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  1. Hohns has come out defending team makeup saying Paine "best gloveman in country" even if he didn't keep last shield match for Tassie. Was in as a batsman I guess and got a duck and 70*. The 70* looks good but one of the openers got 247* before they declared at 2/424. Not much in the pitch for the home bowling side spearheaded by Peter Siddle. IMHO Australia are short a bowling allrounder rather than Marsh v7.02. And I imagine they are picking Sayers as 12th man so he is used to the feel of the team before the pink ball in Adelaide... but I really hope he plays even if he has no form as i think we need the extra bowler. I remember a very nervous end to the last test at the gabba where Australia tried hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, all because they were short a bowler (at least sharing the load) on a pitch that does almost nothing for spinners. I think England have a chance and I am excited. I'm looking forward to sitting above and behind Starcs arm on Day 1.
  2. ABC found a demographer that has done an analysis to pull out some of that data but without a raw breakdown its restricted to broad trends.
  3. Good to see YES win. I'm surprised it was so low. Good to see a high turnout. The breakdown of electorates is interesting. The ones I was interested in: Warringa - Tony Abbott: 75% yes. Lol Western Sydney is predominantly no. A few almost 70% no, even a 73% no in one division. Western Qld - no surprise no is high there but closer than I expected. I will be surprised if parliament doesn't screw it up.
  4. Horseshoe theory doesn't argue that somewhere in the middle is correct, (your 'golden mean fallacy' is irrelevant), it argues that rather than being at opposite ends along a long political continuum, extremists tend to be rather similar. Want proof of Horseshoe theory? Play SJW or Stormfront for a laugh. Look at censorship: feminists, islamists and the Christian right would all have similar ideas about how stereotypical anime is often drawn. Or even as simple as extremists gravitate to totalitarianism to enforce their political ideology.
  5. You're not thinking of immigrant? A migrant doesn't need to be international.
  6. This is about as sensitive as Kelly Osbournes toilet cleaning comment. Its almost as if democrats refuse to do things themselves. They would rather have someone else underpay underprivileged migrants to do something they themselves couldn't be bothered doing. On the plus side, at least you're now admitting that internally you're a megalomaniac...
  7. At the moment I think its better to work part time as you are less likely to reach the rebate cap (or reach it later in the year at least). When the new rules come in there is no cap but there are a bunch of other rules.
  8. A narrative is building... apparently his right hook was just a strong forward defensive
  9. Not to pull a Stokes and hit someone when they're down but I hope we get to see him punch one through the covers during the Ashes. If he does manage to have a bash down under, there will be quite a few people goading him towards a Bristol night out... on video again. If he doesn't come with England, maybe the Australian team can borrow him to teach them how to hit things as their sub continent form is not inspiring confidence.
  10. Yeah, won't have had an effect at all. In fact, these protests are the only thing keeping the NFL ratings up this much. We need to encourage all the players #takeaknee every time.
  11. NFL broadcasting stocks slump. At least the press will be there to let everyone know if its still going on.
  12. Agreed. If it helps, when I post something, regardless of the content, let's agree to assume your vehement disagreement, some swearing and examples of violence on both sides. Unless you enjoy swearing at the computer, I don't mind.
  13. Political violence from both sides seems to have got a lot of press but it doesn't diminish the value of voting yes but hey, fascists have gotta fascist. I see UNSW is asking maths students not to refer to Halls Marriage Theorem in assignments unless they leave out the term 'Marriage'. Its too offensive apparently. Its good to see universities preparing people for the real world.
  14. http://www.smh.com.au/national/education/police-called-as-hundreds-of-protesters-surround-sydney-university-vote-no-rally-20170914-gyhca1.html "Free to speak your opinion... As long as its the same as mine" - 2017
  15. I agree that disagreement on its own is not infringement of free speech and that specific laws can limit free speech (18C and whatever that is in the ACT). What about if your speech is limited by through violence that isn't supported by government? Imagine a Christian or Islamic preacher in the middle of town gets whatever approval they need to annoy anyone walking by with their beliefs but every time they turn up, they get bashed into silence? Is their free speech being infringed?