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  1. Apparently there is a procession of tractors heading down the New England highway, over the diesel engines you can just hear the chanting of "love is love" and something about mistresses rights. Rumour is they are on their way to greet Malcolm Turnbull when he gets back. I'm sure he'll sort it all out by giving the much respected and trustworthy Australian press nothing to publish but a factual, unbiased analysis of his meeting with the Donald. In news from up here, another man with some expertise on the sanctity of marriage has announced a coal miner as the alp candidate for Capricornia declaring labor is not anti-coal. With the Batman by-election less than a month away, Ged must be pleased. I figure he is thinking anyone who leans to the right of about Pol Pot is going to preference alp over the greens, or it might be the alp has polling showing they aren't a hope without Liberals guiding preferences their way. Guess we'll find out the same day Nick Xenophon decides who runs South Australia.
  2. http://www.tallahassee.com/story/news/2018/02/15/florida-school-shooting-suspect-nikolas-cruz-member-white-nationalist-militia-tallahassee-leader-say/341751002/
  3. In a move described as sexist by actual grid girls, Formula 1 has decided to remove grid girls from future races in the hopes of hiding how ugly the angel hoop actually is. I can only imagine it will be prettier than the racing where they are now only allowed 3 engines. Pit crews should be happy with 7 tyre compounds now meaning things are more likely to get decided in pits. My interest was slowly waning anyway...
  4. Who will win the Batman by-election? Ged or the Greens? I'm guessing Shorten would have to jump to the left to try to hold. Liberal preferences gave it to ALP last election but I understand there wont be a Liberal running this time. I'm guessing Susan Lamb in Qld will cause another by-election where Shorten would have to jump back to the right. Might be the ALP need to give up the inner cities to the Greens as there is no other party the Greens will align with to hold power and spend their time/money on the working class suburbs and regions. Would mean Batman goes to the Greens giving a greater chance of ALP holding Longman. Might also mean a more formal ALP/Greens alliance like Gillard ran and Tassie did for a long time. Might stand them in better stead come Victorian election later in the year too. I also see similar issues in the LNP/Coalition trying to pull together economic liberals, conservatives and country nationals. Difference being they don't compete in lower house seats. It tends to come out more in backstabbing and internal issues and every party seems to have that. Another reason to add to the long list of why disillusionment in major parties is climbing. In March there are the Tasmanian and South Australian elections (assuming they can keep the lights on). Might be that Jacqui Lambie and Nick Xenophon actually decide who runs each state.
  5. With. It has been recognized for a long time that half of New Zealand lies on the Australian plate
  6. The Pacific plate is carrying Hawaii northwest-ish. Not the quickest route but it is closer to Norway each year, which is moving a lot slower in an arc towards Hawaii. Unfortunately Australia is slowly headed towards the northern hemisphere craziness.
  7. The cause of his disappearance is unknown but the defection to china in a submarine is one of the more amusing parts of Australian political folklore. Usually gets ruined at dinner parties by the guy nobody remembers inviting.
  8. Yeah sure, whatever you want to believe but while you're at it, tell the Canadians drop bears aren't real.
  9. Nowhere near enough really. There is the odd one but they're usually local politicians rather than anyone important, unfortunately. Plus if we started arresting politicians here we might cause an international incident as most are agents for another country. We once lost a Prime Minister via submarine to China and an Iranian Australian senator recently said he would not contest next election as he is owned by Chinese interests. I can't remember how many but the high court is going through some politicians to check they aren't citizens of another country. Already lost a few. Politicians are a joke here as much as, if not more than, everywhere else.
  10. I hope they keep that innings in mind knowing that Australia can crumble quite easily too. Not that it looks like happening but if they do get a bit above 100 in front, they might be in with a chance... if only for the weather. Bairstow and Malan are in the right form to get them there. ETA: Apparently the groundstaff had money on a draw as well
  11. Glad they made 400 rather than just under, bit of a milestone. Even though I shouldn't judge the pitch until both sides have batted, I can still only see a draw.
  12. The WACA has definitely lost the pace and bounce it once had. Recent shield matches suggest it'll be flat. Since England's loss there in 2013, 2014 there was no test at WACA, 2015 Aus and NZ played a draw where Australia declared twice, and SA won against an underprepared Australia that scored 361 chasing 539 in the last innings. Given its the last test there, I hope they can serve up something interesting for the bowlers. If England can snag a win, the boxing day test will be great to watch. Unfortunately, I think it will be a draw and the bowlers will be exhausted by the end.
  13. 20-20 hindsight maybe. Ali just fell. Into the tail now. Hopefully its not just short stuff again
  14. An interesting start to the afternoon. Series done?
  15. Australia being the only test team to lose after enforcing the follow on is a crazy stat, even if we hadn't done it 3 times. I worry every time we do it