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  1. I found a book not long after I left university showing students how to take advantage of liberal bias in university staff when writing essays and in tests. I cant find it now though. It was called "Little black book of essay writing" or something like that.
  2. The ministers have withdrawn their comments or something equally as lame. Rising power prices would be even funnier than idiot pollies, if they weren't related. We should really get rid of another base load power station and go to windmills. I look forward to the day we can only turn on a fan when the wind is blowing and instead of burning coal to keep warm we can go back to burning trees. I saw a plan to pay people to stop using power, luckily those able to afford a livable temperature while watching TV will survive while the rest may be able to get paid for freezing to death or sweltering. That would be a welcome change in summer.
  3. Its about time that kind of thing happened although it would have been better had they not been opened in the first place. I think the contempt of court (or whatever it is) could be interesting with the Victorian sentencing discussion. I see this weeks episode of footpath driving in Melbourne was out on bail as well. Luckily there are now safety crenellations to protect many of the others in Melbourne, who are assumedly out on bail for robbery.
  4. I see the daily stormer endorsed Jeremy Corbyn, and not ironically. What could a bunch of fascist Nazis have in common with JC and Labour... Is this the horseshoe of politics?
  5. Fixing segregation with more segregation. Great work regressives.
  6. Plenty of seats on the bus elsewhere...
  7. Its odd to see 'progressives' rationalizing the kind of gender apartheid many of the worlds religions would be proud of. Maybe they'll go for assigned seating on buses next. Identity politics is regressive.
  8. The outrage is hilarious. I saw someone on twitter saying they were happy to have a safe space away from penises which was then transphobic as "just because you have a penis, doesn't mean you're a man". IMHO, the cinema should be allowed to decide who it sells tickets (or cakes) to for whatever reason it likes but that's not what the law says. I see there are rumours about Lebanon banning it cause Gal Gadot is Israeli. Is the studio encouraging all this for a Streisand effect? I thought it was odd initial reviews were crap but recent ones say its good. Have they suddenly started throwing money around? (not that journalists are corrupt or anything)
  9. Sullivans Cove American oak
  10. And Australia?!?!?! WTF?
  11. I agree with the exceptions but would add more. I think an alp budget would have been quite different and all but abolished negative gearing, reintroduced a carbon price, increased welfare funding, increased funding to schools, universities and TAFE, introduced a banking royal commission, and increased taxes on big business and 'the rich'. Bill shorten was on tv this morning deriding each part of the budget as misdirected or not going far enough. I think a labor budget would have gone a lot further and more accurate might be "labor-lite" as former alp press secretary Barrie Cassidy has described it. IMHO its a safe budget hence, meh. Not much of an observation to say Turnbull is trying to occupy the centre ground, whether on purpose or that's who he is, I dunno. Bill Shorten will be pushed further left which cuts into the greens agenda. The Greens think they will grow and the only place I can see is into the alp base. How do you guys on the left see this resolving? To the right of Turnbull, Nats will play to their base and maybe steal some of disaffected conservatives. PHON will shoot themselves in the foot with a gun loaded by Ashby and shot by Pauline whose final quote will be 'please explain' much to the delight of the left wing press who will have done much of Turnbulls work for him against her. Cory will have a fight on his hands to stay a senator against Lucy Gichuhi and NXT at the next election and, as shown by the FF debacle, isn't as competent as he would like to think. Barring major gaffes and/or Abbott, I expect a bit of a minor jump for Turnbull in the polls which will go down after time with continued sniping and infighting. SNAFU in the end. Not much of a change. Meh. I cant believe you weren't interested in Eurovision.
  12. Budget? Meh. Eurovision? WTF are we doing there?
  13. ACF presale tickets for ashes start tomorrow. All except for Perth where government is involved. Its a long wait and I like Englands lead up more than Australias. I am looking forward to it.
  14. FYI from the FAQ: The wage price indexes encompass cash payments to employees and include ordinary time earnings, overtime earnings, bonuses, together with the value of any salary sacrificed - Having read that though I don't think the numbers I linked do include bonuses. FAQ more confusing than stats. Although the security sounds good, I can see where frustration in dealing with the public service may come from if poor performers are protected.
  15. ABS figures show public sector wages increasing faster than private. Do you know if it is certain parts of the public service, like everyone above a certain pay grade or certain departments? I have a friend who is a teacher/department head at a public high school and has said it is very hard manage poor performers as there is no chance of anyone losing their job over performance issues. Does that translate to other departments too?