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  1. A great episode! Very well done and very exciting. My only sadness is that the battle for Winterfell story was a little far from other battles as told in the books. For example, in A Game of Thrones Robb Stark had a very complicated plan that involved dividing his army to fight three battles, but it was very well thought out and dealt with the same situation as Jon Snow had. At least in the books the characters keep thinking of ways to reduce their numerical disadvantage...in this episode Ramsay Bolton did most of Jon Snow's work for him by shooting arrows at his own knights. Why didn't Ramsay send his infantry in a shield wall to halt the Stark calvary and shoot arrows at them? The calvary are more valuable than infantry. That would have kept his calvary safe to trample the remaining wildings and archers near the treeline. And Sansa secretly getting Baelish to bring in the knights of the Vale to overrun the Boltons was too simple a solution. I wonder why Jon so patiently waited until daytime to face the entire Bolton army. Instead of trying to treat with Ramsay, he should have tried to sneak into Winterfell at night, rescue Rickon and open the gates. At night the wildings would have had a better chance of sneaking in to Winterfell by foot.
  2. I thought "The Ice Dragon" takes place in Westeros...possibly during the Dance of the Dragons civil war: http://www.blastr.com/2014-8-4/george-rr-martins-ice-dragon-set-song-ice-and-fire-world-be-republished