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Indiana Jones and the Slipped Disk


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18 hours ago, Corvinus85 said:

From your post there I strongly agree about the film's laziness for historical accuracy. Adding to this point:

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The tomb of Archimedes not being discovered in the Ear of Dionysus, despite that place having been crawling with tourists since time immemorial (in fact, the name of the Ear is from the early 17th century and was given by Carravagio)

Yes, and is the tomb that big of a secret? We know how he died and the Romans buried him. Did they take the time to make all that elaborate stuff?


I'm guessing they sort of imply in the film that 


Syracuse was not conquered and that Archimedes' people had all the time in the world to construct an elaborate tomb for him. It's batshit crazy, but because they don't really spell that out I am kind of able to let it slide.


18 hours ago, Corvinus85 said:

My opinion on this, which in the end was the main premise

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The idea that storms open up time portals at convenient intervals. As someone who has flown quite a bit in life already, if that were true, we would have disappearances of plains all the time. If the dial itself had opened a portal, it would make far more sense that they draw people to the Battle of Syracuse.

The time fissure thing was clearly inspired by the Bermuda Triangle myth but the movie makes no connection to it and it would have been better if it had. I was OK with the dial being able to predict such events, because if the dial itself could open actual wormholes, there is no way I could have suspended my disbelief. What would have powered it?

But the whole time fissure thing fails majorly because of one aspect, and that is the worth of its popular culture mystery. Yes, plane disappearances happen, and further back in aviation history there are more unexplained disappearances than today. But is this sufficient enough to craft a story of myth and adventure? The Lost Ark, the Holy Grail, and yes even the crystal skull are objects that are still surrounded by a lot of mystery out of which you can craft stories. Planes disappear sometimes and are never found - must be time portals. smh


Yeah, I actually noted that to a budy of mine as well


"Wouldn't it have made more sense to do something with the Bermuda Triangle?"

So I definitely agree on the connection being there and that it is weird they didn't do anything with it.

As to what would have powered it, I would say "magic" :p 


I can live with the time portals I think, if they had been used more logically or with more respect for the implications.


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I had eye surgery yesterday (have now had both eyes done in the last two weeks... replaced the lenses.  Basically the same thing as a cataract surgery, but without the cataract.  Vision is amazing now!)  So anyways, while recouping in the dark, I decided to watch a couple Disney Plus things.  (Watched all five episodes of Echo)  One of which was Dial of Destiny.  I actually did a pretty good job of avoiding spoilers, which was pretty easy since the movie was basically a big theatrical flop that no one talked about.

One thing that was a really interesting coincidence for me was the central historical backstory


Another thing that I never got into for some reason was the RTS game Age of Empires.  I recently started playing through the Definitive Edition of the original.  Last week, I literally played the level for the Siege of Syracuse for the first time.

Low and behold, here's old Indy talking it up at the beginning of this movie and then showing up on the scene of the siege itself in the climax of the movie.  I had no idea that it featured in the movie.

Kind of funny.

I thought the movie was fine.  It didn't feel like Indiana Jones when he was running around New York in the late 60's, but once he got back to the dusty desert towns, it definitely had more of the feel of the series.  

Overall, I didn't feel it was a waste of my time watching it like I felt with KoCS.

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