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  1. Exactly. I like the point this reviewer makes, that the show seems unable to understand that being a bad ass is not the only way to show strenght and intelligence:
  2. The show has as much contempt for book!Sansa...
  3. My thought too. Mostly because, I start from the other side: Brienne filling Jaime's page in the White Book seem like a little too caring of a detail to be coming from D&D (in the show Jaime shoved the book off the table for some action with Cersei). So I suspect Brienne will indeed become "King's" Guard in the Book, and that would make sense if Sansa is Queen. And Sansa is the only Stark who is actually learning about politics. Jon is more of military tactician - politics got him stabbed. Bran is too mystcal for the south or for holding diplomancy over 7 kingdoms. Arya might become a ninja, though in her journey she has lived what the smallfolk has gone through - she should really join the Small Council in th enew position of Folk Representative ;P ...and then it's all rainbows ad unicorns (GRRM did say there will be unicorns).
  4. Quoting from the Rate Poll thread, but ranting in here: All the while on the writers' side, the effort culminates in "Dany kinda forgot about Euron's fleet" and in not even bothering to check the wiki for the fact that Gendry might be a Waters rather than a Rivers... And that's why the atrociously lazy writing is even more an insult than just an insult to the audience's intelligence. It is an insult to the tremendous work of actors and crew, it shows no respect for their engagement, it sells all their crafts out for cheap bangs and petty statements.
  5. 7th-key

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    I think, that while GRRM told them the barebones of what would happen, what we see on the show, is merely D&D ignorant interpretation of such events. - Event: Daenerys is isolated (she loses her trusted people and the Westerosi backtrack on their alliace) thus takes the whole KL violently with fire and blod. D&D's interpretation is that she goes on a rampage against smallfolk because she's a bad Targaryen coin flip that finally snaps when her boyfriend's buddies like him better (more screentime is given to her being upset over this than her being ripped apart by the loss of her 'children'). But what if -- for example --, after a battle where Daenerys loses another dragon, KL surrenders to fAegon (and his wife) and the smallfolk cheer him? He spent a life beeing groomed on a boat, while Daenerys went through blood, sweat and tears, hatched dragons, fought slaving cities, and, at the end, lost one dragon and her trusted people because she helped saving Westeros from the WW. Then it would be clear that her consequent actions wouldn't be an hysterical snap to madness, but the continuation of what she has learned through her whole arc: destroy the people who use her and fight for what she was promissed. - Event: Jaime and Cersei die together. D&D interpret this as Jaime being unable to get off the Cersei drug. While the real story might be anything from him wanting to kill her to him trying to convert her to the good side of the force. It's the how and why that makes the story -- the books will obviously be a very different one.
  6. 7th-key

    Title of the last episode

    I would say "The Iron Throne", too.
  7. While D&D got millions out of it... and a Star Wars deal. They've been getting away with presenting incoherent random writing for years, leaving the fans to justify what was put on screen. It's not far fetched to believe that, given that it's the last season, D&D would arrogantly choose to strut all over the story to deliberately make the point that they are above needing to write solid arcs, listening to critique, care about the story, respect the source material or the amazing work of production team and actors.
  8. I read a comment on youtube that linked to this clip from Blackwater pointing out Davos' words: "I've never known bells to mean surrender".
  9. 7th-key


    Totally crack, but "choke the the life out of you" could even refer to the baby -- not that attempted strangulation is an efficient method to cause miscarriage, but it is a trauma. Euron is the one who would hurt Cersei specifically because she lied about the baby being his. Anyway, regarding the book, I lean against the idea that THE Valonqar is just any little brother, and in the case that it ends up that the Valonqar is Jaime, I feel that the story needs to make it clear that he is not killing Cersei just as a scapegoat coz he's blaming her for all the bad deeds he did.
  10. 1. the show wouldn't tell the characters' true intention to the audience anyway. How could the audience expect an unexpeded last second surprise, twist, randomness, subvesrion otherwhise? 2. they'd all have to lure Cersei under a tree in the North camp first.
  11. 7th-key

    Dany forgot about the iron fleet

    Take out Euron with what -- a fleet of canoes? Torpedo canoes!
  12. 7th-key

    People are hating this episode for the wrong reasons

    In the last years the mantra has practically been "shut up and enjoy the cool". But now that the show got rid of the bad guy and his lore with a shrug, and all the CGI budget goes to a schmuck like Euron randomly depriving the audience of another dragon, there's nothing left for any group of viewers. Besides, it's the final season, there is no more "it's too early to judge, how do we know that it the next episodes..."
  13. 7th-key

    Can Qyburn apparate?

    *g* I'm guessing Qyburn had to crack away quickly when he realizided the logistic of the scene left him to be quickly captured or shot as wage or retribution against Missandei...
  14. Preston makes a good point on how nobody is kneeling anymore, neither to show devotion, respect, gratitude or submission. 1. You'd think a show, where apologists whines that they can't use characters' inner monologue as opposed to the book, would make use of such visual details. Apparently stand/walk/sit and talk is the way to go. "You may not notice - but your brain does" 2. Then if characters don't kneel to their lords, and don't even know about other lords, like who rules the stormlands, it make sense, in a show where the final battle is the one for the Iron Throne. I can already imagine how the conclusion will affect the folks all over the Seven Kingdoms: "Who won, again?" "What's her name -- Khaleesi?" "I think that Stone guy... no, wait, Snow?" "So, no Pirate parades anymore?"
  15. 7th-key

    Miss Sandy the Hostage

    Naw, being burned made Sandor stronger; without that happening, he'd still be "little Sandor"...