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[Poll] How would you rate episode 609?

How would you rate episode 609?  

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1 hour ago, Talking Hodor said:

Real combat is slow and plodding. There's plenty of time to discuss other matters. I speak from firsthand experience in Iraq, where we had vehicles capable of moving a lot faster than medieval instruments of war, yet we still crawled our way up to Baghdad. There was plenty of time to discuss everything imaginable. "Hurry up and wait" is the inofficial motto of any army, and it's always been like that. You have brief intervals of a lot of action, followed by long periods of waiting, inaction, trying to stay awake, waiting, and boredom (and paperwork). Oh, did I mention the waiting?

What's so bad about that? They are under seige, the pyramid was staten to be very well fortified and likely the most safest place.


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I have ot been back here ina while but that show was epic. A pile of dead bodies blocking you while emo jon gets crushed. Oh yeah, and my silver queen getting some girl action. I dont even care what happens anymore since that story is happening.

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On 6/19/2016 at 9:16 PM, Fredwin said:

First half almost flawless. The BotB was filmed extremely well, I mean it was really well shot. Good action, good pacing, tense. It was just the concept of it that was ridiculous. Armies don't fight like that, and why pretend there are 8-9 thousand men there when they show a wide shot of maybe a couple thousand? It's a total nitpick but I hate seeing lost opportunities like that. 

Anyhow. Finished with a 9 for me.

The whole battle was based on the Battle of Cannae, where Hannibal did this exact tactic, and slaughtered the Romans. So apparently armies do fight like that. 

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53 minutes ago, Died a Hero said:

The whole battle was based on the Battle of Cannae, where Hannibal did this exact tactic, and slaughtered the Romans. So apparently armies do fight like that. 

Well to be exact, don't don't really fight like that. What tactic, the U shaped envelope that Ramsay used did occur at Cannae but how it happened was totally different.

what happened in the show was unrealistic for real life standards but show standard was spot on

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4 hours ago, Died a Hero said:

The whole battle was based on the Battle of Cannae, where Hannibal did this exact tactic, and slaughtered the Romans. So apparently armies do fight like that. 

Body walls have occurred in history.  But they always involve a chokepoint, and don't happen in the middle of a fucking field.  It's like saying Hannibal would be able to beat the same amount of mordern American infantry, because he beat those numbers once in something completely unrelated.

Sherman's overrun of Fort McAllister may have happened, but that doesn't mean it should be used as justification for a 20 minute storming of Winterfell. It's comparing apples and battleships.

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7 hours ago, Died a Hero said:

The whole battle was based on the Battle of Cannae, where Hannibal did this exact tactic, and slaughtered the Romans. So apparently armies do fight like that. 

Please don't take this personal but this statement is bullshit. Please (re)read the battle of Cannae and notice the differences. a, How Hannibal used his cavalry, b, How Ramsay used his cavalry. a, How Hannibal created an encirclement, b, how Ramsay created an encirclement. This battle (BoB) is a plothole galore, it has nothing to do with Cannae.

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On 2016. 06. 24. at 5:47 AM, JonSnow4President said:

One of my guilty pleasure shows is Moonshiners.  And the West Texas Investors club.  I love the Transformers movies, Talladega Nights, and other patently ridiculous movies with plot holes and contrivances.  Hell, the movie I've enjoyed the most in the past year was Kingsman because it was so unexpectedly good.  I judge things within the frame I expect of them.  So for Moonshiners, I'm expecting an obviously fake "reality" show.  For Transformers, I'm expecting Optimus Prime riding a fire-breathing-T-rex-transformer level of action.  

I fell in love with Game of Thrones (I came to the show before the books) because of the character interactions way back in Season 1, and how those were the driving elements of  the politics, the characters' actions, and ultimately the events of the story.  I began to expect "high brow" character based drama, with the occasional action sequence as a sweetener, which seemed to flow naturally from the characters and events.  I can go back, and while I become more annoyed with certain things that I think are indicative of future fubars, they are relatively minor at that point in time, and I still enjoy the early seasons of the show.  

But somewhere along the line (I think directly proportional to the amount of time that has passed from the Red Wedding), D&D have made the shift from that to the spectacle, stabby stab and Big Battle Episode being the main attractions.  And there's nothing wrong with liking that.  On that level, I think Game of Thrones would still be an enjoyable show, which is generally a technical marvel, despite some bad scenes (Dany's magic flamethrowers in the Temple of the Dhos Khaleen for example). But for those of us craving for the high-brow drama that the show started as, the show falls hilariously flat. 

Well said.

I think this is a conscious decision on the part of D&D and I can understand that (though I am not sympathising with their decision!). Once run out of source materials they had a choice to: (a) continue the character drama but they knew they are not upto the task, (b) turn the show into a medieval action hero movie (like Batman vs. Superman) with ice zombies and dragons. They chosed the second option and the ratings show that their move payed off (as people love well coreographed action hero movies). It is just a huge disappointment for those who started to watch the show for the reasons you mentioned (or because of the books) because the storyline also disappeared with the character drama and both were replaced by "ice zombies, dragons, giants and swordfights."

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10. Great batttle, very happy Ramsay signed out, I am even ok with Sansa not telling Jon about Vale army for show reasons... though it makes little sense.

Kinda funny that now Dany does not just have full control over Drogon, but even over the other two dragons apparently.

Well, fine with me, I want her to finally sail west.

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On 6/20/2016 at 8:58 PM, Señor de la Tormenta said:

For me, insted of being Jons big moment as last season against the others, lastnight we have a stupid happy trigger moron that did eveything wrong and would end up whipped out with all his men if it was not for Gandalf and the rohirrim coming.

I believe that was the intention.

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On June 20, 2016 at 9:08 AM, dbunting said:

Yep, I think I was referring to the wrong person, was getting a lot of quotes at the same time, I honestly apologize.

I am referring to people who week in and week out criticize and question me and others for liking the show and try to show us how bad it is and why we are sheep or something similar for liking it. My bad habit is I get sucked in to debates on Monday and Tuesday before I remember it doesn't really matter.

The worst thing for me is that I only have one more episode this year to enjoy. 

Every time you find someone spouting over-the-top bile and name-calling, simply use the IGNORE USER button that appears next to their user card to the left of their posting.

You would be amazed at how much more civilized this makes these forums, at least for you. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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On 6/22/2016 at 1:02 AM, Ser Creighton said:

You seem very angry,

Nah. Being a writer with a solid, objective, grasp of the drivers of good story telling, I'm just baffled. But whatever. 

Edited by JEORDHl
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I finally got a chance to watch this on Friday afternoon.

I am so split on how I feel.

Dany on a dragon flying about was awesome, as was the chemistry between her and Ms. Greyjoy. 

The battle was excellent - beautifully filmed, and I really enjoyed Tormund and Jon fighting together, and then Bolton getting his just desserts. The Vale coming in was also nicely done. HOWEVER, this is why I have a problem. I will only know how I truly feel about this episode when I find out how Sansa acts after this. Did she deliberately not tell Jon about the Vale to somehow achieve more power? Her look to Jon when they met each other's eyes across the battlefield - was that a knowing look? And then that smile after feeding Bolton to the dogs - was that relief? Her turning into a psycho? If she did deliberately hold the information in order to look more powerful then I'll stick with my high rating. BUT, if she held the information back just so the scriptwriters could add more drama (which seems likely) during the battle, then I don't know what to think. It makes zero sense for her to not tell Jon about writing to the Vale. It makes her look like a terrible person, especially after whining at Jon about no-one asking her opinion during the battle discussion - if you wanted your opinion to be heard you should have given it - battle planning isn't the time to be waiting until you are asked. To be honest I don't think anything in this show has annoyed me as much as this. I  might just pretend it never happened - no-one knew the Vale was going to sweep in.

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On ‎6‎/‎20‎/‎2016 at 6:24 AM, King Louis II (KLII) said:

Everybody is entitled to their opinion and we should respect it.  However I think that a good sense is to look at the average of the votes. I think it was not by chance that "No One" received the worst scores of the season (I made the averages for all episodes) with an average of 5.4 (total votes 443 when I calculated). "Battle of the Bastards will be higher than 8, and will be easily the one that received the best scores. Again, not chance.


By the way those were the averages from episode 1 to 8:

5.6 7.4 6.2 7.3 7.8 6.6 6.7 5.4

Well what do you know? I'm a pretty typical reviewer around here.

On ‎6‎/‎20‎/‎2016 at 6:34 AM, dbunting said:

But that's what I think is better about the show. When they were asking the northern houses for help, the houses weren't all rah rah Starks. They told them like it was, we followed you and we died. Robb betrayed us, Boltons helped us get our house back etc..

I will have to reserve judgement on how the Sansa Jon thing plays out, not happy with how the show is doing this so far.

It does seem that people who think the books are very flawed like the show better. As long as everyone understands this makes other people's criticisms (using this definition of criticism: the analysis and judgment of the merits and faults of a literary or artistic work) of the show no less valid.


As to my rating of this episode. 7/10.

I know many people will think this too low, but the show regularly gets a 5 from me based on technical excellence alone. Therefore, any additional points must come from the storyline and writing. I think D & D are very good producers. However, they suck as writers. It makes me think of the Peter Principle, which is basically the idea that people rise to the level of their own incompetence.

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6 hours ago, JEORDHl said:

Nah. Being a writer with a solid, objective, grasp of the drivers of good story telling, I'm just baffled. But whatever. 

If you say so, I find confusion often causes anxiety in people and that tends to lead to anger or someone being upset. I don't find the story complex, book or series seems pretty simple to follow. Jon is juxtaposed to Dany pretty often, no different here. Dany is defending Meereen from attack, Jon is retaking Winterfell.  They both negotiate with their respective opponents, the question of will your men fight for you is brought up in both cases. Tyrion is her advisor, Sansa will act as Jon's. The guy who took Tyrion as a slave is there, and Sansa of course has Ramsey.


Simple idea, easy enough to spot. I was not a great fan of some of the dialogue choices, but fine with the plot and the symbolism. You must like Martins work if you are here, this concept permeates his books. Certain aspect of the story are still unfolding so I reserve judgment on them, like I would like to know exactly what is going on with Sansa and why she never told Jon and it looks like they will address it this week.

The arrival of the Vale is cliche, but the hero leading them less so. Beside you had to know they were showing up after the letter.

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Gave it an 8.

Didn't like nervy and shaky Tyrion, really no need for that imho. Also didn't like how Ramsey died, should've died through the hands of the one who sentence him to dead like Northerners do. Stag from Shireen was a bit laughable. 

Battles were awesome though. Especially the third person pov from Jon.

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Danys solution to everything now is dragons which is getting a little repetitive.

Good battle scenes

So is Sansa now LSH?

Logic aside and reviewing this episode from non book readers point of view, i would say this episode is the most enjoyable episode of this season so far. 

First 8 vote for me. this season has been 1ish-3ish for me.

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