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  1. Metallica, Kid Rock, Sevendust as opener. I think I was 15 at the time. It was the S&M tour and I was dumb enough to still think Kid Rock was entertaining instead of a douchecanoe. Have been very fortunate to see a lot of live music. That show was a pretty good hook set into me.
  2. Wife+kids /= shit together. I've been a teacher for nearly as long as I've been on this board and I've seen hundreds of parents who are an outright trainwreck on their own and are busily passing that wreckage on to their children. You're doing fine.
  3. Saw it last night. It was fine. I'm not a parent but the stuff between Scott and Cassie seemed well-portrayed? I also counted holes, so that was engaging.
  4. Congrats! That's fantastic, Scot, all the best to you and yours. And like you, I have been around this forum for more than 20 years (since high school). Scot, you were even my first internet argument. Not sure how I even got here - the board or this age. I turn 40 this year and that's fine. I don't care about my age. What really leaps out at me is that I have former students who now have kids who have graduated from high school. Like...wha? I started off teaching and I was the young, hip, cool cat* teacher...now I'm just the old guy that shocks the kids by pointing out I know old rock like Nirvana, even saw some of their classic faves like Metallica. I don't think I would feel old at all were it not for those pesky kids. *aight, I was never cool
  5. Horrible tragedy. So many young people ended in a crush of celebration. Just awful. Used to hang out there often, including at least one Halloween. It's disturbing to suddenly see that area as tragic instead of a fun destination.
  6. Need to pass this all along. I wonder if I could tempt her with "We'll go to Italy if you promise we have fewer than thirty people and a ceremony under an hour." Honestly, the trappings mean nothing to me. Her friends did big weddings, though, so likely we have to. I do think my definition of "big" is probably different from most, though? Chats and BFC - for context, in case you've not pieced together my life story from years of extremely lurky posting: I live nearly as far away from my USA family as I can get and still be on land. So there will be little to no dross. Not even sure the non-dross will show, though I am giving them fair warning. I only intend to invite about ten or fifteen people for my side. It also means we can go really wild since the "tropical paradise" is literally underfoot or, if we're feeling adventurous, an hour or two flight in any direction.
  7. Thanks Now how to convince her to abandon the wedding in favor of a quickie version coupled with several weeks of resort life in the tropics... And the Twins will get it next year. I can feel it.
  8. So... you're telling me I should make sure her mouth is busy with something else when I propose?
  9. Bought a ring. Asking next week. Unless I eff it up. While I am sure of myself and answer... am I sure of the latter... I hate this.
  10. Y'all playing the Twins. It's not crazy to suggest Judge can get to 60 tonight.
  11. Pretty sure Yankees are under .500 for the last sixty games. I saw some stat that they had been over .700 for the first sixty and under .500 for the next. So...which Yankee team is the real one? More importantly, does it matter, since the Twins couldn't take two out of three from them even if the Twins got the free runner on second in every inning, instead of just the tenth. I hatelove baseball.
  12. It doesn't happen often but I do enjoy the rare times when the Twins thrash the Yankees. Go Minny
  13. I don't understand what has happened. I also don't care. I'll take my team trying to spend to increase the odds of success. Bring in another rotation arm and maybe we have some juice?
  14. I like that the Twins got a decent arm (I hope) in Gray earlier in the day. Then, they moved a bunch of owed money to New York. I am not in love with Sanchez and Urshela but they are younger than Donaldson, so if I am crossing fingers for returns to form, may as well lower the ages and price tag. Wish Donaldson well but also hope he bombs out because of the traditional eff the Yankees. Twins' rotation is still a clown car, though? Or a mystery car?
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