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LuxCon 2015 - we're doing it again! And we now have a website!


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that's fine with us. We could only get to the airport around 4.20-30 cos John has class until 4 and I can't leave before either.

Peadar & Wolf, what do you think?

Sounds good to me. :)

Edit: As Aly said I don't mind waiting. :)

Dudelange seems like a nice place to go for dinner or drinks from the what I have seen the first time.

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of course.

Peadar, I tried to PM you my phone number but it says you can't receive messages.

I think you will find that I am open to all messages again ;)

Oh! And thank you extremely very much for offering to pick us up!

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just wanted to say hats off to Aly and the rest of the team. This thing is getting huge.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely. :cheers: Everyone should come to LuxCon next year.

Damn right! And GREAT to see you guys :)

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