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    Robert rebellion was based on a lie, by whom?

    No specific person made up the lie. If anyone is to blame, it's Rhaegar and/or Lyanna. They ran away, even though he was married and she betrothed, and from what we know they told no one but the Kingsguards. This is a deeply irresponsible behaviour and let to a massive catastrophe in the form of a civil war and the deaths of not only themselves, but also their family members and thousands upon thousands of soldiers, civilians, knights and lords. Rhaegars idiocy is unbelievable. How is it possible that a man loved by everyone (except Robert) causes all this and then doesn't even try to stop it by telling the truth? And Lyanna. I almost can't believe she chose lust and love before her family. Her fiancé? Sure - she didn't chose him, but still we have no indication that she hated him ("Love is sweet, dear Ned, but it cannot change a man's nature" is all we've read her say about Robert, and that does not seem hateful). Although she must have heard of her father's and brother's deaths, and that her other brother and fiancé were marching to war, and that her lover and husband was going to do his best to kill Robert and route Ned's army, and even if he didn't intend on killing him ...marching on someone with 35 000 men means there's a high probability that he dies. Lyanna Stark chose lust and love above her own family's lives. Is that what is meant by "willful"? She also knew that Robert loved her, and that he had no reason to suspect she ran off willingly. Likely Robert wouldn't have believed the raven scroll saying she loved Rhaegar and was going to marry him, but isn't one failed raven worth the shot at stopping a massive war where her family tries to kill his family and vice versa? Also ... Rickard tried to marry Lyanna off for southron ambitions. The lord of Storm's End and the liege lord of all the Stormlands is a dear, dear price ... but he would have been even happier having his grandkid sit the Iron Throne. Surely both he and Brandon would accept it - Ned definitely would. There's still the problem with Aerys though, and since the war wasn't based on a lie but on murder and conspiracy to commit murder, it's likely it would have happened anyway - the rebels simply had no choice. But Lyanna did, and there is not a single evidence suggesting she tried to stop the disastrous upcoming events. I'm not bashing Rhaegar as much because I have no hope in him being a good man. Lyanna's actions bothers me though.
  2. In the last episode of season 7, Bran the Almighty said "Robert's Rebellion was based on a lie", but I do not think this is true. Yes: Lyanna was not abducted, and she followed Rhaegar willingly. But since the rebellion didn't start because of this, but because King Aerys burned Rickard and strangled Brandon to death, and asked for the heads of Robert and Ned, it was not based on a lie. Jon Arryn did NOT raise his banners because the fiancée of his ward was "abducted", and no declaration of war was done on Rickard's/Brandon's parts either. The shit hit the fan when the Mad King decided he could kill whomever he wanted to. One could argue that it started before that - that it started with Lyanna/Rhaegar running off, but in that case it started long before that, as Rhaegar crowned Lyanna QoLaB a year past. And before that, the Mad King's wife gave birth to Rhaegar. THAT has to be the start. Oh, no, wait ... she also had parents, et cetera. Something important always comes after something else (unless Planetos' universe had a Big Bang as well, but you get what I mean). The rebellion started because the Mad King was batshit insane and murdered people left and right (like the two hundred northmen with Rickard), and wanted to continue this. This is not a lie, and therefore Robert's Rebellion was NOT based on a lie. What do you think?
  3. Ser Meryn Frey

    Kostos daor!

    Almost whenever Danaerys speaks in High Valyrian, some sentence end with "daor" or "kostos daor". Am I the only one to notice this? What does it mean?
  4. Ser Meryn Frey

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    How enormously ridiculous that Jaime survived AND swimmed a mile in full plate armor. Seriously. What the F is this?
  5. Ser Meryn Frey

    Why a betrothal between Sansa and Joffrey?

    Joffrey killed some cat and told Bob, but other than that ... I suppose he restrained himself when his father, the King, was nearby. Robert would have caused him a concussion if he tried to have Ser Meryn beat Sansa in public.
  6. Ser Meryn Frey

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    I saw Littlefinger headshot Gendry yesterday. I think the film's name was "Blitz" or "The Blitz". Why does Littlefinger use a cancer voice in a Game of Thrones when the actor obviously knows how to use a normal voice?