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(BOOK) Jon Snow Death Aftermath - Julius Caesar


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I think one of the purposes of the Mel POV is to set up a POV at the Wall for when Jon is "dead". Presumably, the first few wall POVs would have been Mel, with everybody assuming Jon is dead.

And we'd be like, shit, it's been 300 pages, I guess Jon really is dead.

And then we'd have a Jon POV that would be all mystical and span a long time, to fill us in on what he'd been up to while dead.

And we'd be all like, woaaaah, dude, Jon was alive the whole time! Myaaaaankdhfsfks!!!1


Whether he'll still do that now that the show has ruined the surprise, I don't know. Maybe that's why the book is taking so long: he's re-writing it so that all the twists are different now.

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