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  1. Did you mean who? Cuz he said it was the CotF and that they stopped the WW's magic from taking hold complely, so he was not resurrected.
  2. I get your point. I was thinking of Ned listening to complaints in general, not possibly treasonous statements. I don't know why because that scenario is clearly not what we're talking about. Maybe I need to go to bed? LOL You are absolutely correct in your assessment. Ned would quickly lay down the law, and anyone who persisted would surely find himself in a cell. Arya expected Sansa to do the same.
  3. Oh, I agree there has to be some conflict between Arya and Sansa. For one it would be boring if there wasn't, but more importantly it would not be in character for them to just be so happy to see each other that they have totally forgotten what they dislike about each other. Arya and Jon were each other's favorites, while the sisters strongly disliked each other, so yeah it totally makes sense that Arya would take offense when she thought Sansa didn't defend Jon strongly enough. I did understand that you believe handled the situation with the lords appropriately. Sorry if I made it sound otherwise. I don't think I can totally agree with you about how Ned would have handled disagreement from his liege lords. I think he would hear them out unless they were just downright insubordinate, in which case he would not hesitate to call them out and remind them of their place. I really don't recall seeing evidence that Ned was quick to cut off heads, except in cases where the law clearly demanded it, such as a NW deserter.
  4. I can't see them being much in the mood for conversation, but I think some of it would go like this Tormund to Jon: So, what has the big woman said about me? Beric to Clegane: I hear this Danaerys has fire breathing dragons. How would you like to meet one of them? Clegane to Beric: Shut the F up Jon to Jorah: Some talk about what a great man Commander Mormont was met with sullen silence from Jorah because his father considered him a disgrace. Jorah to Jon: How did you come by family's sword? (but he won't demand it because he was basically disinherited) Gendry to Jon: Tell me some of the stories about our fathers Gendry to Beric and Thoros: Maybe we'll just kill you instead of hunting down a wight. Clegane to Jon: How are the little bird and the spit fire? Oh, and just a minor point, Jon doesn't need to pardon Jorah beause Robert already did.
  5. I didn't get any impression of her getting aroused, although she is definitely too quick to use her dragons to barbeque people. Huge tactical mistake if she wants to distance herself from her maniacal father. When she landed Drogon on the cliff, I wondered if she was taking a big chance. But I guess we are supposed to understand that Drogon won't torch anyone without her command when she is riding him. Her expression looked to me like cautious curiosity.
  6. I think it would be impossible not to think of the implications if Jon doesn't come back. There is always that risk. But I'm not convinced she actually doesn't want him to. Arya and Sansa are both concerned with WF's (and the north's) best interest, in their own ways. Sansa is more politically savvy than Arya, and knows that losing the lords' support would be disasterous. I don't think it was fair of Arya to accuse Sansa of wanting to maintain their support for her gain, not the North's though.
  7. Jon and Baeric were resurrected. They can still think for themselves, feel emotion, have the same physical needs of other humans (I think). Wights are nothing more than reanimated corpses. My problem with continuity in the show is that in season 1 that dead ranger reanimated within Castle Black grounds, but Benjen can't go into CB when the process wasn't even completed in him? how can that be?
  8. You're probably right. I was just mentioning it as a possibility. But I do think there is some degree of affection between them just due to the fact that half of their family has been killed and they're both happy to have some family left.
  9. that would have worked too bad a lot of the fans can't help write the show!
  10. Oh, I know she was annoyed at Sansa because she thought Sansa could have defended Jon better. No doubt about that. I thought it was a good scene to illustrate that they still see each other largely as they did as children. We know Sansa grew up having this fairy tale idea of life, and I always interpreted her enjoying nice things was just a part of that. She had every reason to believe that she would be the lady of a great house some day. Maybe this fed a desire to be better than everyone, I just didn't get that from the show (and I haven't read the books since before season 5), although you are correct about empathy for commoners not being a particularly strong trait in Sansa.
  11. You do have a very good point. How many times was in referenced in the show? The only time I remember was shortly after Sansa arrived at the Wall and asked Jon to forgive her. It's been a couple years since I read the books, so I forgot that. Now that I think about it, Sansa finding out that they are actually cousins could actually erase any remaining disdain she might feel toward Jon because of his bastard status. You have convinced me!
  12. Oh, you're one of those still holding out for Bronn to rescue Tyene. Well, he is back in KL now. Question is, was Tyene really poisened? If so, it's much too late for her. And I hope so because even though I liked her and Bronn, she was in on the plot to poison marcella and hence deserves to die.
  13. Yeah, I can see that logic. Arya is emotionally very damaged (what Stark child sibling isn't?), and she never intended to truly become no one. She just had to convince Jaqen that she did, although clearly he wasn't. Her goal was always to learn how to kill so she could take revenge. I believe Arya's comment about Sansa always liking nice things "because it made her feel better than everyone else" was an attempt to bait her. Old Sansa would have taken the bait and gotten all defensive. Knowing what Arya was always like, do you think Sansa was really all that surprised? Aside from the fact of the level of her fighting skill of course.
  14. I cried at this episode for the first time in the whole series, when Dany and Jorah were reunited. I thought that was extremely emotional. Emilia Clarke is much better at displaying tenderness than being a bad ass, IMHO. I so wish she would fall in love with him, but no way is that happening. What I liked - A lot of great quips in this one, as noted in another thread; Davos finding Gendry; fermented shrimp LOL!; Tyrion pouring out his heart to Jaime - a lifetime of pain conveyed in just a couple of sentences; Jon reminding Dany he is a king; Sam barely able to contain his frustration with the Maesters and then his outburst to Gilly about 17K+ shits and her calm response, hilarious!; Jon petting Drogon!; Sansa demonstrating her grasp of leadership and politics contrasted to Arya's solution of cutting off heads; LF's ploy to drive a wedge between the sisters'; Clegane telling Baeric to shut the F up; Tormund LOL as aways!; Varys' recollection of how he reconciled himself to the actions of the Mad King and both Tyrion and Varys' apparent realization that Dany is heading down the wrong path; Bronn telling Jaime he's on his own with the dragons - so typical Bronn. What I didn't like - capturing a wight - OMG! STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, esp w/out the help of a dragon; roasting the Tarlys; Randyll's character in general; Jaime swam all the across the river in armor - seriously?; Jaime's lack of sympathy for Tyrion and failure to tell him he knows Tyrion didn't kill Joffrey; Tyrion thinking Cersei can be reasoned with, even through Jaime; Dany allowing Jorah to leave - is she not aware she needs a proper military commander?; and did I mention capturing a wight - STUPID!!!! Overall I am really loving this season too. I don't have a system for rating episodes like some people do, except maybe how fast the episodes go by (what? No way that was an hour!) I don't think I rated any of them below an 8, and this week a 9. I have really enjoyed all the reunions and the development of new relationships. For every really stupid thing that has happened there have been 2 really awesome things. And don't get me wrong, I love a good battle, but I don't want the show to be one battle after another. I would have been very put out if the battles in E03 had been shown in any great depth. I enjoy the character and plot development much better (probably why I love reading), and unfortunately in some people's opinions, that requires more dialogue. Speaking of developing relationships, does anyone else think Davos took more than a casual, friendly interest in Missandei?
  15. The fact that Lyanna's name is not mentioned in that scene would make it considerably more difficult for show only people who haven't kept up with all the theories floating around out there. One of my friends is like that. She can't even remember everyone's names, after 6 seasons! None of my friends are into as much as I am, but it is a family affair in my house. My husband, 2 sons and daughter-in-law and I all get together and watch it, starting with previous week episode. I cook dinner and even make dessert to enjoy while we watch! And then discuss after. No addicts here, nuh uh.