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Anyone playing the Game of Thrones Ascent Facebook App

The Faceless Bard

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I myself am not a very big fan of Facebook Apps/Games...

But since I am a huge GoT fan I checked it out, and am playing it regularly....

The alliance creates many possibilities for helping each other out, and I am in the biggest alliance, but would rather start one with other Diehard GoT fans as most of these people are just trying to win the game as fast as possible and dont really care about the storyline...

The stories in the game are fun to read through and are based on the book...

If anyone is interested in starting the Westeros-org alliance post down here and if we get 5 or so people interested we can go through with it

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I'd be interested. I've been wasting a lot of time on the game in the past week. It's pretty dangerous.

I hate to think what'll happen to me when the MMO comes out.

Also, I think one of my real life friends tried to assassinate my character -- unless that was scripted and the prompt just SAID he did and he never actually took an action to assassinate me (I'm still unclear how that mechanic works). I feel like this game has the potential to ruin friendships.

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I've been playing since this weekend, and I have Targaryen fealty. As far as the story's timeline is concerned, it moves along very, very slowly and only one of your threads actually follows it, as everything else is about you and your "ascent". I'm as far as Ned being confronted by Jaime and the Lannister soldiers and last saw Tyrion winning his freedom via Bronn. I'm not even sure if they have the rest of the game all set up--something you'd have to ask from someone with a higher level. Targaryen fealty makes you interact with the secret loyalists, but because of the secretive nature you aren't able to interact with a whole lot of people (or you just don't trust them).

The game is much better if you join an alliance, as you can cull game favors, alliances, and participate in boss quests that generate a lot of money. I'm part of the Fire and Blood Alliance and we've set up a group and an elite questing group as well.

Things have escalated quickly in the last four days...

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I'm in, but we should call it "The Faceless"

We help each other as much as we can, and should anyone decide they have one the game, we will remind them "valar morghulis"

I already made the alliance if you guys want to join. My character's name is Harlan Leyrion.

Post your characters names on this forum and I'll add you to the group

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