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  1. "Really? well realistically I should avenge her death by cutting your head off but I guess being back here is punishment enough for you. lets go eat"
  2. I am sure it did. Just as it made creative sense to them that Grey Worm threw Jon in a dumgeon for a couple months rather than slice Jon's throat on the spot for murdering his Queen. lol
  3. Totally agree that burning the IT was cheesy. What Drogon should have done is incinerate Jon right on the spot for killing his mother. I mean that would actually make sense so I understand why D&D didn't go that route.
  4. That is not true at all. Read the books. Barristan certainly didn't think this. Nor did Tyrion. Or Jorah, or Kevin Lannister. Or Doran Martell for that matter. Males only have a better claim that is it.
  5. She always had a claim to the throne as does anyone descended from King Aerys. You don't lose your claim. You just have to fight to get your throne back.
  6. Did Yara suddenly forget that she was the Queen of the Iron Islands? Why did she join the seven, I mean six kingdoms again?
  7. I have seen people suggest that but all I saw on screen was Jon practicing his thu'um.
  8. And? That explains why Highgarden fell so easily. Not sure what your point is.
  9. Seriously? The reason Olenna died was because the Tarly's betrayed her and joined the Lannisters to wipe the Tyrell army out.
  10. There is no Lord Tyrell. As dumb as it Lady Olenna was leading House Tyrell and she pledged To Daenerys.
  11. They betrayed House Tyrell who had declared for Dany. So yes they betrayed Dany.
  12. The Tarly's were offered the choice of the nights watch and they flat out refused.
  13. I have read that one of the deleted scenes included an appearance of William Wallace
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