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  1. I heard a suggestion at lunch that might work, someone needs to tweet (the new method of negotiating internationally apparently) a map of Australia highlighting that Canberra has gone it alone by personally and repeatedly insulting both Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump and is refusing to back down. I do not think it will be hard to find leaders in Canberra publically doing so on the record. We just need to time it with a lawyers conference.
  2. Has anyone seen the wording of the question? I do hope it is not exclusionary of the polyamorous, objectum sexuality and otherkin communities by restricting marriage to just two people. However its worded, I would be surprised if SSM/Marriage equality didn't get up, even if todays youth don't know how to post a letter. I agree with the waste of money, governments don't treat it as someone else's money like they should. In other news about governments and religion working together for great results, keep the synagogues away as someone apparently likes blowing them up so the council and the court now stops them being built. I look forward to the day we can follow in Indonesia's footsteps and really stop anyone being offended for any reason and hence improve safety.
  3. Its almost as if the urban dictionary definition of SJW is true. Really, I mean how is anyone seriously expected to judge the quality of a show without a comprehensive understanding the writers/creators standing in the oppression Olympics? This is 2017 after all.
  4. I think its hilarious. The expected reaction from the usual snowflakes means its got more attention than it would otherwise. Great marketing. I wont watch it unless there are some good reviews across the board. If just one group like it (SJWs, Alt-right or whoever) then its likely to be crap.
  5. Thank you for the concern however misplaced. Your mental health tips may be of use in another thread, or even on a university campus
  6. I think we call all agree with Riz Ahmed who has previously explained that lack of diversity on TV drives people to Isis. I can see his point in regards to the new doctor but I find it hard not to wonder if he isn't just mansplaining.
  7. Week, Forever judging people by their look, tsk. C'mon, its 2017!! Did they even check her privilege? A final quote from Anita sounding like it could be from an infamous historical figure talking about solutions: Obviously the casting of the new doctor is racist, cisnormative and bipedalnormative. There are so many other terms I want to include but am triggered by her use of "etc" and the blatant diversity erasure perpetuated.
  8. Didn't go far enough, apparently. Identity politics is awesome in its hilarity
  9. Much to my, and I am sure others, surprise. Gotta give him credit for facing up to things.
  10. Each and every individual has a different experience regardless. I would prefer the best person for the role. In seemingly unrelated news an exemplary example of how out of touch those enjoying the public purse can be, I see a Senator had a whale of a time at the taxpayers expense recently. Unsurprisingly, she refuses to answer when the progeny’s ticket was booked in case it proves she is actually a seer and able to see in advance that her daughter was to be sick that day and unable to attend school. Luckily we were there to foot the bill for that flight as well as everything else. Not to stick to just whale watching though, someone who “never wanted to become a stereotypical politician” also visited Byron Bay for Splendour in the Grass and then Sydney for Mardi Gras, again all on the public purse. Don’t believe for one second this is limited to only a few or even just one side. Rorts like this are widespread, who can forget Susssan Ley, Tony Burke, Bronnie’s helicopter and countless others. Its almost as if with every new release of expenses, there is another set of evidence that when there’s public money around, politicians rush like pigs to a trough.
  11. Yes, I would not like to be hired for any reason other than merit especially if it be because I tick a few boxes on their diversity targets. What do you mean by "Thought processes and backgrounds". Only gender and ethnic background were stripped from the CVs which I thought legally we weren't allowed discriminate based on, except for certain circumstances. I agree many companies face similar problems to the APS although shit ones not lucky enough to leech off the taxpayer tend to go under. I would like to draw your attention to the rest of the quote you picked:
  12. Leaders of the Public Service in Australia have been told to stop recruiting on merit, this combined with the recent audit concerning poor performers explains how so many public service systems are screwed. Luckily they have all our health records secure.
  13. What was your verdict? I always think the Yamazaki 12 is expensive due to rarity but the older Japanese whiskeys I like more than most older scotch I have tried. My partner prefers Auchentoshan over Yamazaki whereas I am the opposite and the price difference is a lot. I had an Old Putenay 21 at a dinner last week and was very impressed but again, I thought the Yamazaki 18 was a little better. I would love to have both really. I always think the Nikka is like rocket fuel although its not bad for cask strength stuff. The Tokinoka is a bit light for me and the Hakushu seems like a lower quality yamazaki (although I've only tried one hakushu). The only other one I've had a bottle of was Hibiki and I thought I could get better value for money from a Monkey Shoulder or similar. One scotch I was introduced to the other night that I thought was good is a Balvenie Caribbean Cask if you ever get the chance.
  14. Just said in a presser he is coming back but coughed a few times...
  15. Pell already pulled ill health once to stop a return. I figure he can just hide in the Vatican, right? and if he steps out, he comes home. Won't be coming back I fear. Skase had a lot of money to fight the legal battles, if Pell does step into Italy and get caught, given he was summoned there to fix the finances, will the church protect him if it is likely to be expensive? Doesn't really matter I suppose, considering he wont leave. Wouldn't be the first accused to hide there either. No wonder Christianity's numbers are falling. I think we should tax them too. All religions. Considering its the taxpayer who has to pay to fight to bring them back or fight them in the courts or subsidise their education. might help fixing the budget and if they really do want to peddle their BS here, they can pay just like everyone else.