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  1. Have to disagree here. Quentyn is merely a plot device for Dorne and Dany's storyline to fold and Arianne is more connected to fAegon's plot which like Good Garlan explained, the plot is convoluted to be in the show. I agreed that they would make Dorne more interesting, but in terms of how they are too relate to fAegon's storyline, it's best that they do not appear on the show. Heck if anything, the show might as well mess up Arianne by making her the "bad pussy" considering her nature.
  2. Content from book 6 already portrayed on show?

    Despite whether the viewers like it or not, D&D stressed many times that the show will end similarly like the book. It won't be the same exactly given the omit of many characters and storylines from the book like fAegon, but the tone and theme will be the same. And if anyone gonna argue D&D might change their plan for the ending, why would they do that after so many years of collaborating with GRMM about the future for GoT now that the show is successful. As for huge spoilers on the show, some things may or may not be the same in the book. Like the Hold the Door reveal and Bran becoming the Three Eyed Crow sounds believable. But for Shireen's death, we really don't how that's gonna play out since in the book, many fans argue that Shireen resided at the Wall and Stannis is far distance from the Wall, so Stannis wouldn't directly sacrifice Shireen. Also, some plot may not be a thing in the book due to either trying to explain for the show's storylines or merge plots and characters from the book. In particular is the WW's origin, noticed that D&D didn't say that this will be the same in the book unlike Shireen's and Hodor's death? They probably invented this in order to give show watchers the explanation of where the WW come from, something that the book may not do the same thing as GoT have less magic compared to its book counterpart. And with Cersei becoming queen of Westeros, I doubt the book will go that way due to the complexity with Cersei's situation in the book. However, given that the show removed fAegon, I believe they are trying to merge fAegon's with Cersei's storyline. As again, the show's path will be different from the book, but the destination will be the same. Some spoilers will be a thing in Winds and Spring.
  3. I don't want the big hardcover

    GRMM said that Winds and Springs will be approx. be around 1500 pages. Of course not exactly, but that is what he expecting how long his books will be.
  4. I don't want the big hardcover

    Not to mention, it's expensive. With Winds gonna be roughly 1500 pages long, could you imagine what the price will be?
  5. I think an original spin-off would be much better instead of adapting a source material that is either the audience already know or it's insufficient to put on television (coughD&Ecough). Kinda like doing what the Star Wars franchise has been doing.
  6. Snippets from season 7

    I figure the crew have to wait later in order to film winter in season 7, especially considering the wright expedition involvement.
  7. Changing Theon's ethnicity was stupid

    So having dark skin automatically makes you Middle Eastern huh?
  8. Will Daenerys become greatest ruler of all time?

    Killing all those scums unintentionally resulted chaos across Essos with the economy however.
  9. Will Daenerys become greatest ruler of all time?

    I can agreed with some of the other people said about Dany. Her decisions and actions regarding Mereen shows she's not a good ruler. A good conquer, but a bad ruler. As for the future, i think she won't become a good ruler as with the prophecies of treasons that is making her more paranoid and ready to accept her identity as a Targaryen, she will only spread more chaos than harmony.
  10. Opinions on Theon

    Theon is absolutely one of my favorite characters and probably top the best. I love that his arc is very different from most of the other characters. Unlike the typical likable heroes that often panders to the demographic's best interest such as Jon, Arya, and Dany, Theon is an anti-hero to the core. Theon was an absolute dick as he doesn't possess any likable traits. He's arrogant, treats women like crap, betrayed the Starks, and kills the two boys. But GRMM did a great job at exploring Theon's mindset in Clash. He is a asshole who's suffering an identity crisis. He made actions based on his struggle to fit in which side he truly thinks he belongs. It then cost him to become friendless and lonely with all the decisions he made. And by Dance, Theon has become a tragic character. Regardless of which side Theon turned to, he will earn no love from his other family and at the end, Theon lost both his identity and been demoted to a insignificant person known as Reek who isn't warrant to be remember. Although Theon may be an asshole, but GRMM shows that he's lesser in comparison to the likes of Ramsay and Euron. Theon does have some sense of morality despite in a persona as Reek. He was willing to help Jeyne escape even though he knew she's a woman and a commoner. He also told Jeyne not to reveal herself for her safety, showing that cares for her. Theon redeemed himself and managed to break his identity as Reek. He's neither a Stark nor a Greyjoy - just Theon Greyjoy. Although Theon is my favorite character, i can agreed with some of the people that Theon still hasn't atone entirely for what he did. He killed the two boys and Theon didn't acknowledge that hideous act even after he became Reek. He only stated that they are just "boys" and nothing relevant. They say that going through a trauma doesn't automatically makes you sympathetic or a better person and this would be the case. But Theon atoned with other areas. Theon may be asshole, but he i like him cause he's a flaw character. Being the most heavily flaw POV character is what distinguish him from other main characters and it's only about a boy suffering from an identity crisis.
  11. will dany betary Yara for Euron?

    Like many people reasoned, no. And i felt this will also apply for the book as well. Chances of siding with Euron is slim.
  12. I think Joffrey would be closer to the likes of Caligula, just minus the sexual appetite (though whether Joffrey is into sexual activities is unknown).
  13. Davos vs Littlefinger - Season 7

    While Sansa is the only Stark that isn't involve with magic and such, she is certainly got into politics and learned her ways from the game. It's a 50/50 for Sansa: either she will die or live. And if the latter is happening, i think of few possibilities: 1) she will get prison due to lying about Lysa's death. She may get prison for the rest of the seasons until the ending of the show. 2) she will help out the women at Winterfell. It's mainly due to the scene where Sansa is with the KL noble ladies and Cersei would help Sansa play out her queen role. 3) Jon will send Sansa along with the other women to Vale in order to ensure their safety from the upcoming White Walkers.
  14. Aside from Littlefinger and Sansa, keep in mind we have northern houses that some may not approve Jon of KitN. We have yet to see Harald Karstark (they didn't show what happen to him), the rest of the Umber members like Mors, Hother, Smalljon's siblings, the Glovers, and some other houses.