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  1. Mrs.Grumpy

    Names for new Targaryens

    After his best bro Sam. Samantha Catelyn Targaryen.
  2. Mrs.Grumpy

    Missing things in FaB

    Tourney of the Field of Roses
  3. Mrs.Grumpy

    The Shivers

    The fact that it turns lips blue makes me think it was magical. It literally kills with cold. It is no disease. not sure about the winter fever though. It looks like a really nasty flu.
  4. Mrs.Grumpy

    Shade of the evening.

    I think Ulthos is covered with the shadewoods
  5. Mrs.Grumpy

    Small Questions v. 10106

    If you are talking about the current Hightowers, Leyton had 3 other wives before Rhea Florent so it is more than possible that some of his children are actually step-siblings and it not one woman who gave birth to all of them.
  6. Mrs.Grumpy

    Prince Nymor's letter (slight crackpot)

    I’d say don’t really push yourself for an answer because it is clearly an easy way cop out “why did Targaryens stop trying to take Dorne?”. The letter is a huge plot device. Imo the most plausible one is to threat Aenys with FM but it doesn’t explain why he flew to Dragonstone... so yeah it is a mystery with no answer.
  7. Mrs.Grumpy

    Regarding Planetos

    You mean Valyrian. She was a Balaerys.
  8. So I understand Alysanne was (for some reason) trying to prevent Viserra (her own daughter) from marrying to her widower son Baelon (who as Viserra pointed out, already married a sister). I mean he may wanted to remain single after his wife’s death but he is a prince and boys (like girls) are expected to marry and re-marry. and I don’t understand why it was such a big deal. Aemon was alive (I think?) when Viserra was trying to marry Baelon, it is not like she was going to usurp his throne?? Let’s say Alysanne is right to prevent her from being Queen but why on earth she chose a man older than her father, who married 4 fooking times????? I mean the bitch can find Lords Grafton and Peake for the so called teatless and chinless Celtigar sisters but she can’t find a better man for her own daughter (the most beautiful one). Granted, we don’t know about those men but it is said they were exceptional matches for the Celtigars so it can’t be that bad. Yeah it was a lord of House Manderly, she was going to be Lady of White Harbor but fuck that. She blames Jaehaerys for Daella’s death but she is responsible for Viserra’s death in a way but hey no one is blaming her... I still love Alysanne but Viserra issue is bugging me. (Not to mention Viserra’s personality doesn’t seem aligned with how she died. Is she sly or hot-headed? When we first heard about her in the world book I thought she was a tomboy but in here she is a creepy femme fatale wanna be.)
  9. Mrs.Grumpy

    Why are there no oceans in ASOIAF?

    Sunset Sea, Shivering Sea and Summer Sea are all oceans.
  10. Mrs.Grumpy

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    No Tourney of the Field of Roses greatest tourney of a generation but it seems grrm just made it up to make highgarden seem interesting
  11. I don’t know why he didn’t cover Aegon III’s reign, probably because the cast is too huge and he needs time to for chronology.
  12. I refuse to believe the Brothel Queens. It remind me the real-world dude the Mushroom is based on and he made a similiar comment and I think it is a reference to that. Too outrageous to be true.
  13. I thought Aegon not wanting his sister’s crown was an addition by Septon Eustace.
  14. Florence Fossoway is Elaena Targaryen but the Reach version.