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  1. If you are talking about the current Hightowers, Leyton had 3 other wives before Rhea Florent so it is more than possible that some of his children are actually step-siblings and it not one woman who gave birth to all of them.
  2. I think sphinxes represent the Citadel...they have a pair of sphinxes right there...think it like their house sigil lol The Citadel is the riddle, not the riddler.
  3. I really like pale fire bride = Quaithe theory. And this chapter is so dark and lovecraftian GOD I LOVE THIS And some of Dany's prophecies in HotU makes sense now. Especially grey-lipped smiling man on the ship.
  4. Yeah it does. I wonder if she is from Hyrkoon, being a warrior woman who fights bare-chested fits but she just could be a snake dancer(?) from some part of Essos. Anyhow she is interesting [emoji15] And sorry for the 1 year and some late reply. [emoji21] [emoji21]
  5. There is a book called The Palace of Love written by Jack Vance. I think GRRM is a fan of him? In Chroyane, Garin's palace is called Palace of Love (not sure if it was Garin's palace I imagined it as open to the public because of Tyrion's thoughts, anyway). It might be a coincidence given the sexual nature of the Rhoynar.
  6. I'm still in doubt with the Undying thing. If they wanted to suck her life-force why did Pyat warned Dany about "always right and up" rule, he said whoever goes from the straight line will enter and never come back. So, why spend mana with prophecies and alternative futures?? I also agree that they were not interested in her dragons, since Pyat insested that she should enter alone.
  7. It's said Melisandre has an accent, "spiced with the songs of the Jade Sea" or something similiar. Quaithe speaks it flawlessly, then again, Tyrion notes that Moqorro speaks the common tongue almost with no accent.
  8. The Isle of Women used by Nymeria as a temporary colony, right?
  9. Is Senaera Shesnake the woman who wears a snake? For some strange reason, I find her quite interesting.
  10. Entry of Stygai says that no light falls the Valley of Shadows except for when its noon. So I assumed that The Shadow's name derived from that.
  11. Leng is an independent nation from Yi Ti. GRRM says so. I don't know how to fix it so. And I think Tiqui is a city in Yi Ti. Upper part of the forests of Yi Ti is also a part of Yi Ti.
  12. I think Jaime should be killed by Lady Stoneheart. Otherwise, it would be silly. There's 1000 reason to kill him. I don't want some silly plot twist.
  13. So a Tyrell army rides from KL. Is it mean Marg found innocent ?
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