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  1. Or when he said that he was not working on anything but TWOW and then less than a year later it turns out he spent a couple of months editing a Wildcards novel. GRRM says a lot of things I am sure he means at the time. But history tells the story that GRRM is prone to change his mind often.
  2. 2019 is optimistic. I've suspected for some time that he has stopped writing TWOW and wants the show to finish before he resumes. This is because GRRM revels in the shocks and surprises and the show has taken that away from him. So now he needs to come up with an alternative ending to what he originally had and he needs to see what the show exactly reveals before changing the story. The other material also makes sense. With HBO potentially running AGOT spin offs. GRRM doesn't want TV shows to reveal even more lore before he does so that will be his priority now. Basically give up on ASOIAF. It's never being finished. I think we've all known that for a long time.
  3. And ADWD. If they had the entire series to base upon before they even started I wonder how else they'd have cut out. The inner workings of the Iron Born and Dorne aren't necessary in either the books or the show. The answer to the original question is now an obvious one. The show will have an ending to the story. The books will never be finished. The pacing of the show is generally better than the pacing of the books too because they can cut out the book bloat where required. The problem is now they're on their own their pacing is too fast and is as bad as the books are slow.....
  4. Awful character. Nothing more to say really. He is a cartoon villain and his absurdity seems completely out of place within the tale. Hopefully he'll die very early on and we can get back to the characters we care about.
  5. I almost forgot to add! Nice of someone in Eastwatch to send a raven to Castle Black to tell them to hang on in there because Stannis has just arrived with an army! But then that would have spoiled the surprise....
  6. Debating with you is pointless because you simply accuse people of being stupid or lying when they disagree with you. Thanks for the link. I'll have to try and dig out the interview I saw where he talked about writing it. As for the plot holes involving the Others? Some may be explained further down the line but off the top of my head? Royce, Will and Gared are only a few days ride from the Wall when the Others kill Royce. There were a few Others that did the butchery and then Will was turned. All this happens years before the end of ADWD. So the Others are already that close to the Wall and yet won't launch an attack. The counter argument to this is they are either waiting for Winter to arrive (although it has been confirmed the seasons are supernatural and therefore the Others may actually be the ones who bring the Winter) or to build up their forces by killing off as many Wildlings as possible. If it's the former, fine. If it's the latter then the idea is forced for convenience. Gared somehow makes it over the Wall. Only he'll ever know how. Apparently this veteran of the Watch was terrified by what he saw and had some kind of PTSD. It's a massive stretch a respected NW veteran wouldn't have gone back to Castle Black to report on what he witnessed. Uncle Benjen goes missing and conveniently it's the two men that went missing with him that are found dead near the Wall (not surprising considering the Others have been so close to the Wall for a long time but done sweet FA about it, but slightly surprising that no living Rangers have actually spied their Wights up to this point). But then maybe the Others are doing all they can to keep their presence a secret. In which case they royally fucked up by allowing the two Wights to roam so close to Castle Black. Their corpses are brought back to Castle Black where they re-animate and kill people. At this point you'd think Mormont would be sending ravens throughout the entire world to let people know that he just survived an assassination attempt by an undead assassin. People would certainly be likely to initially ignore it (except maybe the Mormont family? Just fucking maybe they might care?!) but I am sure that Mormont would want to impress on everyone the severity of this and would keep sending out Ravens that those that didn't respond. And also send out Ravens to those that DID respond but refused to help or called him a nutter. After several Raven communications I am also pretty sure that at some point the recipient Lordling would be of the mind "Oh FFS, not another Raven. OK already. I'll send an envoy up to see what the fuck is going on.". But no. No one is even talking about it! And speaking of envoys, surely the NW would at least send riders to the Northern holdfasts to tell them what happened if no one bothered to respond by raven? So Mormont sends Thorne down to King's Landing with the Wight hand. Did Thorne show this to anyone on the way? Or anyone else at King's Landing? Or for the sake of the plot was he just too fucking stupid and determined to show it to no one but the King? Wouldn't Varys and/or Littlefinger find out about the hand? Between them they seem to know everything else no matter how unlikely (that's another massive plot convenience but let's not go there!). Tyrion acts like an idiot and his intrigue as to why Thorne would have been sent down to KL isn't there (how convenient!) so predictably the hand rots. Tyrion chooses to ignore all of Thorne says (convenient!). Maybe he thinks that fabled big joke Mormont has sent Thorne to KL as a lark. Anyway, back on to Benjen's wights. Where the fuck is Benjen anyway? Very convenient that it's his two companions that show up dead, thus preserving the mystery of what happened to poor old Benjen (my personal hope is that he has been turned into an Other!). But how did the two companions end up there? I've heard several theories over the years. Benjen planted them there to be found by his Brothers. Obviously nonsense of course because if he had done that why not just walk up to Castle Black and tell them rather than play clue. The Others put them there to be found and be assassins. Again highly unlikely as if the plan was to kill the Lord Commander all that would happen is a new one would be chosen and now the realms of men know about the undead. So the most simple explanation is the obvious one. It's good for the story and nothing more than that. So, dumb old Mormont decides not to heckle the realm into submission. He'd much rather lead the already under strength watch on a ranging to find out what the Wildlings are up to and what else is out there. And yes, he is going to lead them himself. Interestingly he talks about wishing he'd asked the Wildlings why they burned their dead. Which is a bit daft because I am 100% sure that the NW would already know the superstitions behind such things. Especially as we know there is "traffic" between the NW and the Wildlings. Maybe everyone else knew but just declined to tell Mormont. Speaking of declining to tell anyone. Mance Rayder, the King beyond the Wall who united the Wildlings BECAUSE of the threat of the Others (and because Eddard knew who he was, this had presumably started happening a good few years before the start of AGOT) didn't once think to himself "hang on, maybe we should send envoys to the Wall to see if they'll let us pass?!". Or maybe form a truce? Nope, despite apparently being a bit savvy he decides that's not the best course of action at all and does everything secret squirrel so he can approach the Wall en masse and bust through it (thus losing his protection against the Others) instead. Anyway, Mormont's ranging does not go according to plan. But now the NW knows the Others do exist! Do they repeatedly send Ravens begging for help and taking no for an answer? Do they send riders to the northern holdfasts warning all and sundry? Do the smallfolk relentlessly talk about what they heard what is going on at the Wall (they seem to bloody know an awful lot about everything else, even if it's a bit warped through Chinese whispers!)? Thanks to the NW sending out hundreds of ravens the realm is awash with rumour and gossip about the Wall. The smallfolk, the lords, the ladies are all talking about it! Oh hang on. No. No one gives a shit. Not even remotely curious. Not a single person in the entire realm. Except for some poor sap that's learning to read....... Which leads us to Stannis's ninjas. No one knows the haunted forest like the free folk! They even have an eye in the sky, presumably patrolling for miles around to ensure they don't get flanked by another Night's Watch force coming from one of the other castles. Except they fail to spot or hear about a heavily armoured army that spends a few days marching from Eastwatch along the Wall. As it happens the Others seem to ignore this army as well. How lucky is that?!
  7. That's wishful thinking on your part. It is entirely possible that GRRM may change his original ending though.
  8. 1) Dany arriving at Dragonstone. 2) A lot of people seem to think there will be a second Dance of the Dragons with Dany vs Aegon in the books. I disagree. If there is a second dance it will be vs the Others who will have a Dragon in their possession. Therefore I actually think Aegon will NOT successfully conquer Westeros (my money is on him siding with Dorne but then a grayscale plague causing decimation of his armies) and I am certain that Cersei will be the Queen of Westeros when Dany arrives. Aegon, and what is left of his forces, will join Dany. Or it could be the fate she gave to the Tarlys is what she'll do to Aegon. 3) I think it's obvious that Jon and Dany are going to get together. I don't mind that. What I do mind is that Jon will probably become King in the North. And that probably means the Battle of the Bastards will happen and that Jon will go to Dany to try and persuade her to join his cause against the Others. 4) The mission to capture a Wight may happen. I actually think that may well happen in the books. Although it wouldn't be the same individuals who do the ranging. It may even involve Davos sailing up the coast (so we get it all from his POV). There is little sense of urgency in the books about the impending Others invasion so GRRM can easily take his time and not have to worry about people teleporting everywhere. The reason why it's not as absurd as people think is because no one believes these things exist and it would be the fastest and easiest way to make people see (this whole thing is the biggest plot hole in the books and has been since the very first Bran chapter). 5) I think the Wall will come down at Eastwatch in the books and not (just?) Castle Black. There is a very good chance it will be a turned Dragon that does the majority of the damage. 6) Arya will kill the Freys. That will be the main pay off about Nymeria and the Wolf Pack. 7) Sansa and Littlefinger will be in Winterfell and it will be Sansa that condemns Littlefinger to death.
  9. It truly isn't. With five spin offs potentially being mooted GRRM will be very busy. He can't afford for yet another TV show to be the canon medium for his tale or world building. The first volume of Fire and Blood is his priority now.
  10. Do you have a link of that confirmation? Because I remember at the time GRRM specifically said he wrote it as lip service to fans who often asked him who'd win a fight between Bronn and the Hound. There is nothing wrong with Jorah seeing Tyrion on a Brothel in Volantis. Yes, the odds are pretty high. But what is "convenient" is how often in the story it happens. It's funny because, justifiably, people have been annoyed at all the teleporting in the latest season. The reason people are annoyed is because Westeros is meant to be huge. And yet despite this huge size the chance meeting that characters keep having is quite absurd. But I am not even talking about minor things like that. I'm talking about huge plot holes that to enjoy the story you simply have to ignore. Most of them occur at the Wall or involve the Others. The pacing of that part of the story is dreadful as is the convenience that no one seems to give a shit. And the scrapped five year gap can't even be blamed for that because GRRM was writing ADWD with the 5 year gap for quite some time after ASOS before he decided to scrap it.
  11. I think you're debating apples vs oranges. Firstly the show is based on the books. Based is the right word. It's not an adaptation of the books. Secondly I'd expect a show that is based on the books to be reasonably faithful to the main plot of the books but I wouldn't expect it to be particularly faithful to minor details. For example if they had changed the names of all the houses in the North other than Stark? That would be fine. The impact on the story is minimal. If they decided to leave out Dragons when the Dragons are integral to the story? That wouldn't be fine as the show would no longer be based on the books.
  12. Let's be completely honest. Most people don't care. People on forums like this do because we are a lot more passionate about the books/show than 99.9% of the viewers. Ironically I think a lot of this passion has come about because of the long waits between books. It's the speculating of what means what that has kept us going back to the books over and over again. And by going back over and over again we have minor characters memorised. We know who the GreatJon is for example. The average book reader wouldn't. If you had only ever read the books through once and then he appeared again a lot of readers, unless obviously prompted, wouldn't even remember who he was or who the Umbers are. So in the TV show, minor character motives are generally irrelevant and not every action has to be justified with some kind of logic. The viewers aren't children (and even then I'd question if every motive had to be clearly defined) and I think one of the reasons GRRM has got himself into such a pickle with the books is because he seems determined to justify so many viewpoints and actions that really don't need to be justified to make the story enjoyable.
  13. Regarding the Umbers. This is the show, the books are the books. I think a lot of people who have read the books automatically think the motivations for their TV counterparts should be the same as the books. But this has never been a 100% faithful adaptation and some things simply aren't that important. To appease book readers maybe they should have had a Karstark hand him over but what's in a name really? The dialogue has definitely changed since they can longer paraphrase or adopt lines from the book. I quite enjoy some of it even though it's obvious such conversations would never take place in the books. E.g. the Usual Suspects style of interaction between the "Go Get a Wight Adventure Party" was excellent dialogue but was out of place in AGOT? Most of it was IMO. That said it was also very akin to the type of conversation that Bronn & Hound had in the Blackwater episode and that dialogue was written by GRRM himself. I think it's become "cool" to be overly critical of the show and the media usually follow (or try to) what is cool. Flipping it on its head I thought the praise the show got in the early seasons was completely over the top too. Probably again because it was cool to like the show. As for plot holes and logic fails, almost every story has them but especially stories set in fantastical worlds. A lot of things happen conveniently in both the books and in the show. But it's that convenience that moves (or should move!) the plot on.
  14. I thought the same, just unleash the Dragon's on the Red Keep but I think you just nailed it. It's not very honourable and if she had done that then there is also a very strong chance that she and the others also wouldn't have made it out alive.
  15. I think you have to take a lot with a pinch of salt because of the unrealistic (supernatural) way the seasons work in Westeros. In reality if you had 7 years of winter then hardly any life could be sustained. Especially the kind of winters they talk about the North of having. Even if Westeros had normal seasons the population of the North wouldn't be that big, despite it's geographical area. Most of the North seems uninhabitable in that kind of era with that kind of technology. In medieval times the countries in Europe that had a similar climate (basically Scandinavian countries) had very small populations comparative to Southern Europe and most of those populations were sustained around coastal areas. In reality it's unlikely the North would even be able to sustain 1m people as Westeros is meant to be huge and vast sums of food would need to be imported to sustain that kind of population.