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  1. I think Aegon's a red herring and will never sit the Iron Throne, primarily because Cersei's prophecy about one more beautiful casting her down. I don't think that describes Aegon.....
  2. Jamie and Cersei weren't originally POV characters in the books so I think their importance is over rated by many. The show may do things differently but a quick look at her prophecies..... 1) Queen you shall be... until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear. 2) and three for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds, she said. And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you. The assumption is Dany will take everything she holds dear (and now all her kids are dead in the show that would be her Crown and Jamie) and only then will she be killed. My personal view is that Jamie will kill her as she is killing him (after he goes over to Dany's side) and that she'll die a few seconds before Jamie does. My prediction is based on a lot of foreshadowing in the books, rather than the show. Will that be the final act of the story? I don't think so because as I state above, neither were POV characters initially. Also when the books were going to be a trilogy the second book was going to focus on Dany's return to Westeros. The final book was going to be the Others invasion.
  3. Let's be fair here. He had pulled himself out of that pity party by the end and had joined Ben. Must've been all that pig riding and Penny interaction we all loved reading about......
  4. 1) You're probably right. We'd probably have had two or three novels of setting it up, interwoven with new characters, subplots and a lot of travelling. 2) I say probably have had because it's highly unlikely we'll ever find out. Dany and Jon won't meet up in TWOW (by the looks of it Dany will still be in Meereen by the end of the TWOW, maybe even only just getting back to Meereen after her Dothraki adventure). Right now I'd say the odds of us getting TWOW are around 50%. The chance of us getting ADOS are practically 0%. The chance that the series would be completed in two more books is also practically 0%. So basically, enjoy the wooden show. It's all you've got.
  5. Totally this. All character development should now be done. All political plots (which only existed to weaken Westeros to make the Others invasion more dramatic anyway) should now have been played out. It's time for the prophecies to be fulfilled and for the story to be dominated by the war for the dawn.
  6. But that couldn't be done because the series the show is based on wasn't finished. Also you can't pay actors a high salary to be on hiatus for a year.
  7. A TV show such as AGOT needs to keep the pacing high and more importantly should increase the pacing per series to a mind blowing climatic conclusion. The books need to be the same really. The second half of ASOS was breath taking and the show adaptation was too. If you then slow it down on the show to the meandering pace of those books (which would have taken 3 or 4 seasons if adapted closely)? People would lose interest and viewing figures would drop. People were already complaining how long it was taking Dany to get to Westeros. Just imagine if they'd had another 3 or 4 seasons of it. The pacing of the books is really poor. Primarily because GRRM didn't think through the 5 year plan well enough. That really shows in AFFC and ADWD and would have really shown up in the TV show. Of course if the TV show had access to all the source material in advance it would have been able to plan itself better also. It was obvious just how frustrated HBO were that GRRM didn't get TWOW out in time to be adapted.
  8. I've read all the books several times. It's no surprise that the story telling went down hill from that point because AFFC is a poor back (that would have translated terribly to TV) and ADWD is just downright awful. After that there is no source material....
  9. It has many subplots. But there is a core story. It's about the song of ice and fire. It's the definition of ice and fire that's up for interpretation. Does ice mean Bran and Arya, fire Dany and Tyrion with Jon bridging both? Does it mean just Jon and Dany? Or does it really mean Jon (who is both ice and fire)? But there are enough hints in the books and show where they make it clear who the "real" enemy is. The squabbles of man are nothing. In the books and show the main reason for those squabbles is a plot device to weaken the realm so that when the Others break through all seems lost until the heroes save the day (the age of heroes). I think the twist will be that as soon as the threat is over mankind will revert to type and the game of thrones will begin again with man learning zero lessons from the recent past or the self sacrifice some of the heroes have to make.
  10. And you'd have had an unlimited pot of money?
  11. It's a very difficult job with the source material only going to halfway through. I'd have almost certainly cut out (or killed off) more characters though. But good TV isn't the same as a good book and I doubt the showrunners would change much themselves given how insanely popular the show has become. Even now they are off the source material the show is as popular as ever, if not more so!
  12. For life with very little freedom. And the people being sent to the Wall were all sorts. Soldiers on the losing side are criminals? The choice given was usually death or maiming vs joining the Night's Watch for the rest of your days away from your friends and family. So basically no choice at all. The Night's Watch is forced conscription and there are no degrees of punishment. Murder someone? Take the black. Steal an apple from a Lord's tree? Lose a hand or take the black etc.
  13. The funny thing is that taking the black is akin to slavery. I always found that ironic with the whole Eddard and Jorah situation.
  14. Yes, it's a fantasy show. And like action movies etc. it means that the normal rules to life don't apply. Books and show there are loads of examples of people doing extraordinary things that in real life would be highly unlikely.
  15. The assumption would be they have drowned. It's hard to say what the most unrealistic thing in the show is. Dragons, the Undead, UnGregor etc. All very unrealistic.