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  1. Risk has been known to end marriages. You might want to consider taking a step back focusing on the fundamentals. Getting back to you and her time with something a little more vanilla until you get your groove back. Perhaps a card game like fish, or a nice game of cribbage.
  2. He was always one of the posters I enjoyed reading and interacting with. He will be missed.
  3. Says the poster I was super lucky to meet in person about 5 years ago when she came to my country! I can say I met my best friend on this board (we would never "work" on paper, and yet she's made my life better by knowing her.) I've had phenomenally close relationships with people for years before I was fortunate enough to meet them in person. And, the great thing about this community - if you're not a total dick wad, they're a fantastic bunch of people who look out for each other. My hubby who was never on the board met up with some of these great people last year at WorldCon - now HE'S the one who is asking when we can meet up again, which trips are we going to plan to meet up with these guys, and of course now he plans to look up BWBers when he travels for work trips! (He's been assimilated.) Again - main point (and don't underestimate how important this is) - DON'T BE A DICK WAD.
  4. Done. Thanks for overseeing this. <3
  5. May I put an order in for 2 ladies shirts please? One 2X and one medium?
  6. Sometimes things like this can happen when you say enough is enough and finally choose the devil you don't know! (Written out in full because link button isn't working) Edited for ps - I can't believe that not ready advertising nonsense is actually getting through as a believable key message. I'll direct people to this low budget gem
  7. Aaaaand, this is why, despite Harper, I can still be in love with my Country! :cheers:
  8.   From your keyboard to voters' ears.   Fragile Bird, I was a little shocked to see the obituary here, because that's the mother of a friend of mine.  One of the best written obits ever!
  9.   Don't know if this will help, but my big malamute head had a huge difficulty with food - just last Xmas we spent a small fortune to finally diagnose him with helacobacter, etc.  We just changed his dog food to Natural Balance, (recommended by our vet) and he's been amazing on it!  It's got very few, good ingredients in it.
  10. In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson, "I'm ba aack!"

  11. I dunno - does Harper still have that support? He's alienated tons of moderate to fairly right conservatives for the crazy fringe, and has made stupid anti-intellectual challenges & mistakes in several areas (ie. Picking a fight with the Supreme Court/lawyers, muzzling environmental information/ scientists & academics, etc.) I admit it may also be more wishful thinking on my part but I do think he's lost a lot more internal support than the PCs let on, much less outside support. E
  12. Hello to fellow Canadians, roxfox & Lynn! Welcome. Also, hi to all the other new people too. :cheers:
  13. As I hadn't heard any discussion of this (probably not enough time to comb through all the threads) I thought I was the only one. I love Peter Dinklage as Tyrion, but I find his bad accent so distracting. It actually snaps me out of enjoying his performances. :frown5:
  14. Mean Mr. Mustard?!?! Where have you been??? And, um, does this mean I get to raz you as a floob? (Mwa haha evil maniacal laugh). Welcome new ones! I came on here after 7 years of lurking and am still here with only minor emotional scarring. ;)
  15. Welcome Brave Companion, from one long-term not a blog lurker to a real writer and poster! Enjoy the site.