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The Sons of the Harpy Description & Discussion

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That is a true book critique since I agree that tyrion was not there. On the show the subject came up again when Tywin resent the official pardon to Jorah in order to sew the seeds of discord in Danys court. That was the device they created to get Jorah ousted since he should have been gone after he and and barriston hit the mureen sewers instead of grey worm

I seem to remember Jorah (in the show) admitting to one final report to Varys when they were in Qarth, which would have been right around the time Tyrion became Hand of the King.
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Where is it going now? In sons of the Harpy Episode we got some real clues. See if you agree. First, the Leanna Stark and Rheagar Targaryen bombs were all over that episode. W Barristan telling Dany about her brother, the singer and gentle soul who hated killing, and then Littlefinger telling Sansa about the tourney at Harenhall.... then Stannis to his wife about Ned Stark not being the tavern wench type while watching his supposed bastard son training, Mel to Jon, there is power in you Jon Snow, and then the words that should make Jon lose his shyte....you know nothing Jon Snow.....ACK!

I'm not going to moan about this being predictable bcuz this plot has real potential. I really like it. What I did get now that I wasnt really sure of, is some insight on Stannis.

I'm a little ill we haven't seen Bran yet this season.....

There's no doubt Jamie has feelings for Brienne that even puzzle him, as evidenced by his reaction to their sailing past Tarth.

I hope Sansa can turn Ramsey Bolton into her biotch.....but she's too green for that. Brienne will save her somehow. She's filling the role of Mance I think.

I have no idea whats going to happen with the mountain reborn as Bane.......cuckoo! Loras will die I think. What do u guys reckon Cersei wants w littlefinger? I think also Dany will need Jorah after Selmey kicks. And what the hell is going on with Arya? Btw super stoked Jaqen H'ghar is back! Funny how I like characters more in the show than I did in the books. Like Greyworm and Missandei....

Still not sure I'm on board with the Elaria Sand and the sand snakes arc. Could use some clarity there. Any ideas? Anyhoo...thats my rant for now.....

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