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  1. If you are talking about the current Hightowers, Leyton had 3 other wives before Rhea Florent so it is more than possible that some of his children are actually step-siblings and it not one woman who gave birth to all of them.
  2. I think sphinxes represent the Citadel...they have a pair of sphinxes right there...think it like their house sigil lol The Citadel is the riddle, not the riddler.
  3. I really like pale fire bride = Quaithe theory. And this chapter is so dark and lovecraftian GOD I LOVE THIS And some of Dany's prophecies in HotU makes sense now. Especially grey-lipped smiling man on the ship.
  4. Yeah it does. I wonder if she is from Hyrkoon, being a warrior woman who fights bare-chested fits but she just could be a snake dancer(?) from some part of Essos. Anyhow she is interesting [emoji15] And sorry for the 1 year and some late reply. [emoji21] [emoji21]
  5. There is a book called The Palace of Love written by Jack Vance. I think GRRM is a fan of him? In Chroyane, Garin's palace is called Palace of Love (not sure if it was Garin's palace I imagined it as open to the public because of Tyrion's thoughts, anyway). It might be a coincidence given the sexual nature of the Rhoynar.
  6. Is Senaera Shesnake the woman who wears a snake? For some strange reason, I find her quite interesting.
  7. Leng is an independent nation from Yi Ti. GRRM says so. I don't know how to fix it so. And I think Tiqui is a city in Yi Ti. Upper part of the forests of Yi Ti is also a part of Yi Ti.
  8. I think Jaime should be killed by Lady Stoneheart. Otherwise, it would be silly. There's 1000 reason to kill him. I don't want some silly plot twist.
  9. So a Tyrell army rides from KL. Is it mean Marg found innocent ?
  10. I think there should be a page for squishers. Also shadowbinder page is seems very cheap. :blushing:
  11. again, more krakens !! Thanks for sharing :laugh: Oh.My.God :bowdown:
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