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  1. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    How someone, anyone can play Star Wars Battlefront and not be filled with rage at what could have been a great game is beyond me. It is not fun, the brilliant visuals and sounds are swamping your brain with nostalgia. Its crap, you'll be pissed when the novelty wears off. Dont even bother trying to defend it. If you've got more than 15 hours in that game and still defend it, please state so, so I can ignore your posts from now on.
  2. Video Games Thread: For the Love of Zeus, Give Me One!

    Play it for another 3.5 hours and if you still like Battlefront, you're legally braindead.
  3. Inigima Birthday Vanity Thread

    Happy Birthday,
  4. Video Games: Excuse me Sir, the machine ate my quarter

    Yep - you get a free level 60 character if you sub and you can buy level 60 tokens ingame to get more level 60s. What with the way they zone content now, it should be possible to make a level 60 toon and go back and just do the class missions. They downgrade your level to match the zone you're in. As it stand you can jump straight into the Knights of a Fallen Empire expac, the first chapter is specifically designed to teach you the basics of your class and all your abilities. Right now, my light-side lady sithmarauderis encouraging her companions to breed as much as possible so we have offspring to bring up according to our beliefs. Quinn has been rather receptive to being treated like a breeding stud. The game is notwithout its flaws, but still a good Star Wars experience overall, imo. I just gotta get through the Hutt stuff so I can see what the Revan expansion is like!
  5. Video Games: Excuse me Sir, the machine ate my quarter

    Downloaded the Rainbow 6 Beta this weekend and played about an hour or so of it - its alright, got fond memories as Rainbow 6 was my goto shooter when I was really into them. Being really disappointed with Battlefront and needing a Star Wars fix, I updated Star Wars : The Old Republic and resubbed for a month. Well, my server had shutdown and I had been moved so I had lost the name Lyanna Stark, so now I'm Tyrelliana Starke. My head almost exploded with all the things I had forgot in the 18-24 months since I last played it. Subbers get a free Level 60 Character and I've made a level 60 Powertech and am levelling my 50 Marauder through the 2 expacs to get to the latest expansion. 50-55 seems to be dealing with the Hutts alot while 56-60 is a Revan expansion, looking forward that and the 60+ content looks ace, it seems very story driven what with the chapter outlines. I'm having fun so far, but this game seriously strains my pc. Just a few days ago I was playing Battlefront with 120fps while TOR putters along at 45-60 when the screen is fill with effects and flashing lights etc.
  6. How have your appliances been holding up?

    I know its not technically an appliance, more of an entertainment system, but I have to give props to my PC. Its an i7 950 at 3.07 overclocked to 4.00, 6gb ram and the only upgraded part of it - a Nvidia 780ti (from 480sli). Its 5 years old this month and its ripping through the titles still. Battlefront: 90-100 fps on ultra, 120+ on high Starcraft 2: 60-90fps on max settings, eventhough I play on low for multiplayer I started a PC upgrade fund waaaay back when I kickstarted Star Citizen, I may just splurge that amount on a month abroad instead. Bought it from Overclockers.co.uk and I wouldnt hesitate to use them again.
  7. Video Games: Excuse me Sir, the machine ate my quarter

    All the time I spent playing Battlefront over the weekend was spent wishing I had gotten into the Overwatch Beta -.-
  8. Outrageous Panhandlers

    Jesus, its like fucking bizzaro world in here.
  9. Video Games: Excuse me Sir, the machine ate my quarter

    Ugh - having a Terran mission in the epilogue of LotV just finished the game for me. Grosse -.- Terrans.
  10. Video Games: Excuse me Sir, the machine ate my quarter

    I've only played LotV for a couple of hours so far, I'm on the fence so far, but still enjoying the experience. Allied Commanders is fun - though the pathetic difficulty settings and the idiotic leveling system is going to be a problem. I am assuming brutal cant really be managed since you have to level up your abilities to be truly able to handle the scenarios. We'll see after this weekend. Warping in units looks so bloody cool now though!
  11. Back to the Future

    I was always a fan that gif, jeps and all other sort of trash couldnt be used here. People actually used words to describe what they were thinking or feeling. Now, all I have to do is At least pron spam is gonna be more interesting!
  12. This, along with the Yale kerfuffle, has really had me shaking my head this week.
  13. Video Games: Excuse me Sir, the machine ate my quarter

    Humble Bundle is doing a Total War Bundle - Its everything, not sure about the latest, but its pretty bloody impressive.
  14. Dating, race, and you.

    Jesus fuck. Are people really this thick?
  15. Dating, race, and you.

    I loved reading your Yellow Fever Threads :(  I still remember when that lil dude found out the boarder that was debating him was an actual Asian Female.  You could actually see cartoon hearts popping in the air.