantly, does it matter, since the Twins couldn't take two out of three from them even if the Twins got the free runner on second in every inning, instead of just the tenth. I hatelove baseball.
  4. It doesn't happen often but I do enjoy the rare times when the Twins thrash the Yankees. Go Minny
  5. I don't understand what has happened. I also don't care. I'll take my team trying to spend to increase the odds of success. Bring in another rotation arm and maybe we have some juice?
  6. I like that the Twins got a decent arm (I hope) in Gray earlier in the day. Then, they moved a bunch of owed money to New York. I am not in love with Sanchez and Urshela but they are younger than Donaldson, so if I am crossing fingers for returns to form, may as well lower the ages and price tag. Wish Donaldson well but also hope he bombs out because of the traditional eff the Yankees. Twins' rotation is still a clown car, though? Or a mystery car?
  7. What if, and hear me out... what is all 30 teams make the playoffs? We'll combine March Madness's seeding and bracket with MLB. Best records vs worst records, best-of-seven series so we get as much advertising and drama as possible. Make sure none of the games are played at the same time so that we can maximize ad breaks. Everyone loves a Cinderella story and whatnot, so let's make sure all teams get that chance. And since there are 30 teams, every round the highest-scoring team that lost will get Cinderella'ed into the next round against the NY Yankees, unless they are the Yankees, in which case it will be against the next most marketable team. My rough calculation is that means... seventeen thousand extra games, which is a lot of ad revenue pouring into the owners' pockets game. Win-win-win. Sigh. I loved that baseball alone maintained a "you actually have to succeed long-term to move on" approach.
  8. This is something I've had to think about recently. The vet says my dog should be around 12kg and the most recent visit was a bit over 13kg. That's not a big deal but I obviously have overdone it with feeding, especially when I was stuck unable to walk her regularly for a few weeks. The point is, I've reduced her food a bit just to make sure no problem arises. As others noted, I think if The Chancellor is still fit and active, no developing paunch, you're probably okay. I admit that that seemed like a lot of food to me, but my doggo is 1/3 the size, so.
  9. I would be sad, too. As much as I hate it, the White Sox are a pretty stacked team and would do well this season. I hope we get close to a full season... and that, somehow, every player on the Chisox sucks in what's left of it
  10. The BBC reports that Russian news outlets are saying Ukraine hit its own TV tower. I get that I am not on the ground and I have to sift through news to find truth, and that I should be skeptical... but having a hard time accepting "Ukraine is hitting themselves, it is not I who am hitting them." It helps to have hundreds of thousands of troops and thousands of pieces of military equipment invading to provide context.
  11. Fuck the 2020s, man. I can't even have baseball?! I was hoping to introduce my gf to baseball on our summer visit to the Twin Cities.
  12. S2 has some excellent episodes. It's not a kind season for O'Brien, though. Colm Meaney just crushes the whole season. I am looking at the episode list and trying to sort when you might have dropped it and wonder if you got through "Whispers" and weren't hooked?
  13. Exactly! Totally different! Fabulous documentary I had in mind when I was a-typin'
  14. Oh come on, mormont. There's a world of difference here. "Football Union of Russia" is totally different from *checks notes* Russian national team, as controlled by Russian Football Union. I don't see how anyone would connect the Football Union of Russia and the Russian Football Union without the national anthem and flag. They're definitely going to feel chastened. Just like at the Olympics. Remember a two weeks ago, when there was no talk of Russian athletes in the Winter Games? Feckless international football association.
  15. The Guardian just posted that the Russian and Ukrainian delegations will meet without preconditions... dare to hope it could still be peace.
  16. Mormont brought up a good point earlier in the thread. If anyone has the desire and the means, try to support Ukraine with a donation. I've been donating to a group called Razom (means "together"), which has been around for awhile. I don't have a long history with this group but people I trust recommended it to me. They're focused on getting medical supplies and training.
  17. In the last thread, you asked what has gone well for Putin. 1. He's found some people to lock up and keep an eye on in Russia (those who protest). 2. He's managed to kill off a bunch of people who won't do what he tells them to do (Ukrainians). And he's still filthy rich/unchallengeable. Win-win-win.
  18. Ah, but you definitely do. I am sure you have much in common with him. Long history of work in espionage, killing off your enemies, palling around with fellow dictators... yep, you certainly understand him. I understand the concepts you've listed just fine. The only issue is I understand them from the side being invaded by the murderous thug you understand so well. If Putin cared about Russia, he'd be a little less keen to murder and jail dissidents. He wouldn't need to - he's already got a chokehold on power. So he could allow them to say what they want, as it wouldn't matter. He wouldn't be imprisoning protesters. He's already winning the war, he shouldn't care if people speak out against it. He does those things because he needs to be seen to be powerful and unchallenged. You can disagree all you want, but you're still wrong and a delusional despot-worshipping prick.
  19. The mayor of Lviv said 60 helicoptered in. The Ukrainian security services have denied it. My friends there don't know if it is true or not. I mentioned it just because even in peace time, Russians might feel a bit out of place in Lviv.
  20. Ah that, to me, is him caring about himself. He doesn't care about Russia, he cares about himself heading Russia and bringing it to greater strength/place in history. More importantly, he wants to be seen and noticed as the one doing that.
  21. The Guardian has been pretty good about specifying what is and is not verified. Like any news, it's not free from bias and I keep that in mind. Putin isn't dumb. He's an evil, cold-hearted bastard who cares nothing for anyone or anything but himself and his own power. But he's not stupid.
  22. There are disputed reports of paratroopers repelled near Lviv, in the far west of Ukraine. Gorgeous city, wonderful people, and ffs they hate Russians there. Russians would fare better dropping into a pit full of ravenous polar bears than into Lviv.
  23. Anyone could make that mistake with tiny little Russia all tucked away down there.
  24. Seems like it. He stated that he believes himself to be the Russian military's #1 target (which is yah, obvious, but still). Their tv star-turned president is doing more than I ever thought he would.
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