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Unknown facts about Turks

Milite Ignoto

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Turks established the most powerful and advanced civilizations in the world. (see https://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/16_Büyük_Türk_Devleti). In the 6th century, when they lived in Central Asia, they started to migrate to the south west and west because the water resources dried up and there was famine. Their migration movement started the tribes migration (völkerwanderung) in Europe. They are not barbarians. But they fought barbarously to survive. In Italy, the Etruscans (Tusci) are of Turkish descent. Romilus and Remus is the ancient Turkish mythology that the Huns left to Europe. They established the Ottoman Empire, the most powerful and richest empire in the world, for the last time in Anatolia, the last land they settled. The crescent in their flag represents God/Tengri/Tanrı/Allah (c.c) and the star rimbolizes the heaven. and the colour is the blood shed in the last war. 

As for Dothrakis and Turks,  it looks like Martin studied some Turkish History.

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