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Willas Tyrell- Dragon breeding?


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I had a thought today and want to share it with you guys :smug:

We are told that Willas is renowned for breeding animals and he's a bookworm. His grandfather is Lord Hightower which means he's avaible to get any kind of book from the Citadel, I assume? I mean he probably knows how does the dragons breed.

Dany is married (for now). But when she make it to Westeros she will need a proper husband for her reign. Let see who could be her husband;

-Edmure is married with Roslin Frey.

-Sweetrobin is too young.

-Trystane is too young and I think we should rule out every possible marriage between Dany and the Martells.

-Jon is bound to his vows. (I think he will be tKitN but he will need a Northern lady, imo)

-Aegon is probably the mummer's dragon and there will be a The Dance of the Dragons v.2, so I rule it out.

-Vic is going to steal one of her dragons. At least he will try.

-Garlan is married, Loras is gay and bound to his vows.


-Willas Tyrell, heir to Highgarden, single, has the greatest army in the whole kingdom.

Let say they got married. And Drogon is bonded with Dany. He could breed more dragonettes and drakes, right? :lol:


Dragons + (insert animal name here) = Hybrids :O

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I think I speak for all of us here: Drogon is going to Marry Ser Pounce and make little fire breathing kittens. Ser Pounce is actually the mummers dragon FYI. Dany kills Ser Pounce and wins the Iron throne. There are a few holes in my theory but I'm sure everyone has already thought of this once or twice already.

Yes. There is enough foreshadowing in the text to believe so. :)

Dragons + (insert animal name here) = Hybrids :o

Dragons + Lampreys = Dragpreys (amphibian dragons that look like this but way bigger and with wings)

That is a vey disturbing image there.

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I don't see Dany marrying Willas as the Tyrells are still allied to the Lannisters through Margaery's marriage to Tommen. There has also been absolutely no hints or clues that point to Dany marrying Willas.

I think Willas is more likely to marry Sarella Sand than Dany.

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I want Willas to marry Asha. Or maybe Asha can marry one of the Redwyne twins and they could have the biggest fleet ever seen! *Evil maniacal laugh*

Actually, I don't think this is too unlikely. I'm pretty sure the Damphair is going to overthrow and possibly kill Anvilbreaker and take control of the Iron Islands, leaving Asha as a widow.

And Asha and the lords of the Reach have a common enemy: Euron. In order to beat him they need the combined powers of the Ironborn and the Reach.

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