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Nobody has mentioned Lord Manderly yet in this context. He is the king of a house with the merman as its sigil, his nickname is "Lord Lamprey" (after a needle toothed sea creature). His skin is assuming a grey and unhealthy palor, and he has recently undertaken cannibalistic behavior that seems to foreshadow (by analogy with the story of the Rat King) his transformation into a monster.


I did.


Manderlys have some walrus ancestors up there.

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Hmm, a thin smile is definitely a closed-mouth smile, the others could go either way.  So no description or mention of his teeth in the entire series, hmm?


Actually there is, but he is in disguise at the time.


ACoK: Tyrion X

Varys smiled, showing a mouth full of rotted teeth. "Who, my lord? Ser Cortnay or Lord Stannis?"


And note that Illyrio also has bad teeth.


ADwD: Tyrion II

Illyrio inclined his head. "You are kind to say so, my little friend. And for my part, I see that you are just as quick as Lord Varys claimed." He smiled, showing all his crooked yellow teeth, and shouted for another jar of Myrish fire wine.

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I adore Selky stories! The selkies are Scottish lore. They are supposed to be seal-like skinchangers who can come onto land, shed their animal skin, and take on human form. If you hide the skin, they remain in human form.

The stories usually go: selky longs for the sea, lover/husband/wife relents and returns the skin (or their children find it and the selky gets it) and selky returns to the sea. Sometimes one of more of the children follow the selky or are stolen later.


Wow, I never heard of Selkies before. It brings to mind the Farwynds of Lonely Light who are rumored to be skinchangers with seals, walruses and such. Maybe they invaded the westerlands in the Dawn Age.

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