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  1. We can't be sure they weren't on to him sooner - that's been a much debated topic. Bran obviously filled in the blanks. Why he didn't do it sooner (besides providing suspense) is hard to say logically. Maybe was hoping to wait until Jon was there so Sansa could be spared having to deal with it. Or being the 3ER he somehow knew the best time to reveal his information.
  2. He has a right to know who his parents are. Plus, he is keeping the promise Ned made to Jon for him. He hasn't even seen Jon yet! That's not the kind of news you give someone by raven. The truth is often painful. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be told.
  3. I knew they aged up the children. I didn't know they aged up the adults too.
  4. This is great. Esp the part about the snow covering Jaime's footsteps. That interpretation never occurred to me.
  5. Well, no I haven't. I've only seen them hanging from the roof outside. I also have never had a bunch of them fly in my face like my son has. I estimated her age based on getting married in her late teens, having Joffrey a couple years later, and he was about 17 when he died a few years ago, I think. She definitely looks mid 40s, and if she is, that really makes her pregnancy high risk. No kidding, that would be great!
  6. I have no doubt that was why, and to get Dany up there and see for her own eyes. Yeah, Martin laid down the plot for them, but who knows in what detail? It seems to me in the books there were reasons that they thought the magic in the wall was weakening. Does anyone recall? Also, just the fact that the WWs have reappeared after thousands of years absence would be reason enough to worry. At the beginning of season 7, during the opening view of the map, my husband pointed out what he thought looked like the water on either side of the wall turning to ice, a little more each of the first few episodes, so we thought they would just go around. At any rate, unless something is so obviously stupid, I have learned to reserve judgement because in this show, things that don't make sense at first usually do later.
  7. You take notes? Can't wait to tell my hubby that. He thinks I need an intervention!
  8. The Northern lords may see it as wrong. I expect that will be something he will have to deal with when he returns to WF.
  9. I think the fact that the dragons are cool and intimidating at the same time is what makes them so awe inspiring. But bats are cute. I want to, I want to, damn it, I can't!! OR, damn, he's offering himself, he just took all the fun out of it. Now that you mention it, you're right! Regression, or really driving home the depth of his struggle. I think Cersei will miscarry (she's in her late 30's and the witch did say she'd only have 3 children), or Jaime will learn without a doubt it's not his, and that will free him. I can't see him actually fighting against her if he thinks his child could be harmed. I thought it was a very nice touch. A lot of people predicted one of the Starks would die this season because of Sansa's voice over during the season trailer about the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. But it was referring to Ned. And they are definitely sticking together now. I thought that was very well done. Even Cersei gave a nod to Ned in saying that she could trust a son of his to keep his word. I prefer good dialogue as well, But it was something to watch indeed. But....if the wall was built from ice and magic, how could it be brought down by just dragon fire? Because dragons are magical too?
  10. What you said about setting into motion events he couldn't control, and then "fixing" them is what I meant about him redirecting his schemes. But it always catches up in the end. You have some memory to recall all those specific events! yay me! ha ha
  11. Defend the Starks. I have no doubt. He may be half Targ, but he was raised a Stark. Plus he would consider that a tremendous betrayal.
  12. Did you miss the whole part where Cersei said she would believe Jon's word because he is Ned Stark's son, and then he refused to lie, or even try to tiptoe around the truth? Then afterward his speech about what happens when people stop telling the truth - just better and better lies. He was Stark through and through. And remember the Starks were Starks long before Ned's six children adopted dire wolves as pets. Not saying I don't love the wolves, cuz I do, as you can see from my avatar. Just keeping things in perspective. And so far all he has done is touch a dragon. He hasn't adopted one. Jon will always be a Stark, but he will be Targaryen as well. Aren't you part of both your mother and father? He's been with Dany most of the season because he needed to be. He needed dragon glass and to convince her of the WWs. After the expedition north of the wall, he was with her because she saved them all. At the end of the episode he is with her because she is going NORTH with HIM to fight the AotD. Bending the knee to Dany is the only thing he may have done wrong. But it could be compared to Ned bending the knee to Joffrey to save his family. Jon knows he needs Dany to save the north, and she saved him first; it was like an exchange of mutual trust. Not saying it was necessarily the right way to do it, but it doesn't turn him from a Stark into a Targaryen.
  13. Okay, I understand your point of view much better, so my apologies for the saying you lack imagination. But do you really think you would stand any better chance with the dragon than with an army of zombies? I don't. I think Cron's assessment below is really good.
  14. People have different perceptions of what would be the worst thing they could possibly endure. Also, Arya has always been very impulsive. If she had been put in the situations Sansa had at the same age (13), with the same previous life experiences, she may very well have lost her head and gotten herself killed. That is how I interpret Arya's statement to Sansa, in addition to acknowledging that Sansa went through a lot of horrific stuff. I don't think either Arya or Sansa could have survived when the other went through. Each girl's self preservation instincts were actually what they each needed to get them through their individual trials.
  15. Tell your mom not to talk to you during the show!!! hah!