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  1. Why are people so obsessed with Sansa being raped? Daenerys used her dragons to massacre people for her rights to Westeros, is a warmonger and wants to enforce her will on people who don't want her for a queen whatever her good intentions Bran doesn't use his powers against the people and he's pretty pacifistic in comparison to Daenerys. He becomes king via election rather than war. Daenerys is war and tyranny Bran is peace and choice
  2. Sophie's comments aren't canon. They're just her interpretation. She's come up with some pretty crazy things before too. GRRM will write whatever he thinks his best. That said, Sansa will end the series at 14-15 so unless there's a timeskip forward, there's no answer to whether Sansa will have children. Also GRRM already confirmed that there are other Starks running around albeit very distant from the main branch so House Stark won't die out even if none of Ned's kids have children.
  3. I think that's the point of the wars and the Others. It's all to push Westeros to a point where they elect Bran to the kingship after all the wars. Bran the Broken repairs a broken continent. Yep. It's the philosopher king that rules at the end. Robb, Dany, Stannis, Renly etc. all get fucked up. Benioff and Weiss have confirmed that it was always going to be King Bran. Isaac has twice confirmed now that King Bran comes from GRRM. Also King Bran isn't written to be a dictator. He's written to be Daenerys' opposite who is written to be a tyrant by the endgame. Both of them are bestowed great power but where Daenerys and Bran differ is that Daenerys gives in and chooses to unleash dragons on the people whereas Bran doesn't try to use his powers against people anymore after Hodor. Think of Bran as ore guide than king to Westeros who rules via the wisdom bestowed upon him by the Children of the Forest.
  4. Bran is the Fisher King. He protects Westeros from the threats and Tyrion along with his successor Hands are the ones doing the ruling. It’s more of technocracy lead by a benevolent god.
  5. Jon’s never coming back south of the Wall just like Frodo’s never coming back to Middle Earth. Bran didn’t get a happy ending. He even says that he doesn’t wish his fate on anyone. He lives in the past and is fused to an alien entity.
  6. Because they weren’t interested in Bran Stark. I’m sure they felt developing was useless if they were going to fuse him with the world’s memory so we’re kinda supposed to go off faith that he learned everything he needed to about ruling from there. It’s even why Tyrion says that Bran knowing the history of the world will make him a good ruler. It’s the smart, scholarly types that should rule like Bran, Tyrion and Sam not the macho-warriors like Jon Snow and Robert Baratheon.
  7. I think that’s actually the point. Bran’s Council is made up of outcasts. Sans Bron, it is the meek who inherit the earth.
  8. Not exactly true. Isaac has mentioned that Bran exists there and the Bran parts of his brain activate when he’s around friends and family. Its still Bran’s consciousness though. It’s like the difference between Cat and LS. LS is Cat but less. TER! Bran is Bran but more.
  9. Bran does receive ruling advice though. His first chapter is a lesson from Ned Stark on death, justice and mercy. And Book 2 Bran rules Winterfell with Maester Luwin advising him. I think King Bran the Broken would’ve been more obvious if the 5 year timeskip happened or the characters aged as fast as he wanted them too.
  10. Because of Jon’s ending and Daenerys’ murder.
  11. This is more like Benioff and Weiss’ context with GRRM’s endpoints for the MCs. For all intents and purposes, Bran is the God-Emperor of Man that’s probably using his powers to run a police state to keep the nobles in line just like his mentor, Bloodraven
  12. Return of the King. The rightful king returns to the throne and all is made right. Now if you’re talking about King Jon and Queen Dany but evil then that’s different.
  13. Not if you go with the plausible theory that the Lord of Light and Bran are the same being. I mean who said that the Lord of Light was talking in the present to his followers? He could be transmitting messages from the future. And it’s noted that Bloodraven can see Melisandre when she tries to look in her flames.
  14. Actually, you’re wrong here. Sansa would pass the Stark name off to her sons. It’s already happened in the past with previous Starks and it happened with the Lannisters too. Bael Bard had a bastard with the Last Stark’s daughter who he legitimized as a Stark to inherit for him. All the current Starks and Lannisters are descended from Brandon the Builder and Lann the Clever via the female line although I could always see Sansa marrying a Karstark thereby keeping her line pure wolf.
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