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  1. Just wanted to let you know that The_Geekling and I have decided to come out to Helsinki at the very last minute. We are staying at the Clarion and getting in Tuesday evening and leaving on Sunday morning.
  2. I want to criticize the episode but as the weeks have gone on, (since season 5), I feel less and less. By this week, I am overcome with a feeling of utter numbness. I folded laundry through the entire episode, which I didn't even bother to watch live. I *could have rewound through moments I missed but - meh. I hate everything about Ramsay. They are giving far too much importance and screen time to him. Nothing about him is shocking or upsetting. Bringing Osha back just to kill her. Eh. And she didn't notice the knife? Lame. Just a lame scene. Utterly predictable. I could have predicted the lines when the scene opened up. Boring. Waste of good acting talent. I liked LF manipulating Robin. Apparently guards in Westeros can't guard their lords, but whatever. Just bodies. More part of the set than actors. I think they are over-using the unburnt angle, but I assume dragons are a budget issue, and Dany has gone off and lost hers again. I was okay with that. Dany has her Dothraki army and it isn't run by misogynistic men. I'm down. I enjoyed watching them burn, but maybe I'm like the Mad King. I liked that scene, and I get why they didn't use Drogon, but I was disappointed. I'm guessing that Jorah and Daario dumped some oil everywhere and somehow no one noticed? I'll ignore the plotholes. I guess. It was pretty to watch. I think I missed/glossed over the rest. Larry and Carol mean nothing to me, but if they take out Poppa Sparrow or Smurf or whatever the Septon dude is, I'm down. I heard something about that. I gave they episode a 6 because it was better than previous episodes. It's not terrible, but it's not great. I'm enjoying it much more now. There are good bits and eye-roll worthy bits, but it's fine to do chores to, like all other television. I'm not a TV-watching person to begin with. The show was excellent to begin with, and then it strayed. I shall cherish the beginning for the great television that it was, and accept the mediocrity that it has become. It is no worse than anything else that is out there. The moments they get right are still really great, and I will tune in on the off chance that any given episode might have something shiny for me. If I want entertainment, I will read a book. Such is life.
  3. The wildling girl knows that "see" and "sea" are spelled different... Plothole
  4. The plot holes are insane. I fear for this season. Suddenly Davos is best buds with Mels? And is asking her to perform the magic he has been against? Okie-dokey. Liam Cunningham is such a great actor but what are they doing to Davos. They couldn't have at least thrown those lines to someone else. Theon is going to the kingsmoot. I have $5 that says he climbs into the teleporter and arrives by next episode. Of course the fact that he was the heir and Asha/Yara after apparently means nothing to Priesty. There is a kingsmoot for the Salt Throne, apparently. We will just forget about those succession discussions, no worries. Ramsay Sue and the dogs are shocking and D&D love shock value - although I found the resurrection to be a wee bit anticlimactic. I loved the bit where they went on and on about setting up how the dragons knew and trusted Missandei and then didn't put her near the dragons. But let's just give people useless lines. At this point, I use the Larry and Carol scenes to take a snack break in order to preserve my sanity because I just assume the plotholes and character inconsistencies are so great it will make veins pop out of my I head. This week I made crackers with cheese and sriracha. Yum. I noticed Tommen and the Septon. He's a good actor, but Larry was there so I still had it muted. I have given up. Tommen was trying to be a king and Carol was being weepy. Poor misunderstood Carol. Yummy cheese and crackers. Arya was good. No complaints. They still have source material that they are using to adapt and so having written them self into a black hole.
  5. I think you can think that D&D know what is going to happen in "broad strokes." They have said MANY times that this season is NOT going to spoils the next book. They have taken the story where they want to take it. GRRM is not involved in the writing of any episodes at this point. I am taking it as they know 'generally' that after the end of ADWD Jon is not dead. So they woke him up how they wanted to. To do with him what they know he will 'generally' be doing. I do not think they know the exact details of what happens to Jon so they are writing it as THEY please. After watching how they are handling the rest of it and the giant plot holes they write their characters, I think reading too much into what they write is just going to make me crazy. I am going to assume nothing until I have the book in my hands. I assume they only know 'general' things and 'broad strokes' and are doing whatever they want with it anyway. I do not doubt that the only person who knows what happens to Jon immediately after ADWD is GRRM and his wife and maybe a writer's assistant...
  6. Yes. To all of this. And also, could someone BESIDES Davos had begged Mel for magic. We set up seasons of Davos hating/being afraid of her magic. And then today he 'magically' oh Mels, can't you do a little hocus pocus for us? That line couldn't have been delivered by anyone else? They just assassinated the character they set up.
  7. Well, it's nice to know there are a few minutes that I can sneak to the bathroom if I forget before the show. So that is nice.
  8. poll

    3/10 Bran's visions were good. I hope they are setting us up for more. I liked Arya's scene. That was solid. I was glad to see Thorne get his at last. That was it. It was farrrrr better than last week's episode, that is for sure. I thought it was full of plot holes, but I am getting used to that and trying to focus on what's good and just gloss over the rest.
  9. I am a. Glad that Jon is back, but not convinced he is gone/not just glamoured by Mel... I think UnJon is too cheap and I am prayyyying that GRRM can do better.... b. Loved the flashbacks with bran and hope it is setting up more of Lyanna's backstory or at least setting up TOJ. Looking forward to that. Hopefully they get it right. c. Loved Arya. Looking forward to her development. d. Loved that the wildlings came to Jon's aid to defend his honor and Thorne finally got his. I'm wondering what the effect Jon's second coming will have on Mel and the wildlings. Is he removed from the NW now? I could care less about the rest of the show/characters at this point tbh.
  10. They broke the internet. And ewww UnJon. I pray to Rhllor that GRRM does not make UnJon.
  11. I hate everything about how they are doing this, but I am also glad that they are doing this "Weisseroff" style so that the books will still be rich and done right and still surprising and unspoiled. Also, I bet she fails because shocking...
  12. I loved the Bran flashbacks and I am glad that Saint Tyrion didn't go the way of Quentin. Really excited for the Arya arc. At least this part seems to still be in tact.
  13. Thank you for this. This made the last ten minutes of my life utterly enjoyable and full of mirth.
  14. I definitely think Doran got 'shafted' worse. What was the point of even casting him/bringing him into the show if they were going to make him as insignificant as ornate hilt with out a blade. A chair without a seat. A car without an engine or wheels. Why did they even go to Dorne at all? Stannis got a raw deal but at least he had a storyline leading up to it. What happened in Dorne was just pretty costumes and pretty girls and shiny swords.
  15. The ending credits were nice. I like the theme song too. I always have. Liam Cunningham. Ghost. The credits. Arya's contact lenses. The sky.