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U.S. Politics: Dirt From Ukrainians, Bombs for Iranians, Shut Down Your Brainiums...

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1 hour ago, Fragile Bird said:

Fox has been the top rated network for 17 years? I did not know that.

Fox’s role is all about defending it’s viewers from the people who hate them, and that’s the source of their power? I did not know that.

Lol, how did you not know that? I would have figured you’d trip over an article outlining how condensed conservative viewership is. That’s what makes it so effective. Well that and it serves to reinforce their viewers’ beliefs.

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4 hours ago, Matrim Fox Cauthon said:

I read one Vanity Fair article - "It's Management Bedlam: Madness at Fox News as Trump Faces Impeachment"  - which talks about how this recent news is causing Fox to prepare for a possible post-Trump future. If Fox News is willing to shift, not wanting to hitch their wagon to a loser, then maybe that will help sway some of their base. This will largely depend on the direction of Lachlan Murdoch.

Very interesting. Regarding this quote near the end of the article:



“Fox is about defending our viewers from the people who hate them. That’s where our power comes from."


To my mind Fox is first about getting its viewers to falsely believe they are hated, so they can then set themselves up as their defenders.

It's also telling to me that this Fox executive used the word "power" instead of "influence" or "ratings." 

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