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  1. Sullivans Cove American oak
  2. And Australia?!?!?! WTF?
  3. I agree with the exceptions but would add more. I think an alp budget would have been quite different and all but abolished negative gearing, reintroduced a carbon price, increased welfare funding, increased funding to schools, universities and TAFE, introduced a banking royal commission, and increased taxes on big business and 'the rich'. Bill shorten was on tv this morning deriding each part of the budget as misdirected or not going far enough. I think a labor budget would have gone a lot further and more accurate might be "labor-lite" as former alp press secretary Barrie Cassidy has described it. IMHO its a safe budget hence, meh. Not much of an observation to say Turnbull is trying to occupy the centre ground, whether on purpose or that's who he is, I dunno. Bill Shorten will be pushed further left which cuts into the greens agenda. The Greens think they will grow and the only place I can see is into the alp base. How do you guys on the left see this resolving? To the right of Turnbull, Nats will play to their base and maybe steal some of disaffected conservatives. PHON will shoot themselves in the foot with a gun loaded by Ashby and shot by Pauline whose final quote will be 'please explain' much to the delight of the left wing press who will have done much of Turnbulls work for him against her. Cory will have a fight on his hands to stay a senator against Lucy Gichuhi and NXT at the next election and, as shown by the FF debacle, isn't as competent as he would like to think. Barring major gaffes and/or Abbott, I expect a bit of a minor jump for Turnbull in the polls which will go down after time with continued sniping and infighting. SNAFU in the end. Not much of a change. Meh. I cant believe you weren't interested in Eurovision.
  4. Budget? Meh. Eurovision? WTF are we doing there?
  5. ACF presale tickets for ashes start tomorrow. All except for Perth where government is involved. Its a long wait and I like Englands lead up more than Australias. I am looking forward to it.
  6. FYI from the FAQ: The wage price indexes encompass cash payments to employees and include ordinary time earnings, overtime earnings, bonuses, together with the value of any salary sacrificed - Having read that though I don't think the numbers I linked do include bonuses. FAQ more confusing than stats. Although the security sounds good, I can see where frustration in dealing with the public service may come from if poor performers are protected.
  7. ABS figures show public sector wages increasing faster than private. Do you know if it is certain parts of the public service, like everyone above a certain pay grade or certain departments? I have a friend who is a teacher/department head at a public high school and has said it is very hard manage poor performers as there is no chance of anyone losing their job over performance issues. Does that translate to other departments too?
  8. That's the kind of maths South Australia have applied to their electricity network. Great stuff. I like the FFS Cory party. Brings up images of a kid who is always left saying "what did I do" as everyone walks away. How is working for a government department? I understand wage growth in the public service is increasing faster than outside and the hours and flexibility are great.
  9. "Everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic" - Anita Sarkeesian, 2015 FODI I find it comforting modern feminists (such as AS) have joined forces with prominent thinkers of our time, like Jack Thompson, to help protect us from the harmful images and ideas found in these fantasy escapes. I would expect this whole thread should be considered problematic for the Objectum Sexuality community who have struggled for acceptance and whose views are rarely considered in these topics. If someone is able to marry the Eiffel tower in real life then how is the marriage of a CGI battleship (no matter what it looks like) any different. I think maybe Anita didn't go far enough and everything is problematic, although implied, maybe needed to be stated outright.
  10. Thursday last week it was reported an organisation in Australia does not shy away from the capital punishment for apostates of Islam. Today, Ayaan Hirsi Ali has cancelled her speaking tour to Australia and New Zealand, citing security concerns.
  11. Gillian Triggs receives a standing ovation for: The kitchen table, being the last home of free speech in Australia, is obviously well and truly due a change. I look forward to a time when our (or at least my) betters take the time to ensure we aren't straying from the script.
  12. While using the Dennis Denuto vibe to call something racist might be accepted by some, I think it easier, and more believable, to quote Anita Sarkeesian
  13. I see labor have had a plan to expand 18c to include political and religious beliefs or lack thereof, sexual orientation, age, disability status and a few others. A move that is sure to make all the religions nervous. Would it be enough to ban some of their books though? For me, it still wouldn't go far enough. I think we need to make it unlawful to offend someone based on their access to electricity. We wouldn't need to have our heads in the sand as it would be dark.
  14. Tattoos wont be a problem unless you are planning to join a gym. You might get looks at Onsen but I doubt anyone would say anything, especially on a foreigner. Climb Fuji - you are there at the end of the season and it takes about 2 days from Shinjuku and back. I loved it. Fujikyu highlands. If you like theme parks this is great and the only one you need to do in Japan. Many great or even famous roller coasters. Best haunted house I've ever seen. 3 stories and 3 big wings you can go and get lost in and come out hoarse. I always thought haunted houses were lame until this. It was a hospital last time I went which was over 10 years ago now but I know the change it up. If you ever liked gundam or evangelion, they have rides for this that you may find interesting. Yamanote line: If you are in Tokyo for any period, you should probably stay near to or on this train line. Its basically a circle around the middle of Tokyo and this is basically the middle of everything Kanto. Near Shibuya and Shinjuku: Theres a shrine in the middle of Yoygi park which is good and they do markets there on a weekend from memory. Good place to go. I think you can probably walk from there through Harijuku to Omotesando. Lots of good food and interesting things to see and shopping of course. Good Honest Grub is a decent place for a western breakfast on the weekend and is in Shibuya and not far from Hatchiko square which you will have seen on tv. The square has a good story about the dog that used to wait for his master long after his master passed. There is a statue of Hatchiko (the dog) there usually surrounded by smoking teenagers. There are a few good museums in this area too. Yokohama isn't far from Tokyo and has a beautiful harbor at night and landmark tower has a good view. Kamakura was the medieval capital for a while and has a lot of the old buildings and a big Buddha. Worth a trip if you want to see more of the history. Shinto shrines are good here. Okinawa was great. Great castle and lots of history from world war 2. Lots of castles all over Japan to see that are great. The one near Nagano is good and you should see Himeji castle in Kansei too. All beautiful to see in real life. The imperial gardens or whatever they are near actual Tokyo are good too. Hope you enjoy it.
  15. Reports from schooling in Punchbowl are getting worse. Threats to teachers and their families, acting out beheadings and demands for the Syrian flag to be hung in class. This will not only be damaging the offenders education but many others at the school as well imagine.