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  1. Do the people have to provide a freshly slaughtered moose, or do they just use the one the Mountie rode in on? Kay - how are things looking tonight? I had to turn my phone off just to get away from Twitter. I am afraid to turn it back on...
  2. That's a kind act by Price. I thought I remembered him being a giant douche in Boston - am I misremembering? I am pleased to see that the MN Twins organization is still paying all of their Minor Leaguers through the season, even if there is no season. MLB.com reports it as $400/week plus benefits. That's not much, but it's better than nothing. Hoping the ownership keeps the humanity in mind as this progresses - billionaires can afford it. Yesterday was opposite day in KBO action. LG Twins lost, bottom of the table//lowly SK Wyverns won. Here's hoping the world rights itself today.
  3. Kelli Fucking Furry was a video my friend wanted me to watch. I declined. One of my close friends live just a few blocks away from Hennepin and 94. They told me the fires were six blocks away last night, tonight was looking potentially worse. Also said the defense of the Whittier paint shooting was "Couldn't tell if she lived there or not." I guess it's now better to just shoot everyone (thankfully so far just non lethally) and sort out actual details (like guilt) later. Yup. That'll calm things down.
  4. Both our teams positively woodshedding the opposition... For my part, I feel bad about it. Not only because of the aforementioned shoulda-married Korean lady, but also because of Gobbo's Doksuli.
  5. Oh yikes, Kal, sorry to hear that. I hope you can get a test with a negative result asap.
  6. I didn't disrespect the reasonably cromulent Changwon team with their dual mascots. They're fine. Ish. They're not scum (Bears) or outright evil (Lions). I disrespected their misguided American fan. Ass. Also - I did not need a Dragonball Z video this early in the morning. Haven't even had a cup of coffee yet.
  7. Korean Twins not at all scared. Split with the Dinos so far, with a postponed game. You keep cheering those dinosaurs, traitor. Never forget: The Twins (and Twin Cities) were about working together, not absorbing. That's why we all know Minneapolis is the cool place to live, while St. Paul is the responsible side of the river. Changwon just took 'em all and lowered its own stature, while Minneapolis was smart enough to leave the babies on the east side. Ass.
  8. Not sure I deserve being called a dumbass for not assuming "our comp" referred to "MN Twins comparison" over "our company," but surely deserve it for other reasons
  9. Sorry! Edited. Yay for getting older. It's weird when I realize I am older than many of my students' parents.
  10. Your company is involved with NCSoft? I thought you worked in a hospital in Lake Minnetonka or some such. (and yes, I assume the rich-ass folk around that lake have an aquatic hospital)
  11. If you were about to do a 15 miler without training, you can't be too far gone. I am lucky to get above 5k these days. I managed a marathon in Wellington last summer and now my body is making me think that must have been someone else.
  12. mash - my first thought on your mention of Muppet-Broccoli was "Damn, they've been together through two of my serious relationships." I should work on finding my Broccoli. Ep! One of the distant past distance runners I used to envy the skills of
  13. All of the teams are named for corporations. Samsung Lions, LG Twins, Hanwha Eagles, etc. Cannot believe you aren't backing the Korean Twins, but at least you picked a video game developer.
  14. Thanks for the head's up on this. I was looking at picking up several of these just for the easier gameplay and the AI features (over tabletop simulator). This definitely decides me and I am pushing it to friends and family, too. I owe you a beverage of your choice should our paths ever cross
  15. Fury - Gotta be honest: I do not know what that/those is/are. I will ask around as best I can. I have seen goldfish here, but nothing farmed or pearly. I actually thought of you awhile back as I was trying to picture a new tattoo idea I've kicked around. Fun fact: guy screwed up my first one, got the colors reversed. But come back to MN? My sister showed me all the anti-Costco stuff happening and it made me really happy not to be in the US these days. Imagine boycotting a store because they had the gall to ask you not to potentially spread a virus? Bird - I am hoping I will be allowed in. There is some easing happening in Thailand, so maybe flights will open up by end of June. Otherwise, I honestly don't know what I will do. Stay here as a tourist and remote teach, I guess.
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