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Untangling Meereenese knots, Gordian style


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On 11/5/2018 at 4:08 PM, Deadliestviper7 said:

There is a unnaturally cold and sudden winter throughout the world, others and wrights start popping up everywhere, lot of nice character deaths streamlining the plot lines , POVs must start coming together to fight against ice (others) with fire (life).

Sounds like the show

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On 8/27/2018 at 2:57 PM, Nevets said:

A couple of suggestions,though probably not what you're looking for:

Have the Others attack now.  No more Northern political bullshit to read through.  Also, Sansa and Arya would likely rush to help their brother and their homeland, which would shorten the stories in the Vale and Bravos, which are essentially detours and distractions.

Have the Volantene fleet crush Dany's allies in Meereen.  They have to leave, and everybody has to head for Westeros.  That short-circuits the whole Slaver's Bay story, which has gone on way too long.

Kill Jaime.  Yes, I like him too, but I think his story is at its end, and we could use a shocking death.  Having Cersei die suddenly would be useful as well.   Though you probably don't want to do both.

Aegon dies early on.  I've always thought of him as a red herring, so I certainly wouldn't miss him.

Essentially, he needs to close out as many stories as he can, and start focusing on the principal characters, instead of side plots that don't really matter (or shouldn't matter) in the grand scheme.

I wouldn’t call Northern politics “bullshit”

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As a huge fan of a dance with dragons, I don’t think the mereen plot line or northern politics need to be wrapped up anytime soon. In fact, those two locations made dance my favourite book. After 4 books mainly focusing on kings landing/crown lands/ riverlands, it’s nice to see other regions get fleshed out more.

also don’t think Danny needs to go to Westeros anytime soon. There’s still a lot to get done in essos, and some potiential roadblocks on the way west. Plus the journey s gonna take a while. The war with the others can be well underway before she even gets there. I’m picturing her first action being going straight after the others. 

“Save the kingdom to rule it.”-Davos 

looking at other long series like Harry Potter and memory sorrow and thorn, there’ll already be chaos in a given area of climax long before a central arrives to make the difference. I see Danny showing up at the last moment to fight the others and not wasting any time going after Kings landing.

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I have advocated for obliterating the ironborn from the story before on this forum, and I will do so again. 

The Iron Islands sink into the ocean, and we never have to hear about the ironborn again. Victarion's fleet crashes into a rock and he dies, Euron trips and falls off of his boat, and dies. Aeron just randomly vanishes and never is heard from again. Theon dies in the Battle for Winterfell doing something heroic. Basically, every ironborn aside from Asha and Rodrik the Reader dies. 

The Khals that picked up Dany try and take her, but they get eaten by a dragon and Dany just decides to fly back to Meereen and pick up all the survivors from the battle. 

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