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  1. If it's only 4 dragon hours away, Dany could have taken one afternoon off and verified the existence and threat of this Army of the Dead easy peasy, from the start.
  2. Actually Dany arrived at Eastwatch at 8:05 am but had to fill out paperwork before taking off again due to Drogon hitting a raven while landing.
  3. Long distance travel in half a episode is no problem, as "one episode" is not a measure unit inside the story. The problem comes when it's measured against other events inside the story. The stranded wight capture team shares the same time frame as Dani's coming to rescue. So it's either a. Dani takes a few days to arrive, but then it's absurd that the stranded team doesn't freeze to death and that the wight didn't move, OR b. The travel to Dragonstone is just a quick trip. But if everything in TV-Westeros is so close, it wouldn't have been a problem for anybody (or their representative) to just take a few days to travel to the Wall and check this Army of the Dead. Drogon has even passenger seats now.
  4. I just saw Drogon's entry. Everybody stand on their marks. Play the lovely music.Deanerys don't panic. Why didn't St. Tyrion offer Drogon a breath mint? And great idea to design the dragons' spikes arranged like that on their backs. I guess it made sense creatively, since a woman was going to ride it.
  5. No, no, they changed that because, creatively, it made sense... because they wanted it to happen.
  6. LOL. Sorry, I've not been watching this season anyway, just reading. That's why I can laugh at that joke, instead of throwing my TV out the window right now.
  7. 7th-key

    [Book Spoilers] EP506 Discussion v. 2

    Not an issue for Westerosi sensibilities? Why was Theon horrified and crying?
  8. So many vows.

  9. 7th-key

    How would you rate episode 410?

    That would have worked wonderfully. 100 times more emotional than the head-scratch-inducing thing they did in ep 10. I've always found Tyrion and Shae's mushy scenes boring, but I'd really had felt for both of them, if the show would have done the above suggested version. But since Martin has mentioned that he's going to reveal more about that scene (http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/06/16/game-of-thrones-finale-martin/), I guess the show had to put all the same characters in the same scene although they removed the motivations. Fact is that the book version, while leaving question open, makes sense, the TV version doesn't. The TV version very often leaves the viewers supposing that more will be elaborate in a future ep or season.... Didn't happen yet.
  10. 7th-key

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I gave it a 5 for mainly most of the reasons listed in the nitpicking (HA!) thread. Like the rest of this season, it felt like disjointed scenes with weird pacing, no middle ground between nonsensical fillers and rushed should-have-been high points. Most of the builds-ups and follow-ups are missing.
  11. 7th-key

    How would you rate episode 410?

    It's also a failure. Physically strong women don't mean equality in complexity of female characters. The same goes for Talisa: sassy emancipated woman from Volatis, she's a trope.
  12. Apparently, boss fighting skills = leadership skills. Show's own Craster's story made Jon grow: he learned to spit -- he can now become lord commander!
  13. Vote: 5 to 6. Impression: who cares? Again again and again, boring irrelevant fillers instead of a proper build up, that in this case has been missed all season. Maybe they should have let Mance (who?) deal with the mutineers and Bran, while the NW organized their defence (+ Noye!). But that takes strategies and tactics. Instead, we got disorganization and Hollywood clich├ęs. You have the wall. - No, you have the wall. - And now, you. - But I want to fight below and show off. - I want, too! - And I'm going to hold the gate with no advantageous weaponry. Another cliche: Book!Ygritte dies like a warrior. In the show, no matter how tough and skilled she is, she dies as Jon's lover, due to a moment of emotional hesitation, killed by a boy so that he becomes a man. Sam and Gilly: gah. He is a hero all of a sudden and she's all needy. I liked the design of the Giants and the Mammoths. As you said, they should have placed a lot more people around them. Favorite parts of the ep: Thorne and Tortmund - they both had great presence in their scenes.
  14. Apparently we did need to have it spelled out, since it took 4 minutes to present this oh so deep message. I look forward to scenes Jaime, but as soon as this one started I thought "Again? Another cell scene with Tyrion and Jaime?". I would have preferred to see how Tywin, Cersei or the rest of court reacted to the stepping in of Oberyn as champion. Maybe hearing them speculate about the political consequence if Dorne loses his prince...