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ASOIAF 20 Questions v. 101 -- Elephants Will Come Out Of The Sea

a free shadow

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hint: many and more

1. character/object
2. object
3. not man-made
4. organic
5. body parts
6. I could just lie and think something else, but I won't...Yes, many enough to cover Baelor the Blessed up to the waist :cheers:

It was too easy for such experienced players... :bowdown:

You host!

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I'll laught at Russian translation once again. There is somewhat literally meaning "... who/what is jumping". You need to guess "..."


2. Westerosi.

3. Not northener or wildling.

4. First seen before AFfC. :)

So not Hop-bin.

5. Seen in KL.

Minor hint: seen in several PoVs and several places.

6. Highborn, if you meant it. :)
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