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Battle of winterfell pov


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On 11/25/2021 at 2:03 AM, Terrorthatflapsinthenight9 said:

Asha or Theon will be the POV most likely.

Isn't Theon being kept chained in Stannis's chamber? Might be a bit hard for him to see anything.

Asha definitely could see it, though, since she's been allowed freedom of movement in the camp.

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The Battle of Ice will be fought at the crofters village. We already know this is from Asha's point of view.

After that battle Stannis still needs to take Winterfell. He can't assault the walls or sustain a siege so he has to use subterfuge to get his army inside the gates. This will be done using the Karstarks, who are supposedly loyal to Roose, returning with the prisoner Reek from their victory over Stannis. I don't think it will be a detailed battle, and may even be recalled after the fact. With everything going on in Mereen and Storm's End and Oldtown, there's going to be a lot of battles in the first third of Winds either way.

I'm confident Theon will avoid execution. I don't know if Asha will still be with Stannis after the battle but if she is and her brother is too then it will obviously come down to them. The general rule is that whenever you have a scene that can be told from more than one point of view, you choose the pov with the greater stake in the scene. Using that rule, if choosing between Asha and Theon for a scene returning to Winterfell then it would be Theon. 

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Definitely Asha. We have the fragment which seems to pretty much confirm that.

She's roaming free in the camp so there's nothing stopping her from overseeing things and she's not exactly the type to hide. Either Stannis let's her fight or he keeps her close and she's got the same POV as he does. 

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On 11/20/2021 at 10:39 AM, Mithras said:

Stannis will decide to sacrifice Asha in order to turn the weather before it is too late for him to join the battle in time. 

I really doubt this.

Why would Stannis believe Asha would be a worthwhile sacrifice?

There's no "king's blood" there to him and it's just not a fitting end to her story. 

He's already seen with Justin Massey's marriage request that Asha holds serious political value. Stannis means to bring the Iron Islands into his kingdom - How in the world does he do that if he burns a relatively benevolent hostage alive? It would make sense to sacrifice Theon because there's clearly something to gain. 

We already know who Stannis is going to inevitably sacrifice too. 

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