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  1. In my experience, it's critics that are the ones that will trash something based on its ideological/political undertones, not the regular fans.
  2. I don't know about any objective judgements, but in my own personal opinion it's gotta be Arianne. Based on the absolutely exhaustive lengths that Martin goes to describe her physical appearance, I think he probably agrees too. Arianne is like a check-list of every single thing I find attractive in a woman. I certainly do not blame poor Ser Arys for dishonouring his vows.
  3. I agree that they were poorly written plotlines - D&D were bad writers in general - but I don't agree with your sentiment that writers should write only what fans want to see. That's just fan-service, it's not real storytelling. As soon as a writer refuses to write something because he's scared of how people will respond, he loses integrity and credibility.
  4. Ned Stark is like.... the last lord that would ever kick out family from his home so long as he was there.
  5. One can only imagine just how frustrated and upset Martin himself is, but obviously he's far too professional and tactful to say those things himself.
  6. Assuming that in this timeline Ser Stafford Lannister still dies at Oxcross, that still leaves Ser Devan Lannister to take command in the westerlands. Since he was later made the Warden of the West by Cersei in Feast, it's not far-fetched to imagine that he'd be an acceptable choice to take charge of the westerlands should there be no other Lannisters available. He seemed to do a decent enough job in Feast (though granted at that time the war was all but over).
  7. Yeah that's what I meant. Obviously the Freys get plenty of hate for their involvement in the Red Wedding, and even the Lannisters to a lesser extent, but I was curious about how the Boltons are viewed, and if it's common knowledge that Roose was involved with it. That'd severely hurt his chances of pacifying the North, if that's the case.
  8. I just reread the chapter where Dany rejects him, and I really felt bad for Quentyn. I could relate to him somewhat. The fact that Dany even thought how much hotter one of his companions was, and that she wishes he was the prince instead, was both hilarious and pitiable.
  9. I'm sure that if Dany does go down a darker path in the books, that's how Martin will handle it. But the whole "sudden snap into madness" thing seems like it'll work more naturally for Jon Connington than Dany. But since super-geniuses D&D decided to leave out that extremely important storyline, they were forced to give certain character developments to other characters (e.g. Jon filling Aegon's shoes to a degree). I'm still convinced that Dany wouldn't have gone full Mad Queen if Aegon and Connington existed in the show. But regardless, D&D weren't even capable of writing characters with even a fraction of the nuance of Better Call Saul characters, to name a show that was on at the same time. Game of Thrones was always the sillier and pulpier type of show compared to other heavyweight dramas.
  10. D&D had a bad habit of whitewashing characters that they liked and didn't want to show in a more negative light. Tyrion is the most extreme example, but there's plenty of others as well. Their personal opinion of the actor/actress playing the character always contributed. They whitewashed Cersei so much because D&D personally liked Lena Heady. D&D were not willing to make fan-favourite characters do bad things, not until the second last episode of the entire series. They did not have the willpower and commitment that showrunners like David Chase and Vince Gilligan did.
  11. I don't know if this would have helped much, since Astapor rose up again after she left. What she needed to was conquer it - take the city, kill or expel the slavers, station some Unsullied and sellswords in the city, and add it to her little empire in Slaver's Bay. If all three cities were controlled by her and her soldiers, she'd be in a much better situation. Dany's problem was that she didn't fully commit - she needed to embrace being a Targaryen and emulate Aegon by conquering enough to make her too powerful to dislodge. Simply taking Meereen wasn't enough, she needed all three cities if she wanted to be self-sustaining.
  12. With my current reread of Dance, I'll put forward the suggestion of Dany's "plan" to rule Meereen, which seems to boil down to "If I'm a really nice person maybe they'll just leave me alone". She receives good advice from several people around her - Barristan urges her to send the army out to fight their enemies in the field because they don't have the food to survive a siege, Daario urges her to massacre the slaver families after luring them in so she has no enemies inside the city, Skahaz urges her not to marry Hizdahr because he is almost certainly one of the Sons of the Harpy; a few people urge her to unleash her dragons on her enemies like a true Targaryen would have, since they're her best tool; even King Cleon urges her to join with him to help take down Yunkai, their common foe who has been plotting against them the whole time. She ignores all of it, because it would violate her plan on being "a really nice person" and just sitting in her Pyramid and sort of.... hoping it all just goes away...? I don't even know if it can be called a plan. She rejects every single proposed plan that could have put her in a better situation, and her own "plan" seems to be to throw away every possible advantage she has and instead severely expose herself and her people to danger from all sides because she wasn't willing to make the hard choices. Being all nice and diplomatic and patient might work if you're in the shoes of someone like Doran Martell or Rodrik Harlaw, but it doesn't work when you're surrounded by enemies in the most hostile place in the known world as Slaver's Bay is.
  13. So long as Stannis puts aside his jealousy about Ned and Robert, he'd work with Ned immediately and there'd be no prolonged investigation that necessitates involving Baelish and Varys. Most of the work had already been done by Arryn. When Stannis and Ned are satisfied that they have the "evidence" they need, they'll argue about what to do. Ned would still want to warn Cersei so she can take her children and flee; Stannis would have no such qualms, and would tell Robert immediately. This would at best lead to Cersei and the children being imprisoned, and at worst executed. However, if Robert dies before this can happen, Stannis would do Ned tried to do and stage a coup, except he wouldn't be stupid enough to trust Baelish, he'd use Baratheon men-at-arms to do it. And then Cersei and the children would be imprisoned and/or executed. The Small Council would be purged, too; Varys, Baelish and Pycelle would all be removed (one way or another). If Stannis was smart he'd make Ned his Hand, but Ned would probably refuse because he wants to go back home, and because he's angry at Stannis executing Cersei's children. Stannis would need the support of powerful lords in the war with the Lannisters, so he'd need to keep Renly on side somehow. This might be more difficult than anything else, considering their very strained relationship and Renly's abition and complete lack of honour and loyalty. If Stannis really wanted a strong anti-Lannister government, he should invite the Dornish to send their representative to the city to become Hand. The Dornish would be practically salivating at the chance to get completely lawful revenge on Tywin and the Lannisters with the backing of the Iron Throne. The Tyrells are the wildcard here. I'm not sure if they'd be willing to rebel against the Iron Throne if Stannis has already seized it and wiped out the "rightful" heirs (i.e. Joffrey and Tommen); they'd have no pretext except "Stannis is cruel and his younger brother is nicer and cuter".
  14. Does anyone know that it was Roose Bolton that killed Robb Stark? I know Martin described him as wearing his armour when he did it, but does that mean he was wearing a helmet too, to obscure his face?
  15. There aren't any major battles in Feast/Dance like there were in the first three books. There's no Green Fork or Whispering Wood or Blackwater or the Wall. The largest battle is the taking of the Shield Isles, which could be done easily by just having a couple of ships knocked into each other, 30 or 40 guys in a moshpit, and some CG burning ships in the background. All of the other action setpieces would be very small-scale, basically just fights, not battles, e.g. Brienne vs the Brave Companions, Arys vs Hotah. The siege of Riverrun doesn't involve any fighting, just a big army camped out around it (pretty easy to use CGI with).
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