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  1. I don't think it'd be very logical for Jon to begin this story as a bastard, going through all his trials and tribulations, only to end it with him still being a bastard, just to different parents. ....Yea, I missed the sarcasm. My bad.
  2. Order Of The Greenhand does this all the time in their N+A=J theory videos. But on another note, the bolded can really go both ways, its like, well you can't prove they talked based on assumptions and quotes that weren't included by the author. That can also be attached to "they never talked". If I understand what you're saying correctly, if not, I apologize ahead of time for the misunderstanding.
  3. I disagree.
  4. He's one of my favorite minor characters from S2..."Our order does not deal in PIG SHIT!" RIP and condolences to his family.
  5. No need to apologize, we all make mistakes and typo's.
  6. 1. In Aenys I passage, it says this, "...Prince Aenys was wed in 22 AC to Alyssa Velaryon, the daughter of the king's master of ships and lord admiral; though she was Targaryen upon her mother's side, this made her only a cousin. - Pg 53. 2. "In later days, after Visenya's death, it was suggested that King Aenys sudden demise was Visenya's doing." Thats on pg. 54, I think it's pretty obvious what the implication is, considering Aeny's died after coming into Visenya's care, after initially showing signs of improvement. 3. "His descent into true madness, some say, began with the first of these abominations."; and the second one, "..and perhaps even the loss of his mother's guidance, had left him in his own way as broken as Aenys." - Pg. 56-58
  7. Inaccuracies aside, I love this story, GRRM gave us a special one here. I'm so enjoying reading of the duration and key moments of Maegor's conflict with the Faith Of The Seven. Definitely reminiscent to Henry VIII after Catherine Of Aragon.
  8. Falcotron said it a lot better than I could. But she was on a mission as a "no one", she had a contract to fulfill yet didn't do it, and allowed her to act as Arya would, not the way a Faceless man/woman would. She had a task, she acted on emotion and bypassed that task, thus not doing what was asked of her as a no one, she had to be punished.
  9. The app authors refer to it as that in their description, on both that site and the app store. GRRM is not the author of the app, it's random house LLC, which I'm not even sure what connection they have with George, because thats also not the publisher of the books. Their fame comes from being the publishers of Dan Jones series of books about Medieval Europe, it's rulers, dynasties and politics. He also sells GoT related calendars and that cookbook on his site, he isn't the author behind the cookbook, he merely provides an introduction. I don't think he makes or has much to do with the many GoT inspired calendars he sells on his site either, yet they're there. But continue grasping for straws.. Right, now who said it wasn't fair to say he's pulling things out of thin air to fit his narrative? Because as this post shows, thats exactly what he's been doing.
  10. Oh, boy.
  11. I was going to mention this but held off on it, lol.
  12. Lol, stop trying to play a victim, numerous posters in this very thread have said how those who run the channel, come off as childish, and condescending towards those who disagree with them, but you don't see the wrong in that? Can you quote these book passsages you're referring to? Cite the page of it, and which book you're getting this stuff from? I didn't ever say GRRM was wrong about anything, the man said in an interview that Jon was born up to a month after the Sack Of Kings Landing, the earliest being 2 or 3 weeks post-sack. He said this himself, yet you're of the belief that he was born as the sack was happening. Thats kind of what approximately means. Can you provide a source for this?
  13. In terms of "everyone is stupid", thats towards the channel and those who run it. They give that impression in the comment section when disputing theories with YT'ers. And thats just what I mean, people have been saying since page one that what the channel provides as proof and evidence is guess work, their personal interpretations, and assumptions, I've said it myself numerous times, respectfully. Yet he's even disputed the fact that Order of the green hand is no different from any of us, and merely interpreting things on their own, theorizing, and assuming for the most part. I didn't say that he did say what you've quoted, thats the impression he's been giving throughout this entire thread, to me at least. Personally I don' think its fair to flat out claim that whomever disagree's with the theories that channel provides, as being unfamiliar with the channel.
  14. I don't know why anyone is continuing on with this guy, he's literally pulling things out of thin air to support his interpretations and theory. Every time his points are countered, he replies with things that aren't in the books, but only show up in The Order Of The Green Hands videos, with inaccurate dates and all, continues to dismiss GRRM's own damn words into Jon Snows birth, etc. But now, it's basically .."Because Order Of The Greenhand said so". And therefore GRRM, is confused about the DOB's he created and the timing of important events, which he himself writes ie. The World Of Ice And Fire book. Everyone else is dumb because The Order Of The Greenhand comes up with weak theories, based on faulty reasoning as to why these things happened. Yes, everyone is dumb and doesn't read or pay close attention to detail, because we simply do not buy their theories and the "evidence"(If you want to call it that) they put forward to support their own view of things. On another note, I just can't wrap my head around the thought of anyone retcon'ing Mance's own backstory in the novels, and claim he's Arthur Dayne, because they both allude to not kneeling. And don't tell me there was more reasoning than that, I watched this segment specifically about a month back, because prior to seeing any of their videos, I actually was interested in seeing what they put forward to support their theories. I wasn't impressed and a large portion of their Mance Rayder is Arthur Dayne videos centers around, both implying they don't kneel, Arthur Daynes relationship with Rhaegar, as if that has anything to do with Mance Rayder, Mance Rayder liking when he gets to sing and play his banjo looking thing, thus obviously making him Arthur Dayne, because Arthur Dayne was supposedly Rhaegars best friend, and Rhaegar loved to write tunes, sing and play his harp, therefore so does Arthur Dayne/Mance Rayder. And ASOIAF has numerous individuals with the same names, a large point The Order Of The Greenhand attempts to make to support their N+A=J theory, is the fact that Arthur Dayne's sister gives birth to Edric Dayne, and because Edric's nickname is Ned, which he's often referred to by his mother Allyria and the remaining Dayne family members. And because he's called Ned, he was named as such, to commemorate Ned & Ashara's one-nighter.
  15. But we know from GRRM that that isn't true. He says himself that Jon was born up to a month afterward, a realistic time would be 2-3 weeks after the sack. But George didn't go all that into it.