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[Poll] How would you rate episode 609?

How would you rate episode 609?  

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On 7/10/2016 at 11:32 AM, of man and wolf said:

umm, you're clearly watching the show.  Chase that tin foil.

Confess d$d, confess that it felt good, it felt good to destroy GRRM's story, You didn't adapt ASOIAF because you care about the story, you did it because it made you rich and famous, it fed your insatiable ego's and that felt good.

I understand, yeah, I'm watching the show...I'm watching because it feels good to watch d$d burn, it feels good to imagine them falling from their undeserved pedestal. No thought has ever given me greater joy than to know once the smoke dissipates, and the mirrors tarnish, d$d will be revealed as the talent-less hacks that they are. Hmph, even confessing feels good under the right circumstances.

There, that should be an intelligent and profound enough excuse to convince all of you show defending naysayers as to my motivations for why I'm still watching. :lmao:  ...such brilliant writing :rofl: ... not only is it just dumb, simple minded dialogue, it's inconsistent and conflicts with what the show has spent the past few seasons establishing. I'm just so happy for the mother of the year, Carol, that she can have this moment of feeling so good right after her third and last child has died. A suicide caused by her actions non the less. So, what's the only thing that is important to her, is it her children? Or is it power? I guess it depends on which episode (or scene) you are watching, and what creatively made sense at the particular moment.


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3. Likely my least favourite GoT episode ever (the only other possibility being Sons of the Harpy, where Barristan was killed off). Admittedly, I don't like watching battles, and yet Blackwater was my favourite episode ever because it was spectacular and featured scenes away from the battle. The problem with this one is that it was completely predictable - it was blatantly obvious that Littlefinger would appear to save the day, and that Ramsay would be defeated. In contrast to earlier seasons, this show has become Hollywood where the 'good guys' usually seem to win. The battle itself was boring, and both Jon and Fansa behaved like idiots. Jon recklessly charged into battle and Fansa never told him that the Vale armies were on the way, otherwise thousands of soldiers and Wun Wun would not have died, and quite possibly Rickon as well. (What was the point of bringing Rickon back just to kill him off? They pulled this stunt with several characters this season.) Finally Fansa turned into the complete opposite of her book character when she brutally and sadistically executed Ramsay, behaving exactly like him. This was also stupid as he would have made a valuable prisoner. I don't get the love for this and 'Hardhome' at all. Oh, and where was Ghost?

The only other scenes were in Meereen, which were similarly boring. I totally don't understand how Dany said that they'd only kill one of the three leaders and Grey Worm, without any warnings or instructions from Dany, killed two of them instead. It cements my image of Dany as a ruthless tyrant, and not a 'good' person, who locks people in basements, breaks deals, slaughters hundreds of innocents, orders mass crucification and randomly feeds nobles to dragons.

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A great episode!  Very well done and very exciting.

My only sadness is that the battle for Winterfell story was a little far from other battles as told in the books.  For example, in A Game of Thrones Robb Stark had a very complicated plan that involved dividing his army to fight three battles, but it was very well thought out and dealt with the same situation as Jon Snow had.  At least in the books the characters keep thinking of ways to reduce their numerical disadvantage...in this episode Ramsay Bolton did most of Jon Snow's work for him by shooting arrows at his own knights.  Why didn't Ramsay send his infantry in a shield wall to halt the Stark calvary and shoot arrows at them?  The calvary are more valuable than infantry.  That would have kept his calvary safe to trample the remaining wildings and archers near the treeline.  And Sansa secretly getting Baelish to bring in the knights of the Vale to overrun the Boltons was too simple a solution.

I wonder why Jon so patiently waited until daytime to face the entire Bolton army.  Instead of trying to treat with Ramsay, he should have tried to sneak into Winterfell at night, rescue Rickon and open the gates.  At night the wildings would have had a better chance of sneaking in to Winterfell by foot.

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