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So who would you bend the knee to?

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in strict numbers the "Baratheon"-Lannister-Tyrell Alliance is objectively the safest bet.The riches of the West, the resources of the Reach, the Redwyne fleet, pretty compelling stuff.

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I wouldn't bend the knee to anyone. Although I enjoy the books and characters, it's plainly obvious that Martin's feudal-monarchist society is lead by corrupt, immoral, and sometimes incompetent people.


Robb would have been the best candidate for my pledge, but he was too idyllic and trustworthy.

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Assuming that you've just started to read A Storm of Swords, that you're in the context of the events going on and that the clash of kings has unfolded,
As a knight, hedgeknight, sellsword, or outlaws, Who would you bend the knee to?
A) Joffrey Baratheon, righful king of the Seven kingdom.
B ) Stannis Baratheon, rightful king since Joffrey is an incest, eldest brother after Robert Baratheon.
C: Robb Stark, The King In The North.
D) Deanerys Targaryen, last of the heir to the Targaryen and rightful Queen of the Seven kingdoms.
E) Balon Greyjoy, King of The Iron Island And The North.
F) Mance Ryder, King Beyond The Wall (though the free folks do not bend the knee..)
G) Beric Dondarion, I would sooner join the Brotherhood Without Banners.

Most people have to follow the lead of their direct liege, so they don't really have an option to choose, and those who dare to resist their lieges tend to be harshly puhished. On the other hand, those who follow their lieges and are defeated tend to escape with a slap on the writst from the winners, if they bend the knee quickly.

Taking that into account, the sensible thing to do is to follow your direct liege.

It seems that there were some lucky lords who were in a position in which they could avoid sending their troops to support anybody and got away with it. If I could,I would indeed do that.

Now,if I were a wandering knight without lands or titles or bonds...
-I would never follow Balon Greyjoy (screw those murpillapists!).
-I'm sorry for the Freefolk, but I don't want the northen women to be kidnapped and raped, so Mance Rayder has to fall.
-Joffrey was a psycho, so nope.
-Stannis had potential, but he had killed his brother with black magic, burned people as sacrifice, was influenced by a sinister woman who was either an evil con artist with magical powers or a crazy fanatic, and last but not least, the way he treated his loyal maester Cressen, the man who raised his as if he were his own son, the only person who truly loved Stannis, repelled me. I don't want to serve a man who treates his followers that way once they cease to be useful.
-I don't like the idea of an mentally unstable inbred family controlling a continent with weapons of mass destruction, so goodbye, Daenerys.
-Beric was nice, but he could never end the war or make peace.
So I guess it has to be Robb Stark, despite his huge fumbles. Edited by Ser Lepus

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The King in the North (as long as the last name does not rhyme with Zolton). Never a Targaeryen :P


Edited by The Fattest Leech

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