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  1. Mya Stone

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    This is the only thing that brings me back to the board year after year.
  2. Mya Stone

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    I love how it was “Save me boys” totally discounting me.
  3. Seriously. Does this guy even understand the history of this board?
  4. I mean, does it involve sending a PM? Because I just am such a fence sitter when it comes to that kind of commitment. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE, @The Map Guy - but please don’t make me jump through the PM hoops. I barely remember to check my email, let alone PMs on this board which I have been a part of since 2004. (Ezboard, that is.)
  5. I am 150% sure this person has somehow stumbled upon something that has never, ever been discussed in the history of the board, dating back to 1998 or so? The anticipation of this special council is palpable. I haven’t felt this excited about a council being appointed to discuss facts since the Mueller investigation started.
  6. Mya Stone

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    Looking for a decent RB.
  7. Mya Stone

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    That was by far the most nauseating MNF I’ve endured as a fantasy owner. I know I’m not alone.
  8. Mya Stone

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    Honestly, I give you a better chance at victory than Yahoo’s projection. Denver is playing at home, and they have a decent pass rush. <shrug> I wouldn’t have started Carr over either QB, but I debated about Moncrief, and once again, that move (Amendola/Moncrief WR4 toss up) could cost me this week.
  9. Mya Stone

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    Hey now! Last week I topped 200 without a single player hitting 50.
  10. Mya Stone

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    There’s no “hug it out” emoji, but there are plenty of spanking ones. Rude ass board. No clue what this is week will bring, except I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get 35+ from my QBs and Hill.
  11. As a medical professional, I truly can not imagine what overturning Roe v Wade will do, and the ethical and moral dilemmas it will cause many practicing doctors and nurses. If it comes to pass, it’s going to be an absolute logistical nightmare - I can only liken it to what Prohibition must have been like in terms of changing legality. That doesnt even begin to explain my very strong thoughts on whether or not an embryo or fetus can viably live outside of the womb - without being able to do so, I struggle calling it “a life.” Also, nice to see that 14+ years later we’re all still debating this.
  12. Mya Stone

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    Although Fitzpatrick’s 50 IS absurd, it’s not quite the end. Realistically, Gurley could still score 28-30. I wouldn’t count yourself out just yet.
  13. Mya Stone

    Westeros Experts League 2018

    I’m pretty sure there are no pictures other than inappropriate pictures of @Mexal. I’m willing to bet there’s definitely one or two of him wearing a ginger wig with a Dalton jersey.