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  1. Ser Gareth

    TWOW in July 2020 seems ever more likely

    If he still sticks to the principle that he doesn't write when travelling, then I doubt we'll see it in 2020. He has had a very packed year this year and been on the road a lot. And House of the Dragon has almost certainly driven the final nail into the series coffin. Seems history is due to repeat itself and "projects" are going to take priority over finishing the books. Even if by some miracle we do get TWOW, the chances of getting ADOS are zero if GRRM is working other projects.
  2. Ser Gareth

    GRRM WoW Twist

    I'll see if I can dig them out. He didn't specifically say it was about the twist but it was pretty obvious that was what he was referring too. The interview was from this year.
  3. Ser Gareth

    GRRM WoW Twist

    I thought it was already pretty obvious that GRRM has backtracked on his twist and it won't be used? He made a reference a while ago about him having an idea that ended up going into a rabbit hole so he had to scrap it and go back again. That was the twist.
  4. Ser Gareth

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    He is an awful character in the books. He was very poor in the TV show too, but in the books he is just a pointless terrible cardboard cut out villain.
  5. Ser Gareth

    Good news? Bad news?

    My subjective view is that we've had two fantastic books (AGOT & ASOS), one very good book (ACOK), one just about average book (AFFC) and a poor one (ADWD). I'd love to read the endings he had planned for us, but ultimately I'm not that bothered. It's been 18 years since he released a quality ASOIAF book and the last two were well below par. Even if TWOW does come out, from the sample chapters alone, I am confident that it won't be anywhere near the quality of the first three books. I just wish he'd put us out of our misery one way or another by releasing the damn book or publicly admitting defeat.
  6. Ser Gareth

    The role of the Uncast - was important after all?

    To bring Winterfell down, yes. After that? Not really. At least not from what the show has shown us or the lack of anything worthwhile from his ADWD chapters.
  7. Ser Gareth

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    For a few years, maybe even a generation. Then the cycle will begin again. The tribalism of the human race.
  8. Ser Gareth

    Is Danys story the reason TWOW is delayed?

    The reason the story is delayed is because GRRM has a lot of distractions and has clearly lost passion for writing the story.
  9. I think D&D handled this really badly, or they white washed her after such negative criticism in her Jeyne Poole plot. But I think Sansa will be way more machiavellian in the books and she'll play the game of thrones to win the Northern Crown. It won't just be handed to her because she says the Northern Lords won't accept it. And I think part of the chaos she'll sew will be to plant those divisive seeds between Jon and Dany, and to feed Dany's paranoia. Also I think she won't be at all apologetic about sending Jon to the Wall. I think she'll ensure he is out of the way. Arya learned to become a FM. Bran the Greenseer. Sansa the best GOT player left in the kingdom. That's the training they were meant to receive in their five year gap.
  10. GRRM's plan immediately after ASOS was: ADWD - Starts five years after ASOS ends and begins with Dany arriving at Westeros and the lands reaction to arrival (presumably arriving at a time when Queen Cersei and (f)Aegon were at war with one another). TWOW - The war against the Others and I guess now we now Dany too. A Time for Wolves (working title) - The aftermath of the war and presumably the initial reigns of Queen Sansa and King Bran. Since then GRRM has confirmed that events in ADOS will now cover the events originally planned for ADWD and TWOW and that A Time for Wolves has been dropped all together. I think setting up the Others as some massive force and then having them removed in some understated way is something GRRM would relish. It would be very "Eddard" if in the books it was like "Is that it?" when they are beaten.
  11. Ser Gareth

    The cast's reaction to the script

    He is to the Iron Born. He is like a one man charisma machine, having them fall under his thrall even though he displays all the characteristics of a culture the Iron Born would hate. And if the foreshadowing is true, he'll bring down a Dragon too. Maybe he'll have it perch on his shoulder whilst GRRM is indulging us all a lit bit further in torture porn, "Shiver me timbers!".
  12. Ser Gareth

    Loose Ends

    I think the FM will play a larger part in the books for sure. I think they're working to stop the Great Other too and that H'qar being around when Arya was with Yoren was no mistake. In the show they let her go. One would have to assume that Daario won't make it in the books but in the show he must be pretty pissed! I think it is safe to say that Ellaria Sand is dead.
  13. Ser Gareth

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    The endings for the major characters left (POVs from the first book) will be the same. Bran "the Builder" will be installed as King and rebuild Westeros but I don't think book Bran is going to become some all seeing and all powerful robot of a character. Sansa will become Queen of the North, but the way she'll achieve it will be far more machiavellian. She'll engineer the situation so that she can obtain power and I think the show has white washed her following the criticism of amalgamating her story with Jeyne Pooles. Arya will leave Westeros to seek new adventures. It does fit with her personality and I think she'll be disillusioned about the whole thing. Jon, not sure there is a need for a 1000th Lord Commander and the show didn't make it clear whether he was deserting the Night's Watch or merely escorting the Wildlings back North of the wall. But I think he'll end up back there at the end of the books. I don't think Ghost will be alive at this stage though. Tyrion, will end up Hand. Dany, will be killed by Jon after she's gone tonto. I'd have been interested in seeing what sent her over the edge though as I don't think it'll be Missendei being beheaded (although that would be very powerful giving how much younger she is in the books). And a special mention for...... Cersei / Jaime - Will die together, but I still think Jaime will kill her. Cersei will take the Iron Throne early in TWOW and will hold it until Dany comes to "cast her down".
  14. Ser Gareth

    The cast's reaction to the script

    I'm just not partial to man with blue lips, an eye patch, a mute crew, who likes to sodomise boys and is ridiculously cruel and unstoppable.
  15. Ser Gareth

    The Six Kingdoms

    Which is what always happens. It's like the myth the seven kingdoms were peaceful once united. Whether it be a generation after this lot, or 100 years down the line sooner or later there will be wars between them. As for the North going independent, I think that D&D just handled it badly or couldn't be arsed with the politics of it. Sansa has been schooled by Littlefinger. I have little doubt that in the books she would have been far more machiavellian about it. I wouldn't even be surprised that in the books her telling Tyrion (or whoever) about Jon's heritage is all part of her plan to divide and conquer so that she could end up as Queen of the North and that she'll throw Jon under the proverbial bus to get it.