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  1. Thats true. I should've worded it better, the rape accusation was a big part of Robert's narrative moreso than the war itself.
  2. Actually, it's based on book quotes and the interpretation of those quotes and the little details that even GRRM cites, that which leads to possible answers as to the meaning of those quotes. This is from all five books and the companion world book. This has been proven time and time again on this very forum. So yeah, its not really based on solely personal speculation.
  3. Quick question, but how is rape not considered such in Westeros, when rape was essentially a major point of Roberts Rebellion?
  4. Viserys only becomes crown prince, in the event of the death of Rhaegar and ALL of his heirs.
  5. Alot of them take Order Of The Greenhand as gospel for whatever reason.
  6. I'm sure they're aware of that but confused AFFC with ASOS, which did come in two volumes at one point. Seeing as thats the book directly prior to AFFC. I'm also sure they're aware that ACOK is part of the series as well. But so theres nomore confusion, prior to putting out a 5 book set, and putting ASOS into one book, they came as 7 books, and ASOS were split into two volumes, volume one being "Steel and Snow" and volume two "Blood & Gold".
  7. Exactly. If that was the case, that she specifically asked about Ashara, as others have said, it's a red herring in all likelihood, but that passage doesn't say that she specifically asked him about Ashara either. I find it more plausible that the rumors she was hearing led her to ask about Jon's parentage, specifically whom his mother might've been. Of course the passage doesn't specifically say that either, but the answer she remembers Ned giving her, leads me to believe that's what she asked. Something like "Is Ashara Dayne, Jon's mother". I don't think Ned would've been particularly upset about Catelyn specifically asking about Ashara, but more so the fact that she seems to be digging about, trying to figure out Jon's real parentage in the first place. As it shows Ned that after all this time, she still doesn't consider Jon being family and is disgusted of his presence in Winterfell, still........Man I sure used the term "specifically" a lot. Lol Yup.
  8. Still don't quite get it, even with all of that, the Karstarks didn't really gain much prestige or recognition from either side. One can argue that with the deaths of Eddard & Torrhen followed by the death of Lord Rickard and him cursing House Stark, and the defection of the rest of the Karstarks, that the Karstacks never rose up, or "came back" into their former state of power. And Alys isn't the rightful ruler, its still Harrion, Alys went on to marry a Thenn, thus creating a new noble house, and Alys could lay claim to Karhold as well should Harrion die. Rickard dies, Harrion becomes lord of Karstark, Arnolf conspires to put his son, Cregan in place as the new Lord Of Karhold, they conspire with the Lannisters to have Harrion killed, if my memory is correct, that never happened. They knew Cregan would be the Lord had he married Alys and they tried to force her into a loveless marriage to simply to benefit Cregan's plan to rise up into nobility. Cregan is then imprisoned at Castle Black , after demanding Alys be returned. And thats that. So far there is no indication that Cregan himself had children nor Arnolf himself aside from Cregan & Arthor. Those "three grandsons" could just as much be Arthor's. But that isn't the point. I know you're just using the Karstarks as an example, but even with their ancient or the more recent branches to other Northern houses, the Karstarks are a disappointing shell of the House they used to be. So I dont think they ever "came back", which is why I'm having a hard time understanding how after the execution of Lord Rickard and his two sons, along with the imprisonment of Cregan and the failed plan to have Alys named heir , only to marry Cregan, how did the Karstarks make a come back? I haven't been reading much of the books lately, due to my love of comics nowadays. But did any other House leave alongside the the Karstarks, after the execution of Lord Rickard? Arnolf was never anyone important, he was castellan while Lord Karstark and his three sons were away at War.
  9. It was cool at the end of ASOS, but yeah, if thats all her character is going to be from now on, I can see that growing stale somewhat quickly.
  10. What do you mean? Like what exact situation are you referring to? Not by any means did the Karstarks "come back" after Eddard and Torrhen were killed during the battle in the whispering wood, nor did they do so after Rickard himself was executed. So how exactly did they come back? BTW; Don't take this as a dispute, I'm legit curious as to what exactly you're referring to with the bolded, so I can go back and see how I'd skipped over a part like that.
  11. Agree with everything said here.
  12. I'm a book reader, I dont hate R+L=J. I still think it will be the end conclusion and is the most logical one. But I'm willing to wait and see, I find it hilarious how people from both sides are trying so hard to convince the next person why their theory and belief is more accurate or set in stone.
  13. Uhm, no. There's a large portion of the fanbase who disagrees with that theory.
  14. There is no fantasizing, just multiple people pointing out what the actual texts says and coming to our conclusions based on the context these quotes of text are used in. You're reaching to prove the opposite, the books themselves make no mention of Aerys being behind Rhaegar crowning Lyanna the Queen Of Love And Beauty because he offered her the winter rose crown from his lance. What it says at most, is that Rhaegar doing so was an attempt to curry favor with Winterfell for allies in a planned coup to depose Aerys.
  15. Except you're flat out wrong in your quote of "he hasn't thought about Rhaegar in years".I posted on page 3, textual quotes from AGOT of Ned thinking of Rhaegar in more than one chapter, like numerous times infact. As Ferocious already pointed out, that is a horrible misquote, and something thats never stated in the books, and which Neds very own POV chapters prove wrong.