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More Acrophobia Leftovers!

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Here are some of mine:

Dany's death:

In the hogwash. Benioff hacked her diegesis.

Euron wields nunchakus? Kind of ... er ... forgot.

I was also playing with something like: Quietly, David Benioff wrecked girl's lines. It didn't look like working out.

Jon Snow's death: 

Napalm bloodily eliminated dialogue failure.

In the circus, eviscerated avoiding lunging clowns.

Bonus round:

R + L proven a hoax!

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My habit is to send in the first thing that comes close to working. Jon Snow was the only one where I worked really hard to come up with a better entry than the one I sent in.

The closest I came was this one which FB thought might not resonate with non American voters:

Nashville beckoned: electric debut fatality.

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well i thought we should bump this...since sometimes it helps me know how y'all think...

for myself i did not really get into this theme for the first few rounds


Pimping girls kills!


The selfish Bastard's Justice called me.


Aggressively getting Tyrion safe!

Determining incest birds mentioned. Notify Targaryen progeny!


Imbibing wine...exploring neighborhood.

Whetstoning mind observing environmental novelties.


Downright knackered - Taking unsullied home!


Faceless homecoming next moonrise. Leave prayers.

Faceless happening next moon. Leave payments.




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sometimes the best ones are the ones that come fast...for me, anyway...then i sit and ponder til i get all twisted up and can't decide


...ah well it is just another first world problem to distract from the madness in the world


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Secretive Crannogman frogging overnight, shifting local landmarks.

Steadfast Crannogmen found outsiders sneaking Lannisters lakeside.

Shifting crannogs first. Overnight, stabbing Lannister lackeys.

Snickering Crannogman frog-gigging overnight...still laughing loudly.

Everyone's defending Neck! YES, EVERYONE'S REQUIRED!

Everyone's defending Neck...Y'all eastward reconnoiter.

Arranging magical Neck's Crannogs...Stay!


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