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  1. I think it's a salient point you make and it is one I have wondered about too. GRRM is a liberal and the attitude to certain things have changed massively even over last decade. One of the best things about the books (well the first four anyway) was the nuance and subtlety, but keeping it realistic and gritty in terms of mirroring Westeros as medieval Europe in terms of ignorance and prejudice. Renly is a great example of this. His character was brilliantly written. I have wondered whether GRRM is struggling and rewriting to shoehorn in more inclusivity. He could probably weave in another male major character as coming out of the closet or discovering "new" feelings, but he is going to struggle to introduce the significant amount of major characters to fulfill the persons of colour quota that will surely be demanded (and that he will almost certainly be trying to do given his own political persuasions) without bloating the story even more. He'll probably have to find some kind of way in the Dany arc, and make sure they end up on the righteous side at the end. He'll also have to try and weave into the story prejudice against them. Maybe he'll add a few in the Golden Company and turn one of them into a POV character.
  2. Source? Certainly not what I read in an interview from GRRM. Book 4, dealt with Dany's arrival in Westeros. Book 5, the battle with the others. Book 6, dealt with the aftermath of the battle with the Others (which we now know what that is about).
  3. Dany will arrive in Westeros before the Others breach the Wall. GRRM confirmed that much almost 20 years ago now when book four (after the five year gap) was going to start with Dany landing on the shores of Westeros. The pacing of the Others (and Westeros's reaction to their presence) has been a thorn in the side since the first book. It was GRRM's biggest pacing misstep.
  4. I'll see if I can dig them out. He didn't specifically say it was about the twist but it was pretty obvious that was what he was referring too. The interview was from this year.
  5. I thought it was already pretty obvious that GRRM has backtracked on his twist and it won't be used? He made a reference a while ago about him having an idea that ended up going into a rabbit hole so he had to scrap it and go back again. That was the twist.
  6. He is an awful character in the books. He was very poor in the TV show too, but in the books he is just a pointless terrible cardboard cut out villain.
  7. The endings for the major characters left (POVs from the first book) will be the same. Bran "the Builder" will be installed as King and rebuild Westeros but I don't think book Bran is going to become some all seeing and all powerful robot of a character. Sansa will become Queen of the North, but the way she'll achieve it will be far more machiavellian. She'll engineer the situation so that she can obtain power and I think the show has white washed her following the criticism of amalgamating her story with Jeyne Pooles. Arya will leave Westeros to seek new adventures. It does fit with her personality and I think she'll be disillusioned about the whole thing. Jon, not sure there is a need for a 1000th Lord Commander and the show didn't make it clear whether he was deserting the Night's Watch or merely escorting the Wildlings back North of the wall. But I think he'll end up back there at the end of the books. I don't think Ghost will be alive at this stage though. Tyrion, will end up Hand. Dany, will be killed by Jon after she's gone tonto. I'd have been interested in seeing what sent her over the edge though as I don't think it'll be Missendei being beheaded (although that would be very powerful giving how much younger she is in the books). And a special mention for...... Cersei / Jaime - Will die together, but I still think Jaime will kill her. Cersei will take the Iron Throne early in TWOW and will hold it until Dany comes to "cast her down".
  8. The valonqar prophecy doesn't exist in the show. They did have the "until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear," line though. But that prophecy has never made sense. "All" that Cersei holds dear would include Joffrey.
  9. He is a minor character. As GRRM has said before, the story is about the "children". Primarily the Targ children, the Stark children and the Lannister children. That's who to care about because that's who the story is about.
  10. Yes, because she is one of the original cast members. And only Missendei will ever know what she meant by that. Whether she meant kill everyone or whether it was a throwback to when she was freed.
  11. She was awful in the show. I didn't think much of her in the books, but they ruined her in the show.
  12. You're going to have to remove that rating I'm afraid, because the Ballista weren't Euron's idea!
  13. It really hasn't. And she isn't going to be 100% insane. It's when the "Dragon is woken" that she has those moments and they've been getting more and more frequent throughout the show. The main thing is historically we've seen them rage against unknowns or people we don't care about. For the first time we are seeing how her temper and harsh judgements affect characters we know and/or care about.
  14. Best episode of the season so far. A few nods to show only things and a lot of book predictions from years ago clearly coming to fruition. 21 years after I first read AGOT, closure is on its way!
  15. Remove the words "that bullshit" and you're spot on!
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