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  1. maybe one of those women was LF sister and it turns out he was the hero all along and Ned was the bully who stole Cat. "after all this years?" "Always" tears roll. I'm pretty sure they do but maybe Cersei blows the Citadel up too And after how they showed us how worried they are about keeping up with the kingdom, the might not even need to know who is GM, they are just bureaucrats anyway. I don't know, I think there has to be a reason Pycell was killed and Qyburn crowned Cersei.
  2. damn I wished I'd done the same. I just couldn't wait a year to know how the story continued and at the end I still had to wait far more than that, and maybe will never know, I lose faith of the series ever ending with each passing day. That's my biggest issue with the show, that it might be the only resolution we will get to the story.
  3. haha well I rather not give the show any more power to disappoint me. That's a smart choice, wished I had more self control and hand't gone on a reading rampage after I marathoned the first 2 seasons. Though I'm curious, if I may ask, what are your reasons?
  4. Yes I fully agree, sorry if I misunderstood. Basically GoT is a huge production of a very cheap soap right now, but because of all the money behind it, it still feels "pro" (visually) in comparison to other tv shows, people are seeing a pig dressed in fancy clothes and praising it like fools, unwilling to admit it's just a highly produced pig. I guess it's better than being a "bitter hater" or "uncool" or a book purist getting all those likes and shares and high fives in social media is more important.
  5. I tried, and I wish I could but it's stronger than me, if it had been this way from the start it would be another story, but I can't take it seriously knowing what it once was and what it now is. while having read the books does help to ruin it, it's not really the reason for it, when you get high expectations is hard not to feel disappointed.
  6. I think it's part of the backwards empowerment message they are showing. she hanged the girly dresses and she put on some man's clothes to go with her short hair.
  7. There's a lot of truth to that, having said that, I enjoy no brainers and I don't think there's anything wrong with people enjoying it either. The problem to me is that people give GoT too much credit as something other than a no brainer, it started out as something that was more than that, and it got praised by that, it was what drew everyone in including me who had no idea about the books until I saw the first 2 seasons. But after it started to decline in quality people just refused to admit it, they accepted the transition between political intrigue realistic show to hollywood explosions and sex and shock and deaths and "badass" characters with no complaint. I would be fine with that if at least people were honest and admitted what the show is now and didn't pretend they are still watching quality tv.
  8. shhh you're not allowed to point that out.
  9. hmm wouldn't all of them be GM then? how can they know who delivered the finishing stab?
  10. This. I wouldn't be surprised if Jon doesn't find out about his parentage until he's riding one of the big lizards.
  11. Am I the only one that thinks the killing of Pycelle was to make Qyburn the Grand Maester now? I know technically it's an atrocity to think this could ever happen, but it's the show so I wouldn't put it past them.
  12. I think the explanation to his torment is possibly the theory that Lyanna didn't really elope for love, at least not only but for she believed Rhaegar's prophecies and wants Jon to be seen as the prince he is. She probably wanted Ned to support this at some point in time, which would mean Robert would become his enemy. I think Ned didn't buy the whole prophecy thing and knew it would bring a war to a kingdom that had just gotten out of one and chose to remain Jon's identity a secret, which haunts him for he broke his promise to Lyanna, lied to Cat and denied Jon the truth about his parents and his birthright.
  13. I bet Arya will lead the BwB now, if she does and yet doesn't run into or even mentions Nymeria, then fuck everything.
  14. haha, that would have been in tone with the show, no doubt. When Tyrion went "I believe in you" I felt a weird vibe too, I expected Dany to go "oh yay I have my new frienzoned right hand" It's like the Stark in Winterfell rule, there must always be at least ONE. I seriously can't tell if these vibes are deliberate or a result of bad chemistry between actors or just awkward writing translating into disturbing sexual tension
  15. So I guess it will be Cersei Tyrion/Dany/Olena/Sandsnakes shodown now, with all of them taking a stab at her maybe and then Dany deadpanning smugly at her. Jaime will probably redeem himself dying to save Tyrion or some other brand of cheese like that. Dany will then fly north to make those rebels bend the knee, and finds out the walls was brought down (By Bran crossing to warn everyone about the WW and enabling the WW to become a real threat) and about the Others. She Jon and whoever ride the dragons and defeat the others, all 3 of them are Azor Ahai, and the prince that was promised. Dragons and Others and Ghost die. Jon and Dany marry each other seemingly for political reasons but it's actually for love (ewww) and she finds out she can have kids. They either rule together or they walk into the sunset as they establish a democracy in Westeros,