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  1. Um no, You don't lose your claim to the throne. it is still there. The only question is are you powerful enough to claim it. And no, Dany was never subdued. lol. or FAegon for that matter
  2. Eh, it is just a thing thing the Starks say because they feel entitles to rule the North.
  3. Because George wanted the Ironborn to have a big fleet
  4. You are the gift that just keeps on giving. Anyway back to thread I kind of what loved to have seen Robert and Stannis interacting.
  5. I only put that reference in there because the poster who I quoted mentioned it. And he responded exactly as i knew he would.
  6. Just stating a fact. Justified or not Robert usurped the crown from the Targaryens.
  7. Nope. Truth. Robert Baratheon usurped the crown with help of his dogs.
  8. Dany and the usurper Robert Baratheon would have been fun
  9. I mean no one is forcing you to actually open and read the thread. Just sayin'
  10. I hate the little bastard as much as the next guy but Jon killing Slynt was completely justified.
  11. Um no kidding. Did you really think I thought you were serious about buildling a temple for a fictional character?
  12. Indeed you are. And lets be real here and post saying anything positive about Dany is according to you "a god mother queen" post (whatever the hell that is) . in other words you are a troll.
  13. No he is a troll. Any thread that mentions Dany is a "Dany worship" thread whatever the hell that is.
  14. Then why are you posting on this thread which is done nothing of tehseort? or are you just a troll?
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