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  1. Some very good points and possibilities have been raised. I too find it puzzling as to why Tywin was sleeping with Shae. I had some thoughts while reading: It is interesting that Tywin made a terrible show of Tyrion's "first whore" but slept with Shae in secret. I wondered if it was possible that Tywin slept with Tysha as well... However, a very noteworthy difference between these scenarios is that Tyrion married one girl but not the other, which would greatly impact Tywin's reaction to these situations. Let's also remember that he made a public mockery of his father's conspicuous mistress. I also found the detail of Shae wearing the chain of office interesting. Did she put it on herself? Did Tywin have her do it? In another thread of the same topic, someone suggested he may have had her wear it to pretend she was Joanna, Tywin's "Hand."
  2. I've had a stomach disease for about a year now -- it seems to be abating and is mostly what I would call mild now. I feel strange today, mostly when I move around. For some reason I feel just little bit light-headed and almost nauseous. I bought this pizza I've never had from the store yesterday -- there may be something in it my body doesn't like, probably for lack of eating it. I was also unusually hungry when I got up, so blood sugar probably has something to do with this too.
  3. maudisdittir: Yeah, the fact that the GRRM bothered to point out that she has brown hair could be hint from him (he could have omitted her hair coloring)... but for me, it's also not just that she was noted as a brunette, but also a slender one. I think Jon, Lyanna, and Arya have all been noted as lean (the latter two at least) and I think I've read somewhere in the books that slenderness tends to be a trait of the Starks. kissedbyfire: Oh yeah, derp, I forgot about Hodor in the "the kissing girl is/related to Old Nan" theories.
  4. Joffrey seems dull, in an intellectually-lacking sort of way. His thought process often seems to go as this simplistic "I want to do X, so I'm going to do X" for instance, and that's it, with little to no thought about how his actions could impact his Kingly career, whether it's right or wrong, or musing as to his own motivations and what they could say about him, etc. I not referring to social apathy as much as him striking me as lacking general intellectual depth.
  5. I've forgotten a lot of what was in the OP at this point, but: I agree with a lot of what's been said already. I do think GRRM has some kind of plan for Sansa and Sandor in the future. I don't think he's been developing their relationship after they've parted ways for no reason (in reference to their frequent thoughts/chatterings about one another post-Blackwater). Some other random thoughts: I disagree with the rape theory. Sandor was protective of Sansa: intercepted her when she was going to push Joffrey, and also blocked her off from Joffrey at that time; said "Enough" while she was beaten; lied with her to Joffrey when she was trying to save Dontos; saved from being raped and/or killed by the mob; didn't beat her when commanded; stopped her from falling off a roof; and even told her not to run on the stairs. All of these things indicate that he didn't like her to be hurt. Why would he have come to her room to cruelly rape her when he tried to protect her so many times? I think his confession to Arya that he should have raped and killed Sansa really meant "leaving her for that dwarf was so awful that raping and murdering her would have been a kinder fate." He hates Tyrion and has been with the Lannisters for half his life -- I think he knew they were going to try a force her to get pregnant. After he heard that Sansa and Tyrion were married, he took a seat (from being shocked and upset?), and said Cersei should burn Tyrion. I also think the UnKiss is probably a fantasy as Sandor's "UnSong" about Sansa singing out of gratitude is a fantasy lie. GRRM likes parallels, for one thing. I think there's also a spot where Kevan said a dog "takes after his master" in direct reference to Sandor, who I think truly sided with Sansa in the end. This all may reflect that they are both daydreaming. But mostly, this analysis here is why I think it's a fantasy:
  6. From Bran's Weirwood visions: "Then there came a brown-haired girl, slender as a spear who stood on the tips of her toes to kiss the lips of a young knight as tall as Hodor." Since the next Dunk and Egg novella involves the pair heading to Winterfell and the She-Wolves, whose family tends to be skinny and brown-haired, I've thought this is probably Dunk kissing a Stark lady. A lot of people say it's Old Nan. I guess my question is: does anyone else think it's a Stark? Am I missing something? The popular opinion is that it's Old Nan. The chick's description is very Stark-y to me :P. Also, does anyone know why the thread for random ASOIAF thread was closed? I once asked a mod, but never received a response.
  7. This is an add on Craigslist: I have a studio im sharing for 220 a month or 20 bucks a day for temporary peeps. There's only one condition it's that I'm afraid of really tall people and heavy set people because im super small in height and weight and have a super sensitive nose to the natural heavy-set people odor. I'm lookin for healthy-fit, positive attitude, responsible, clean people, non-alcoholics, non smoker and no drugs. There's 2 beds, a masters bed and a junior bed. Who ever keeps apt clean every second daily gets the master bed with the huge larger side of the apt. Everything is furnished (There's a dining table, tv with tv table, a coffee table, a sofa and the 2 beds , a big closet that's 3/4 empty and a lot of unused kitchen cabinents. I don't use the tables because i have no use for them so the tables are at your will. you can rearrange everything to your liking. No pets allowed, there's laundry machines, and parking on street. Im located in saint paul. Anyone under 5ft 7 is fine. Age 21 -29. Girl or guy it doesn't make a big deal but mostly prefer girls because of the no odor. Sorry im a super small person and have a sensitive nose.
  8. Anyone else ever wonder about the Lannister eye colors? I think lions have golden/brown eyes... And cats often have green. Tywin interestingly has gold flecks in his eyes, but the rest of the Lannisters are only noted as having green eyes, except for heterochromic Tyrion with his black eye. I guess Tywin is the only true "lion" and maybe Tyrion's heterochromia symbolizes that he doesn't really belong/fit in with the Lannisters. Then, I wonder what the "true lion" concept is supposed to entail exactly? (And of course, that is assuming it's legitimate)
  9. Thanks, Kaniggit! Good luck with your own next move (: ---------------- Yippee, I've been productive today. I felt bad not applying to jobs yesterday, but I guess I needed a day to myself. I feel much more gung-ho today.
  10. ^ sorry about your keys! One time after I got locked out of my car, I bought a magnetic key holder to stick a spare under the car, and also made an additional spare to keep in the house. One is probably enough though. Regardless, I highly recommend spare keys! ---------- Finally got all of my stuff in my room. I was afraid it wasn't going to find in this tiny space, but it has. There's a lot of crap I won't need now, or just don't need for other reasons, that will remain packed up -- I'm probably moving again in a few months. So my bedroom is going to look like a warehouse with a bed, but it's been worse!
  11. Sad! My roommate just moved out and took the cat with her -- he was hers but we bonded. She offered to let me adopt him, but unfortunately I already signed up to move into a no-pet apartment before I decided I wanted him. I'll only be there through the summer, however the cat may not be around by then. She got him as an emotional support animal and you can only have one of those (to my awareness)... she may take her friend's cat if it comes to that, and then give the current cat away. So, I'm hoping it doesn't come to that.
  12. My condolences to Rhaenys -- that sucks! I hope you don't need to stay there 5 days.
  13. I was reading about Elizabeth I and Thomas Seymour when I noticed there are striking similarities between the historical figures and Sansa and Petyr Baelish. Someone made a good thread about it here: Additionally, I've read from numerous other sources (while I'm not sure accurate they are, or of the thread starter's own historical information) that Seymour was cunning, scheming, a social climber, and narcissistic... While the 14-year-old Elizabeth was living with him and her step-mother (Catherine Parr), he gave her inappropriate attention, some of which included shredding up her gown, and coming into her bedroom in the mornings to "romp around." I think he tried to marry her. Edward VI (Elizabeth I's brother, and king after Henry VIII) also reminds me of Sweetrobin. At least in the past, it seems there was a common misconception that he was a sickly person, plus he was The Heir. He died young of illness.
  14. I had a dream that my roommate's cat, who I've bonded with, died. Two hours after waking, I watched an old news report about a vet who shot someone's missing cat with an arrow, killing it. She then showed a picture of herself holding up the dead cat on facebook, bragging about the kill. I actually cried watching the report, because I felt I was more easily able to imagine "what if that was my pet?" after the dream. What a horrible way to find your missing pet.
  15. Congratulations on graduating though! I went to my high school graduation. The experience felt special and I enjoyed it. Something about graduation ceremony for my BA made me feel indignant and irritated to be honest. I still don't know what it was. I didn't go and haven't regretted it for the most part, that exception being that my grandmother would have enjoyed it (although she seemed fine with me skipping it). I will be going to my MA graduation ceremony, for my classmates and family. I don't feel mysteriously indignant at least -- I think this is because I had a better experience with this university in general and they gave me two graduate assistantships which helped pay my bills and much of my tuition. Anyway, I would regret skipping this graduation. I think my dad probably really wants to see it, and it seems like it could be a special experience with my cohort.