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  1. I picked this up at a tiny book shop and wandered around looking for other good reads. Instead, I thought about (1) why was this written and (2) how much i hate reading plays. I did not buy it. Reading the comments here have not made me want to stroll back to get the book.
  2. It appears "they" are remaking everything. I'm waiting for the announcement of the remakes of Buffy and the Indiana Jones movies -- shouldn't that be enough for an uprising?
  3. I am glad Brandon is out, but I understood they were going to retry him. I still believe Avery did not do it.
  4. I binged it, and then binged it again. Wonderful. Although the clothes gave me pause - they were so awful, in the show and when we actually wore them. Winona's character was a bit too frantic all the time. Or maybe, as suggested, that's just Winona now. Looking forward to Season. And now back to Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.
  5. Yes, Under Heaven is my new favorite. I like Tigana, but the ending bothered me a bit. Not that everything must be tidy, but it was a little jumbled
  6. Yes, this. Indy belongs in the jungles of the 1930 and 40s, not struggling with Communists over Crystal Skulls. It was fun to see him back in the MF again.
  7. Scott is right. Under any state law, the Dallas shooter's action were not justified. He was not being menaced by Dallas officers, so it was not defense of self. And the 2 Am is not a defense to a criminal charge. Was the shooter enraged? Yes, I am sure she was. Was he wondering why he risked his life in the bloody desert shooting and being shot at in the name of the US to come home and find people being murdered by police? Undoubtedly. But this is not the way. And he would have been charged with murder - how that would wash out would be any one's guess. There has to be a way to address this - I just don't know what it is. But random shootings on the street is not healthy for anyone.
  8. Good point. It is what I would have said. It is an assault, and the police will do DNA and get a sample from the spitter.
  9. What is the market for PhDs in your field? Here in the US, the only person I know who did a doctorate in geography is now teaching at a university. It seems to make sense for psychologists to get them here in the Sates. But if you can do one for the fun of it and get a job in Israel, I would say go for it. Being a student is fun
  10. well, I guess no answer, is an answer
  11. Why bother with HR? What satisfaction are ;you going to get -- the best the spitter gets fired - or the spitter goes to counseling and apologizes. As a retired prosecutor, take your glasses and make a police report. The longer you wait, your credibility is eroded.
  12. I have two other personages on here, Obviously, I am not using them, as I cannot get into them. The password was not accepted for one and the first was always a nightmare, and kicking me off. I swear I was never banned. Is there any way to pull these altogether under one name/avatar? Thank you
  13. There is a bird with a death wish in the tree right outside our bedroom window (prepositional phrases). It woke me at 5:45 a.m. and has been trilling its joy and enthusiasm about some damn thing. The window is shut and drapes drawn, and it sounds like it is sitting on the head board above me twittering away. We live in the city and cannot discharge any kind of firearm inside the limits. And I don't know how to load and fire the shotgun. If I could remove these small obstacles, the bird would be blown away - with quite a bit of foliage. My gripe is quite trivial compared to missed interviews, burglaries, IELTS questions (that is a terribly boring question, by the way), undiagnosable diseases (on House, the first diagnosis always seems to lupus, you don't want that), mosquito bites (they don't bother with me, I must taste bad) and incorrectly installed appliances. Now at 11:17 it has decided to take a nap. Me, too.
  14. Yes, read the book a long, long time ago. I have sung parts of the musical in a choir. I saw the movie, which was a bit wretched in some places. Much as I love him, Russell Crowe is not a singer. TPB has eaten pickled pigs feet.
  15. When we first married, we lived on one salary and banked the other. In no time. we had $10,000, I never thought an emergency would cost us as much as it did. You absolutely have to start saving when you are young, Now I collect all the change I find and put it in a small coffee can. When it if full, I know I have between 83 and 100 dollars. That goes into the new emergency fund.