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  1. Varys - main reason I don't reply is I don't have the books to hand and I can't commit to frequent debate/argument. It's mostly a "eating breakfast and this is more interesting//less depressing than the real news" reading for me. That said - I think your critiques of the Aes Sedai are a bit off. Ishy spent quite a bit of effort specifically trying to make them less effective and less capable than they could have been. He had thousands of years (albeit not all active) to undermine the institution, which would also suffer from the same decay as any long-lived institution. I agree about the silliness and pettiness (and underlying sexism) we see on display but Jordan does try to give some explanation. I don't think that explanation fully works...but I can see it halfway. Cannot wait to see you get to the circus.
  2. Read yesterday that Twins and Buxton are miles apart on an extension. He's an injury heap but so very talented that I expect we'll get plenty of suitors. We'll get some 2nd/3rd tier prospects who never quite manage to get it all together and remain mired in AAA or platooning and he'll light it up for... let's say Seattle. Yay Twins.
  3. Gotta agree with this. The thread title explicitly states that this is, essentially, LV's reading journal. Others feel like commenting - sure. It's a public forum and opinions are welcome. There are plenty of threads on this board that aren't for me. You know what's way better than walking into them and picking fights? Clicking on something else and leaving those to other people. Some specific posters are the ones coming in and insulting the OP, the ones that cannot leave it (someone else's reading experience) alone. Varys accepted that their thoughts were not best-placed in a dedicated WoT fans thread and made their own. How is that an issue? I like WoT but it is a deeply flawed series. I loved it at the time and have a lot of nostalgia for it, though I don't think it holds up well to scrutiny (something Varys is offering in spades). Varys - I like reading the way someone else experiences something that I first encountered nearly twenty-five years ago. I don't agree with everything you write but, whatever, it's your experience. Keep it up.
  4. Okayyyyyyy okayyyyy Tired from tuggies in the first image. Confused about why there's no more food in the second.
  5. Hahaha...yeah people don't quite know what they're getting into with my dog-monster. She's still adjusting to being alone all day and then lo! I return...and walk her where all the peoples are. It's too much for her floofy brain. All agree she is an adorable little teddy bear though.
  6. Told y'all. Trust the non-Mormont board bear
  7. Greg - so sorry to hear that. Maarsen and solo - gorgeous Spocky - Level 7 is champion-level thinking. My doggo managed to NOT jump on seven people this afternoon, begging them to give her all of the love and pets and treats the world has ever known. Progress! (she only jumped on two of them)
  8. You're probably right. But the heart wants what the heart wants. 'Tis fickle, me heart.
  9. GOtis! Chomp that fish! Forage those berries! Gather those votes for being a monster amongst mice! I've been a bear for most of my life. I know chubby chonks more than most. And Otis is the obvious obesity. Otis 480 2021! Fine readers: go vote Beefy Bear, Porky Pooh 480
  10. Otis. The correct answer is Otis. Look at that big bag o' bear beef!
  11. Maggie is an excellent champion of dogdom! She looks like a bit of a handful
  12. Haven't watched the trailer: I'll check out the story on-screen. It might be okay. This story got me into fantasy in a way that Lord of the Rings hinted at but, since I didn't have the adjacent materials, middle-school panda felt short-changed by. Adult panda realized long ago: this story lacked any depth. That's not inherently bad, it's just the way it is. Perhaps the show can lend more meaning the seeming idiocy of some of the low points of the books and properly recreate the epic nature of the highlights. Fingers crossed and best of luck because I honestly think some of it would be incredible on-screen. Marvel fare usually lacks depth or nuance but can still be enjoyable. I treat this the same way: I'll shut off my brain and watch a bit. I don't need to watch a trailer. I'll check it out because I like the source material enough to think it's worth trialing. I hope to be pleasantly surprised. A decent-looking ogier or trolloc could easily draw me in
  13. I cannot believe I have to ask this again... Is this the appropriate time to ask "pics or it didn't happen"? I'll accept "No, it's not." But I'd prefer to see more doggos being all awesome.
  14. Is this the appropriate time to remind one of that sage advice... pics or it didn't happen?
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