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  1. Lightning Lord

    Board games!

    I was back in the states for a few weeks and went a little overboard maybe? New additions... Lords of Waterdeep 7 Wonders Flip City: Wilderness Tiny Epic Galaxies Tiny Epic Kindgoms + Expansion One Night Werewolf Sushi Go Eight Minute Empire: Legends Played several of them in the last few weeks. I haven't had the chance to try 7 Wonders, but the reviews are strong enough that I'm pretty optimistic. Eight Minute Empire: Legends has been a fun pick-up. It's quick to learn, has a little depth, and moves along at a good clip. Hashtag pleased at the random purchase when they didn't have the game I wanted.
  2. Lightning Lord

    Board Issues 4

    Yes, it's happening to me, too. I am also getting redirected, though I didn't pay attention to what site it was. I am glad...err... not glad, but it's... whatever, it's not just me. I will try to get screen shots and URLs next time it happens. (Chrome, Windows 10)
  3. Thank you! Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy because I feel like The Silence payoff never really happened. A villain that interesting and powerful... and I have to really wrack my brain to remember how it all shook out in the end? I am glad it wasn't just me. I had the same thought as someone above: camera phone for the win? Still, this was a good episode. I wish they had thought of a better way to wrangle the ending, though. It was too predictable AND too easy to solve. A Timelord brought low by a four digit combination lock? No thank you.
  4. Lightning Lord

    Board games!

    June, you say? That could work out quite nicely, indeed... Glad to hear Terraforming Mars is actually a good one. It looked great in the review, but that's not always how a game really is. I will check try to check out the the smaller ones you mentioned. I found Fuse on boardgamegeek just now and it looks promising.
  5. Lightning Lord

    Board games!

    That's one I am looking at picking up. Lords of Waterdeep, Champions of Midgard, and Terraforming Mars are on my shortlist. Oh, and Tiny Epic Galaxies. Anyone have much experience with any of these? Also - does anyone have some recommendations for small and/or quick games? My group has some options like Flip City and Harbor, I'd like something small/portable, but with some depth.
  6. Lightning Lord

    Board games!

    Wow - you won your first go at it? I think it took us two or three chances to really get the hang of that game. Utilizing the special abilities of each character as often as possible seems to be the key - even the seemingly weaker ones need to be maximally applied.
  7. Lightning Lord

    Board games!

    Aaaaaand I miss with both guesses. Hangover... Takenoko is the panda game, where you're a gardener and need to grow bamboo to make the royal pandas happy. The other is Lanterns: The Harvest Festival. Both are quite fun, though I didn't purchase either after giving them a trial.
  8. Lightning Lord

    Board games!

    Is that the colored lantern-matching one? Or the panda one?
  9. Lightning Lord

    Board games!

    What's Valeria? Also... Tiny Epic Kingdoms...how does it compare to TIny Epic Galaxies?
  10. Lightning Lord

    Board games!

    I went there on my visit last year and gamed for a few hours. It's a great place to chat about games, try some new ones, and just unwind. And they have Surly on tap
  11. Lightning Lord

    Board games!

    Ooh. forgot about Small World. I just bought the app for my phone, after months of playing with friends. Good one I played Betrayal at House on the Hill once. I loved it, even though we played it incorrectly and I got smoked as the baddie. hahaha
  12. Lightning Lord

    Board games!

    OMG. Finally. So. Pandemic is great. I've not played Legacy, but the original and/or an expansion make a great game. But, all people need to be invested in finding victory, otherwise it'll be a loss and the less-invested will not ever want to play again. In terms of team games, I've enjoyed Pandemic and Forbidden Desert (not Forbidden Island). I love team games, as even a loss just makes the participants want another go to beat the.... game? computer? AI? For pvp//pvpvp//etc games...Dominion is an excellent deck-builder game. The base game comes with many variations, so you don't really get tired of it as you can swap out cards as you see fit. You mentioned Ticket to Ride, so I'll quick-drop Catan, Carcassone. Try out Machi Koro for another kind of deck builder. If you're into long-time games, try out Agricola or Castles of Burgundy. They take forever, but SOOOOO fun. Coup is fun as a party game, but not very great for small (less than 4) players. It can be quick paced, though the expansion slows it down a bit and makes it more tactical. Sushi Go is another quick game that's fun even with novice gamers.
  13. Lightning Lord

    Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Ah, the America's beers still titillate my tastebuds. Tonight's offering is Stone/Sierra Nevada's NxS IPA. It's...okay. I've come to expect so much from Stone and their collaborations, it's hard to live up to my dream. A week back I had Stone's RuinTen Triple IPA and it was tremendous. After this one is done... either Stone Ruination Double IPA or Castle Danger Double Crossing IPA. I'm going to miss this.
  14. Lightning Lord


    Welcome, Anth! The Board's good times. Lots of friendly people and lots of entertaining reading :) Viserys in the av? I don't see many of him around. He seems...unpopular. Bold move :thumbsup: Spoiler for the end of ADWD:
  15. Lightning Lord


    Welcome, sir. Please enjoy the Board. Please remit 24 bottles Hunter's Dry and 5 kg braai as payment for your continued entertainment. :cheers: