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  1. sagewich

    Stranger Things (Netflix) [Spoiler Thread]

    I binged it, and then binged it again. Wonderful. Although the clothes gave me pause - they were so awful, in the show and when we actually wore them. Winona's character was a bit too frantic all the time. Or maybe, as suggested, that's just Winona now. Looking forward to Season. And now back to Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.
  2. sagewich

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Yes, Under Heaven is my new favorite. I like Tigana, but the ending bothered me a bit. Not that everything must be tidy, but it was a little jumbled
  3. What is the market for PhDs in your field? Here in the US, the only person I know who did a doctorate in geography is now teaching at a university. It seems to make sense for psychologists to get them here in the Sates. But if you can do one for the fun of it and get a job in Israel, I would say go for it. Being a student is fun
  4. sagewich

    Atwood's 'The Handmaid’s Tale' on Hulu

    Not one to poke your eye out. When I read the last line, I was enviously thinking "I wish I had written that"
  5. sagewich

    Atwood's 'The Handmaid’s Tale' on Hulu

    What? With that great last line? "Any questions?" I must agree that I don't care for her much. But the Handmaid's Tale is her best, I think
  6. sagewich

    Peaky Blinders Season 3 - Spoilers

    well, good. Glad Nextflix is picking it up. The Brits have all the best shows. I cannot say that I enjoy Peaky Blinders, but I like the gritty feel of it. I also like Ripper Street (is that the name?), but it got all maudlin with the ridiculous ending. Iskaral Pust :: it is a lot like the Grandfather in certain respects. But the settings and costumes make me forget that
  7. sagewich

    So who would you bend the knee to?

    Beric, if I wanted to live. They get quite a bit done. But as one can only bend the knee to a king -- Robb Stark
  8. sagewich

    How do i find or read sample chapters?

    I agree. I printed off one of the Tyrion chapters from ADwD. Practically memorized it ("Where do the whores go?"). By the time the book came out, I could barely make myself read it one more time. I read the same bit. Martin says he will not read or release any new TWoW chapters.
  9. sagewich

    Errors in the WOIAF

    That is a lot of mistakes I understand the pictures are nice...
  10. I do not quite understand how this thread works, but I am enjoying it. Thank you for all the work.
  11. sagewich

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I started reading the series when the first book came out. This board did not exist at the time. I read GoT straight through, and then went back and read each POV's character one as if it were a book. When the second book came out, I started getting characters mixed up. I made index cards for each character, reading Clash the same way I read GoT. That grew as each book came out. I have two 18' 3x5 card index boxes filled with notes on characters. prophecies, and dreams, etc. I have cross-referenced them. Yes, I am old school. Then this Board came to my attention, and I added things. I might point out that there are short stories and a book out there that give you little hints as to the story line as well. I have purchased and watched two seasons of the HBO show. I had read LotR many, many times before the movies came out. I do not want anything from the HBO show to shade what I have read. I understand Martin has told the HBO folks how the book series will end. I don't want the television series giving me "hints" or telling me things that may or may not happen in the books. Like I said, I am old school. Have fun reading them.