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  1. Or the last thread was simply too full thus had to be closed and start anew.
  2. Mance Rayder and Rhaegar Targaryen are two different people. Why should I go back and read the series, which I've already done, with a specific mindset of Mance and Rhaegar being the same individual, that'd be biased reading. And again, Mance Rayder is not Rhaegar Targaryen and nothing you just posted accounts for proof of evidence. Mance's color scheme isn't red and black, he only wears a red and black cloak, and scarlet is just another word for red, or a finer type red in terms of it's color and texture. In multiple chapters his cloak is described as a tattered red and black cloak, while in other chapters it's referred to as Scarlet and Black. But anyway, you're claiming that Mance has to be Rhaegar because they wore cloaks with the same colors? And Qhorin is Arthur Dayne now because they both allude to not bending easily to their foes, and so does Mance and all the other Wildlings, they all can't be Arthur Dayne or Rhaegar Targaryen. The "Our Knees Do Not Bend" thing seems to be a common saying in the world of ASOIAF, much like "Gods be good" "Dark Wings;Dark Words", etc.Where is it ever said that Mance grew up in a prison type environment? All thats said about him is that he was a black brother, one of the best, whom ultimately deserts and become Kings Beyond The Wall. He retells the story of why he left the NW, and the red in his cloak came from a healers daughter, whom lived beyond the wall, whom healed his wounds and used her own scarlet material to repair the rips the Shadowcat left in his cloak, according to him, the NW didn't find the repaired cloak suitable and replaced it with a new all black cloak, he left the next morning for a place where "a kiss was not a crime". He mentions nothing of a "prison like environment, and where exactly is it written that Mance had an obsession for rubies? Because I'm pretty sure he had none. If Ygritte's POV in ASOS is anything of relevance, she says that the goal was to bring down the wall, and depending on how you interpret the very last sentence of the Ygritte POV I'm referring to, it wasn't until they started digging up graves searching for the Horn of Joramun, that the Other's built an army and became a true threat. So if this is truly the case (Hell if I know that this is what GRRM meant when writing that part), then the Others weren't Mance's prime motive of bringing down the wall, its possible he was simlply seeking more desirable land for him and his people. Mance Rayder also doesn't scream someone who is so into prophecy, as opposed to someone seeking a specific ancient object for the benefit of moving his people. And with the whole attitude thing, him loving music and loving to display his musical chops, DOES NOT make him Rhaegar Targaryen. Tom O'Sevenstrings, also has a love for music and likes to display his musical abilities, is he Rhaegar in disguise as well, as a member of the Brotherhood without Banners?
  3. Speaking of Rhaegar, despite Aerys supposedly disinheriting Rhaegar of his place as heir to the throne in favor of Viserys, was it ever mentioned as to why he did this, outside of Aerys growing suspicion of his first born plotting his downfall, so to speak? And was this ever put in stone, and made official? Because in multiple chapters throughout the books, Rhaegar is still mentioned in others POV's as the "rightful heir to the Iron Throne". Latest example of this that I've come across , is in ASOS during Jaimie's fever dream. After he's met with Brienne, who appears to be his ally during the dream, Jaimie is opposed by Aerys Kingsguard, Jaimie recognizes them as "his brothers", after they appear, Rhaegar appears, atop horseback with a cloud of mist and grief, with his long hair streaming behind him. And even hereJaimie remembers him as Prince Of Dragonstone and rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Makes me think that even if Aerys did what its said he did, that his decision would not have been widely recognized and in worse case the realm would have rebelled in favor of Rhaegar over Aerys and Viserys, the beggar king.
  4. In defense of Order Of The Greenhand, they usually present better arguments than "well because", for most of their theories, including the R+L=A theory. Even if most of their proof is book quotes taken way out of context.
  5. Gotta love it when "know-it-all" trolls spew nonsense and inaccuracies, yet when the book quotes come into equation , they no longer respond to replies. Lol
  6. Really, now?
  7. He'll never respond with quotes from the text, because for many of his views, there aren't any text from the books which support them. He's been asked repeatedly to simply provide text which supports his theory and the many facets of said theory, and it still hasn't been done, instead we're answered with his version of facts.
  8. Yeah sure, bud.
  9. Then by all means, post some of this "shit ton of evidence".
  10. It was hilarious at first, but something tells me he's serious about this.
  11. Seriously, please stop, your reasonings at Faegon and Rhaegar being almost the same person is beginning to get somewhat nonsensical.
  12. Uhm, no.
  13. Which is one of the main reasons why Young Griff isn't whom he claims or believes himself to be. Even so, this in no way connects him to Ned.
  14. Even Lyanna doubts Robert would ever be faithful.
  15. If Jon is Lyanna's child, he doesn't have one. There's nothing to support Ned & Lyanna having an incestuous relationship. And you implied things, as in plural, Ned claiming Jon as his bastard is one thing.