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When I finished A Dance With Dragons I was like "Noooo, what will I read now?!", but luckily for me I received a ton of books for Christmas - 3 Sherlock Holmes books, which I've nearly finished and all the Hunger Games books. When I've read all that I think I might already be ready to start re-reading the ASOIAF books!

PS Do check out TTTNE if you have time. :)

Hi Hunter, welcome! If you're about to start A Feast for Crows, you might want to know: the pace does slow down rather suddenly after A Storm of Swords, which is probably the most action packed of the series. Not to give away any spoilers or anything, I just wish I'd known that when I started it as I was quite disappointed at first.

Thanks for the heads up man, good to know.

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Hey guys. Coming to you from the south of England. Been a thrones fan for a fair few years now, although I have only just gotten round to finishing the books so I am very excited to get talking about all the things and all the stuff!

Okay so I introduce myself here. Hello. And see you around. I hope!

Welcome to the boards! :cheers:

But beware... the board is large and full of spoilers.©

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