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  1. Sad! My roommate just moved out and took the cat with her -- he was hers but we bonded. She offered to let me adopt him, but unfortunately I already signed up to move into a no-pet apartment before I decided I wanted him. I'll only be there through the summer, however the cat may not be around by then. She got him as an emotional support animal and you can only have one of those (to my awareness)... she may take her friend's cat if it comes to that, and then give the current cat away. So, I'm hoping it doesn't come to that.
  2. My condolences to Rhaenys -- that sucks! I hope you don't need to stay there 5 days.
  3. I was reading about Elizabeth I and Thomas Seymour when I noticed there are striking similarities between the historical figures and Sansa and Petyr Baelish. Someone made a good thread about it here: Additionally, I've read from numerous other sources (while I'm not sure accurate they are, or of the thread starter's own historical information) that Seymour was cunning, scheming, a social climber, and narcissistic... While the 14-year-old Elizabeth was living with him and her step-mother (Catherine Parr), he gave her inappropriate attention, some of which included shredding up her gown, and coming into her bedroom in the mornings to "romp around." I think he tried to marry her. Edward VI (Elizabeth I's brother, and king after Henry VIII) also reminds me of Sweetrobin. At least in the past, it seems there was a common misconception that he was a sickly person, plus he was The Heir. He died young of illness.
  4. I had a dream that my roommate's cat, who I've bonded with, died. Two hours after waking, I watched an old news report about a vet who shot someone's missing cat with an arrow, killing it. She then showed a picture of herself holding up the dead cat on facebook, bragging about the kill. I actually cried watching the report, because I felt I was more easily able to imagine "what if that was my pet?" after the dream. What a horrible way to find your missing pet.
  5. Congratulations on graduating though! I went to my high school graduation. The experience felt special and I enjoyed it. Something about graduation ceremony for my BA made me feel indignant and irritated to be honest. I still don't know what it was. I didn't go and haven't regretted it for the most part, that exception being that my grandmother would have enjoyed it (although she seemed fine with me skipping it). I will be going to my MA graduation ceremony, for my classmates and family. I don't feel mysteriously indignant at least -- I think this is because I had a better experience with this university in general and they gave me two graduate assistantships which helped pay my bills and much of my tuition. Anyway, I would regret skipping this graduation. I think my dad probably really wants to see it, and it seems like it could be a special experience with my cohort.
  6. Buckwheat (in regards to your comment about my internet use): Unfortunately ! I don't know if normally this quiet even on the weekends, but my university and many others I think are on Spring break right now. Here, I would say the daily highs are usually between the upper 70's F or in the 80's F (uhh, like upper 20's and lower 30's in Celsius?) during the summer. Yeah, I'm not surprised you all are dreading the summer lol. They aren't very pleasant all the time when you are too warm or hot most of the day. We too only used our wall unit AC on those particularly hot days. It helps, but ours at least doesn't seem to be very efficient. It takes the cool air many hours to circulate through our small apartment.
  7. Indeed, Buckwheat! There are probably other "internet world" people I know around here too. Speaking of the seasons... I grew up in the southeastern US, where the hot weather isn't really a bother unless you're working outside -- our homes all have central AC and we run them pretty much all year. When I moved to Minnesota, I was worried about my apartment not having central AC. The summers are brutal without it, even up here!
  8. I was great that day ;). How were you? ---------------- So, earlier I posted about someone who had the distinctive first name of someone I know in their username. Now, I just saw a poster with the same distinctive username of someone at a forum I frequented between 2008-2011 maybe, but still pop into. She also appeared at a forum I went to briefly once. Anyway, this Westeros user's profile contained a link to a blog of hers -- the name of this blogger matched this person of the past, and so did her selfies. This person and I have now been posting in the same places for almost a decade, heh.
  9. A belated thanks to those who welcomed me several days ago!
  10. There's someone here whose screen name has the same first name of my old cohort member. It's a distinctive, rare first name -- he was the only person I have ever met that had it. I thought the person sounds like him too, but I didn't know him that well and I have no idea if he was interested in ASOIAF. If it's him, it doesn't bother me. I would think it's kind of cool, actually. All the same, I like my anonymity on the internet, so I don't plan bringing this up to the member.
  11. I only just got started on Feast, but so far... Bran and Dany, because their chapters bore me. I didn't like Davos' initial chapters for the same reason -- they have become interesting since Storm of Swords, though. Catelyn's chapters also didn't interest me much. I haven't "hated" anyone's POV for finding them obnoxious or reproachable, just for being uninteresting. I sighed before reading the above characters' chapters, hehe.
  12. It's very nice out! Not pretty because the grass is yellow and brown, the trees are leafless, the snow clumps are dirty and melting, and it's overcast, but it feels good -- 50F. I also received an interview invitation call for a totally relevant-to-my-major-internship yesterday. A girl in my cohort did it last summer, and she spent an hour on the phone with me talking about it today. She actually remembered the questions she was asked on the first round interview, so I heard those and how she answered it. I think I can do the interview well, even if I don't have the same questions.
  13. Qhorin Halfhand letting Jon slay him.
  14. The guys fighting in the Black Water battle, or any battle. Especially those on the field. During BWB, you could definitely tell they were terrified. I can't imagine being stuck on a field surrounded by people who are trying to kill me. I also thought Sansa was very brave with Joffrey. She'd stick her neck out for anyone to protect them from him, even if it could cost her a beating.
  15. Work has been awesome -- I didn't have a single client for a whole two days so I was able to get a lot of homework done (while getting paid, to boot). I hope the lull continues, te-he~~~~~! I think my stomach is truly recovering from its ailment. I was concerned since it seems most people recover in 2-3 weeks on the meds I was given and I'm still unwell at week 4. I've had some food lust for the first time in months, and I feel like I'm able to eat more every week.