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  1. Old Alterac Valley was the best PVP experience ever. It felt like a continuous war, the objectives, the constant back and forth, the battles for Stonehearth. I remember the first time I entered AV on my first toon, a level 58 hunter. Actually travelling to the entrance of AV, somewhere north of the Hinterlands. I played in that battle for about 2 hours, logged out in AV, went to work, came back and logged in- to still be in the same battle and continued fighting for another 3 or 4 hours. In later variations of Alterac Valley, my guildie Paladin squad use to all spec ret after raiding and just defend Stonehearth for the entirety of the match TBC launch was also quite fun. The Horde basically camped the the Dark Portal for the entire evening running up to the midnight launch and crushed any alliance trying to pass through. Going /who Hellfire after midnight just showed Paladins that bubbled and ran through. It was one tough night of leveling
  2. How someone, anyone can play Star Wars Battlefront and not be filled with rage at what could have been a great game is beyond me. It is not fun, the brilliant visuals and sounds are swamping your brain with nostalgia. Its crap, you'll be pissed when the novelty wears off. Dont even bother trying to defend it. If you've got more than 15 hours in that game and still defend it, please state so, so I can ignore your posts from now on.
  3. Play it for another 3.5 hours and if you still like Battlefront, you're legally braindead.
  4. Happy Birthday,
  5. I know its not technically an appliance, more of an entertainment system, but I have to give props to my PC. Its an i7 950 at 3.07 overclocked to 4.00, 6gb ram and the only upgraded part of it - a Nvidia 780ti (from 480sli). Its 5 years old this month and its ripping through the titles still. Battlefront: 90-100 fps on ultra, 120+ on high Starcraft 2: 60-90fps on max settings, eventhough I play on low for multiplayer I started a PC upgrade fund waaaay back when I kickstarted Star Citizen, I may just splurge that amount on a month abroad instead. Bought it from Overclockers.co.uk and I wouldnt hesitate to use them again.
  6. Jesus, its like fucking bizzaro world in here.
  7. Logic dictates that due to the extortionate prices in NY City that their tipping percentage should in fact be lower than the rest of the US. I've been watching a lot of Star Trek lately.
  8. I'm so glad I got out of the service industry. All this tipping hoo-ha is getting ridiculous. Rude waiters refusing 15% wtf?
  9. Ola Derfel. Welcome to the boards but beware, bartenders dont get tipped round these parts! (You may wanna change your name to avoid confusion with Derfel Cadarn)
  10. -1 for bragging about the balmy weather!

  11. I am NOT +ing you.

  12. Its an evil plot to get back to Mostly Harmless! Do not fall for it!
  13. Success! He has noticed you! Now its time to stalk him via Facebook and randomly try friend people he knows! (I am kidding and I am not bullying you!)
  14. Exactly. Its a little bit of fun that people are taking way too seriously. Its worth keeping JUST for the entertainment of people freaking out over nothing. Yes, nothing. (Yes I laugh when people trip too.)
  15. Currently starving artist....