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  1. My problem with Bran being King is that the show is trying to sell the idea that a good leader is someone who doesn't want to be a leader...and I call BS on that. In my life, my occupation is a leadership position and I am also involved in hiring people that fill other leadership positions and the last thing I want is someone who doesn't "want it".
  2. This so much. And from what I've heard about Disney from the Marvel films, it is more about you writing their stories rather than the other way around. A lot of the directors/writers that got fired were fired because they wanted to write their own story rather than cave into the cinematic universe. The inflexibility of D and D might bite them in the behind if they're not willing to make compromises in the House of Mouse.
  3. This x10000 People always use George's Aragorn quote to say that George is "subverting tropes" but what he really meant was that he wished Tolkien showed what happened after Aragorn ruled. Martin is using several of the tropes of fantasy he is simply injecting them with realism just as you described with Ned. Ned's death wasn't groundbreaking in the epic fantasy genre, the father figure dying to make way for the younger characters is one that has been done to death, it's just that in this story we actually are inside the father figure's head seeing his conflicts, struggles etc.
  4. As big of a cultural phenomenon Game of Thrones became, HBO probably left so many question marks at the end of the series for potential sequels/spinoffs so they make more money either in the near or far future. The Volantis line by Sam was obviously intentional. As someone mentioned earlier, there will probably be some sequel about a resurrected Dany in Essos, in a decade or more, just to make more money.
  5. I think the character outcomes will be the same Dany dying, Sansa becoming Queen of the North, Bran becoming the elected monarch etc. But I think the road to those outcomes will be different. I could see Dany burning KL but I don't think it will be the way it occurred in the show, that is, when the city had already surrendered. I could see it happening from the second Dance between herself and Faegon, and her eventually dying when she goes North to aid in the fight against the Others. I also don't see Sansa going through some of the useless show plot points such as being raped by Ramsey or being in a "catfight" with Dany.
  6. Right, this didn't make any sense. In any situation like that Dorne would be the first to call for Independence if it was given to the North so easily. It's literally in their House words. But I guess I keep forgetting that the country at the south of Westeros in the show isn't really Dorne.
  7. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be based on the leaks, I'll start by saying that. But the episode doesn't clean the sour taste I have from the rest of the season. Positives: Stark children get a positive ending Brienne gets a positive ending I guess that is the "sweet" part of the bittersweet Negatives: Bronn becoming Lord of Highgarden. How on Earth are the people of the reach going to accept him as their lord? Beyond that, I haven't seen any credentials in the show for him to be made Master of Coin. If anything he's the last person I'd choose because of his history of being an opportunist. Saint Tyrion continues to be whitewashed and yet again ends up becoming the hand of the King again for the third time. Where did Sam get the experience to becoming Grandmaester of the "six kingdoms"? The council to choose a King and the meeting afterwards were a complete jokes. For a second I almost thought it was a youtube parody of the show with all the jokes. If Greyworm and the Unsullied are heading to Naath then what was the point of Bran appeasing their vengeance? He can easily turn back on them when they leave. That whole discussion was a major plot hole. And Bran is going to find Drogon and then what?
  8. Ah I probably didn't hear that part then well. Having said that I'm still not sure I agree that was her reasoning for killing the civilians. I think in a scenario like that the shot would have panned to a few civilians showing expressions of fear while looking up to Dany and then moving up to show an angry/emotional Dany in response to that. Instead, we got a shot of the Red Keep
  9. I get that explanation but that still doesn't make sense within the context of the show. Dany said before the battle "let them fear" it doesn't make sense for her to kill them if they are afraid of her since that is exactly what she wanted? Her killing the civilians still comes off as bad writing unless she wanted to kill half of them to instill fear but the episode made it clear that she was interested in killing every single person (aka genocide).
  10. This actually makes sense and I agree, I think the problem is that D and D didn't sell it well. They rushed things and made that transformation happen over two episodes.
  11. What's the point of R +L = J now? At least in the book, there is possibly a "magical" reason for R and L's union, but since D and D care very little about the magical aspects of the show I'm wondering what the point is since it seems very unlikely that Jon will be King at the end.
  12. D and D said that apparently, she took it as "personal" which I am still trying to understand. I thought the "Mad Queen" storyline was silly but even that would have made more sense (Which shows how bad the writing is atm)
  13. I haven't been on the forums in ages but plot holes and nonsensical plotlines this season have apparently compelled to come here so I can have an outlet to rant. How on Earth can D & D say with a straight face that "Dany forgot about the fleet". Really? They couldn't have come up with a better plot to kill one of the dragons and kidnap Missandei? I don't even think a university/college screenwriter would come up with that. I had so much more to say but honestly, I wonder whether I should be giving my energy to these two.
  14. I dont get why people are complaining, it was a great episode. And to be fair, there is no point in complaining about the changes in the show at this point, that ship sailed ages ago. I have no problems with the changes as long as I am entertained and I have been fully entertained by this episode I love Missandei and Grey Worm, D and D are doing a good job at fleshing out all the characters in Dany's camp. Also Sansa owned this episode, loved it! MTE Agreed, I dont get the complain of Missandei an Grey worm.
  15. I agree I took that episode to be a double meaning for the CotF and the child Drogon eats.
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