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  1. Tips on being less handsome

    Stop employing your sparkling wit, utilizing your glorious brain, and being well-read and interesting. Also, support Stephen Harper for Prime Minister.
  2. Sometimes things like this can happen when you say enough is enough and finally choose the devil you don't know! (Written out in full because link button isn't working) Edited for ps - I can't believe that not ready advertising nonsense is actually getting through as a believable key message. I'll direct people to this low budget gem
  3. Aaaaand, this is why, despite Harper, I can still be in love with my Country! :cheers:
  4.     Ooooh, ooooh, I have money in my Paypal acccount!  I'd love to do that in advance so I don't have to worry about it there.  Possibilities...?
  5. Happy birthday Aoife Snow!

    Leos rock!   Happy Birthday! :cheers:
  6. Dating: Not just for mating

      Ooooh, what sizes do those shirts go up to? :D
  7. Happy Birthday Aemon Stark!

    Happy Birthday !  :cheers:  Have some screech for me.  I've yet to kiss a cod (and no that's not a euphamism). :drunk: 
  8. Dating: Not just for the carbon isotopes

    ES - so fun!  He can remember you as a hot teenager, but now he can see you as a hot woman!  :eek: :drool: 
  9. My very own narcissistic and selfish vanity birthday thread....

    Hope you had a good recovery from Phillipalooza! :cheers:
  10. Happy Birthday Mr. X !

    Happy Birthday! :cheers:
  11.   From your keyboard to voters' ears.   Fragile Bird, I was a little shocked to see the obituary here, because that's the mother of a friend of mine.  One of the best written obits ever!
  12. Dating: Not just for the carbon isotopes

      Hell yeah they can!  But I'm not sure the limits constantly projected onto them by others would, in this instance, contribute to feeling respected and seen.
  13. Dating: Not just for the carbon isotopes

    Hey Nestor, with all due respect, I'm thinking there might be a little more cross talk with regards to your posts as well.  Among a number of areas, I think one might be what was already raised - your metaphor seeming to expound the equivalence of preventative locking one's doors when there's likely not a chance of being robbed vs. what many others here have been saying (and likely feel unheard about) is that it's not a simple prophylactic measure just in case something unlikely to happen might.    I think that, although I believe you're aware of what women are saying, and are aware of the dangers, some of us may feel you're not acknowledging the prevalence and quantity of the dangerous/unpleasant experiences, and could see your example as a minimization. 
  14. Dating: Not just for the carbon isotopes

      Um, I'm rather thinking responding to a guy in a wheelchair using a dance metaphor might have been the reason for the response there imho.
  15. Dating: Not just for the carbon isotopes

    Really crappy thing though is that the frickin' tune is so catchy & sticks in my head. It really doesn't help that I'm an unconscious hummer/ singer - sometimes in public.😒