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  1. Not if you go with the plausible theory that the Lord of Light and Bran are the same being. I mean who said that the Lord of Light was talking in the present to his followers? He could be transmitting messages from the future. And it’s noted that Bloodraven can see Melisandre when she tries to look in her flames.
  2. Actually, you’re wrong here. Sansa would pass the Stark name off to her sons. It’s already happened in the past with previous Starks and it happened with the Lannisters too. Bael Bard had a bastard with the Last Stark’s daughter who he legitimized as a Stark to inherit for him. All the current Starks and Lannisters are descended from Brandon the Builder and Lann the Clever via the female line although I could always see Sansa marrying a Karstark thereby keeping her line pure wolf.
  3. It's likely that Euron found that armor somewhere else besides Valyria. I doubt it'd be with Pyat Pred though. None of the warlock's are actual warriors. Someone came up with a good theory that Euron found the Valyrian steel armor set and the dragon egg at the same place. That being Gogossos
  4. As Leaf says, Bran's blood makes him a greenseer same with Euron. I don't think Euron had his potential unlocked until recently when he started drinking the warlock wine same with how the Weirwood sap affects Bran. There are parallels meant to be drawn between the two. Auto is evil Bran Stark. I don't think Euron has been skinchanging the Dusky women the whole time. Honestly I think he's skinchanging her right before sex. Victarion is noted to talk a lot to her about his plans post coitus. I don't think skinchanging the dragon would work. The reason is that the Dragons are thousands of miles away. And while maybe he can enter their minds and warg them, he'd have to be warging them 24/7 to get them over to him. And spending too much time in a dragon will turn him more dragon-like. And if he decides to take breaks the dragon will wonder wtf it was doing and go back so it'd end up kinda fruitless.
  5. Nah. Bloodraven contacted Euron for a reason. Only real reason why would be because Euron was an especially powerful warg like Bran and Bloodraven was holding try outs for the protagonist role that Euron eventually failed. Euron just wouldn't be the fully realized greenseer/warg that Bloodraven is though so he wouldn't be nearly as powerful. Although the warlock wine might have given him a power boost. Anyways it's very possible that taking over a dragon's mind might be harder than taking over a person's mind. For all we know because it's such a magical creature, dragons come with magical inhibitors for things trying to possess them
  6. Well there's a corsair king that was supposed to buy the Unsullied at Astapor before Daenerys took them all. Could be him.
  7. Anyone who is rich enough? The Iron Bank. Some cheese merchant. Illyrio who is rich enough to give away 3 dragon eggs to Daenerys. Well we don't even know what the magic ritual is going to do. For all we know, it's going to summon the Deep Ones to fight for him. Hell if he takes over Oldtown he has the population of Oldtown to sacrifice. And Euron doesn't have to interact with Daenerys to be doing something. He can try to take over the Reach while it's weak as he is doing right now. Oldtown and Highgarden are both next to the sea or on a river. Euron also doesn't need Dragonbinder anymore once Victarion or his thralls blows the horn. Rhaegal is going to race to Euron effectively making Euron a dragonrider.
  8. Euron doesn't need money. His Valyrian Steel armor set is good enough to buy a whole kingdom if he so wanted. I don't think Euron cares about a land-based army either. He seems set on sacrificing his troops and the Redwynes for a magic ritual that will do something that make having troops irrelevant. Euron also has a glass candle right next to him at Oldtown. He can look for her and see where she's at. And I think he's pretty content to wait.
  9. Possibly but I don't think it makes sense for either one to want to marry the other. For one, Cersei isn't interested in sharing power. For two, Euron wants a Targaryen bride to give birth to his Cthulhu-like children and is trying to position himself as Valyria's heir which means marrying a dragonlord with dragons which Daenerys is. I could see the show going this route though.
  10. Undead Cat was in GRRM's outline she'll have a bigger role than whatever is happening between Jaime and Brienne basically whatever Beric does in the show would be your indicator of what alas does in the books
  11. It's been years since Cat has died. Her corpse would be dust by now
  12. Uh, yes he freaking does. Don't you remember the freaking king at a feast of corpses with a wolf head? Or the Mummer's Dragon? Or the lady that was a fish? Or Theon's dream in Winterfell where he's at a feast full of dead people and then Robb and Grey Wind come in with blood and wounds all over them to join the feast of the dead
  13. You are wrong actually because Tywin Lannister dies soon after, Euron invades the Reach, Aegon invades the Stormlands and Cersei empowers the Faith against her
  14. Hello? Earth to lancer. The Boltons literally betrayed the Northerners and killed their family. In the show, it's not even a secret making it even worse and there has been absolutely no mention of captives thus far. The North Forgot
  15. Okay tell me again, why the North would stick with the family that off'd their kin at the Red Wedding? Robb Stark isn't the only guy that died there, you know
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