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Bumping for Benjen, Vol. II

King Tyrion I

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There once was a ranger named Benjen,

Who disappeared somewhere o'er there, then.

We looked through the snow.

Gee, where did he go?

Our brother, our leader, our friend Ben.

Great! And my bump for this day.

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Thank you, kikajon and King Tyrion! I love limericks. May try my hand at some more ASOIAF-based ditties.

please do!! :)

I love limericks too and I'm looking forward to your next :)

my heart went hop, my heart went hump

good night everyone with another BUMP

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Our friend Benjen went beyond the Wall

Our friend Benjen disappeared ere Fall

All the King's horses and

All the King's men

couldn't take our friend Benjen in his place again.

But we will through Bumping Bumping Bumping

Forever again!

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