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  1. Ok, I know this y’all’s Timberlake, but I’m kind of over Pomade Jesus man... Is that some new shit, you get crowned King and all of a sudden your ass lookin’ like you can’t ride the rides at Space Mountain or some shit?... Kissed By Fire Clegane is bored and throwing rocks at the wights... Back in The Young and the Winterfell, Sansa is up in Arya’s room, I guess looking for the note... http://blacknerdproblems.com/game-of-thrones-recap-beyond-the-wall/
  2. I wanted to be Team White Walker, but I can't after what he did to Viserion. The animal who was more human than the humans. But Rhaegal should defect. Since mama doesn't seem to mind that his brother is gone. Fly off somewhere and wait this mess out.
  3. And unkindness of ravens! I would have liked that. Or a "murder of crows"!
  4. That's Benioff and Weiss. He said it like once in the books. I did think the part where he was fine with being strapped down and naked was funny!
  5. He doesn't really hate them, obviously. He doesn't hate Beric, or Thoros, or Tormund. I don't think you're mean, you have sad eyes. It took Tormund a few seconds to get Sandorspeak.
  6. Poor Bran. Too bad he wasn't involved in the wight hunt, then again, it's a pointless disaster, so...
  7. No... it's about Sansa. His beauty. They keep dropping hints like that, it was them being a little nice for a change.
  8. I had to do it! Winterhell, where all good stories go to die. Poor Arya, I feel for her. One of the few remaining sort of book characters bit the dust. She should have gone off with Nymeria. Anywhere but there.
  9. Hopefully as soon as he gets there, Aryabot hugs Jonbot and then leaves. Can she leave? Welcome to Sandra's Hotel Winterhell... Last thing I remember, I was Running for the door I had to find the passage back to the place I was before 'Relax' said the night man, 'We are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave.'
  10. That also doesn't mean they are true. I didn't even read them, it's easy to write fake ones, and there are always lots of them, until you can verify in some way, it's pointless.
  11. I thought the pretty dresses line was hilarious. What pretty dresses. Black Romulan uniforms.
  12. That was excellent! The raven travel calculations were priceless. Then Dany was hit with winds that were twice as powerful as a category 5 hurricane.
  13. I would if they were on the show... their pod people were acting mighty strange, though.
  14. There's got to be a fly in the love boat ointment when Dany finds out her identity along with her titles is lost because her nephew!lover has a better claim. Even if Jon... aka the one who throws himself on a grenade because that's what he does according to Benioff... is OK with banging his auntie.
  15. I was sadder than she was, and I don't even buy into the show anymore. Viserion did a very brave and noble thing. He put it all on the line to save humanity, and he died for it. That was really sad, one of three of these magical creatures passing in such a way. You'd think mama might be a bit moved. Or have some regrets, like why did she bring all three dragons? Or better yet, she could have gone with her nephew/lover on Drogon, spent the night at a nice inn, made a nice weekend out of the whole catch a wight fiasco.
  16. I looked again just to see if she expressed anything at all, and it looked like she was actually smiling as she rode off. It's like all she cared about was the guy she met a week or so ago. For all the talk of her children, you'd think she'd be devastated, or at least a wee bit bummed.
  17. Well at least we got to see what deadpan grief looks like. Seriously could Dany have looked less grief stricken over losing her "child"...
  18. I guess they didn't want to talk about the Longclaw thing in the outside the episode... the wolf in the pommel closed his eye when Jon was underwater, then opened it when he emerged. (and yeah, I know it was not intentional, that was my point)
  19. Yes, Dany performed the mandatory St. T honoring that's done every episode. (Also Shade of the Lamp paid a visit, she said Jon is "too little" for her...)
  20. In the outside the episode we are told: Sandra is afraid "creepy" Arya is going to murder her, a fear that LF expertly stokes; Jon is the kind of guy who falls on a grenade to save the others, that's what he does; Dany has fallen deeply in lurve in a few episodes, he's not like the other boys (he's her nephew).
  21. Would have been nice if Bran was involved in terms of at least the raven part of the plot. Seems odd that he wasn't.
  22. Lots of little things that didn't make sense, then again, the whole premise of the wight hunt makes no sense, so... I knew Arya was a goner once she checked into Sandra's Hotel Winterhell (you can check out any time you like but you can never leave). I was surprised how sad I was at the death of Viserion, the animal who had more personality than most of the characters. (I did like the nod to Sandor and gingers, though. I'll take what I can get from this show.)
  23. Ha ha ha yes! Jon was working on the Making Friends badge with Drogon, I guess. Don't forget Ghost!