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Agent 326

Does anyone else really wonder about if there are multiple Grand Northern Conspiracies?

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I know I may sound insane for questioning something like this but you know what I have some big problems with the Grand Northern Conspiracy.


Conspiracies can't be too big, the don't have phones and someone in the conspiracy may tell others about the conspiracy.

George R.R Martin probably wouldn't make this into one grand conspiracy.

Also they throw in the Riverlands and the BWB for no reason.

That goes without saying I still have to admire the author of the Grand Northern Conspiracy but it being one large conspiracy doesn't make much sense.

To start out let us first start out with who is backing who in the North and a fuck it well throw in the Riverlands to because why not.

Karstarks: Stannis

Mormont(s): Stannis

Umbers: Stannis

Glovers: Stannis

Freys: Roose

Umbers: Stannis

Flints: Roose

Flints: Roose

Flints: Stannis

Manderlys: Roose

Hornwoods: Roose

Cerwyns: Stannis

Tallharts: Roose

Tallharts: Roose

Dustins: Roose

Ryswells: Roose

Tullys: Edmure

Blackwoods: Edmure

Mallisters: Edmure

Brackens: Walder

Freys: Walder

Pipers: Walder

Paeges: Walder

Vances: Walder

Darrys: Walder

Now of course let us throw some things in that will change this.

Manderlys, probably both Umbers, Robett Glover all want Rickon back so they can back Stannis.

The Karstarks where planning to betray Stannis until he discovered them, probably because they where using the Dreadfort maester (which wasn't a great choice, because Stannis was raised by a maester and so he probably know who some of the key ones are like the Karstark and Bolton maesters. Also Maester Tybald by the Ty at the beginning of his name may mean that he is from the Westerlands (Tyrion, Tywin, Tyrek, Tytos, Tysha, Tybolt, Tyland, Tymond, Tywald, Tywell and so many more, can you name anyone from a different kingdom with those names or even a T and a Y at the beginning of your name). Know one might say this is Arnolf Karstark being an idiot but remember the Karstark maester would be swore to Harrion Karstark.

And who was in attendance of Robb's will?

Greatjon Umber (hostage)

Catelyn Stark (undead, unspeaking, zombie)

Maege Mormont (probably in the Neck)

Robb Stark

Jason Mallister (hostage)

Galbart Glover (probably with Maege in the Neck)

Edmure Tully (hostage)

Now of course it is worth noting that the will is at the moment likely in the hands of the Freys.

And Galbart Glover and Maege Mormont are likely going to be able to convince their houses to back Jon but not the entire North. Especially not without people like The Greatjon, Jason Mallister, and Edmure all hostages the only other sane witnesses to the will.

Now of course I don't want to make you wait forever to get to the point like a certain author that I might mention.

There are six teams in total here. Though one has essentially given up as their only grasp on the North is Torhen's Square.

These are

Team Jon

Team Rickon

Team Jeyne Westerling's child/ children/ this team may not exist

Team Stannis

Team Roose

Team Ironborn

The Team Roose is divided into factions though based on inheritance and an upcoming Frey Civil War that would probably happen should Edywn and Black Walder kill each other and Walder Frey die.

Team Jon: Galbart Glover, Maege Mormont, Edmure Tully?, The Greatjon, Jason Mallister, Howland Reed, Cat?, Alys Karstark?

Explanation: Galbart and Maege are probably in the Neck and might tell Howland Reed about Jon's inheritance, and what does Howland know that no one else does? Jon's parentage. The reason why I left a question mark after Edmure is because I'm not sure if he will or won't back Jon. Same thing for Cat. Alys might back Jon if she hears about the will if not oh well.

Team Rickon: Robett Glover, Wyman Manderly, Whorebane and Crowfood Umber, Barbery Dustin, Harwood Stout

Explanation: Remember those snowmen that Little Walder built during the big storm that hit during or after I don't remember, when but they just so happened to look like Barbery Dustin, Harwood Stout, Wyman Manderly and Whoresbane Umber. This may be a coincidence or it could be that they are scheming together. Robett Glover, Wyman Manderly the Umbers are really easy to figure out.

Team Roose: Walder Frey, Arnolf Karstark

Yeah I don't need to explain this to you do I?

Team Stannis: Axell Florent, Davos Seaworth, Team Rickon, meh you know the rest

Explanation: Must I explain any of these other than Team Rickon. Remember what Wyman Manderly said his terms of fealty where. Smuggle me back my liege lord and I shall take Stannis as my king.

Team Ironborn: No one because they don't fucking care.

Please comment what you think.

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I think there are several Northern Conspiracies rather than just the supposed on to put Jon on the Throne.

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I think this is a perfectly rational way of viewing the GNC. Clearly a lot of people are scheming right now, but I agree that it's more likely that they're broken into different "teams," so to speak, rather than working as one cohesive unit. I think the one thing all of these conspirators have in common is that they want the Boltons gone, and the Freys as well. How they plan to achieve that, as you pointed out, varies from group to group. 


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