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  1. Potentially finished 3 chapters in 10 days. He may have been working on those chapters for years. And he often scraps what he has finished and rewrites, especially if he thinks of something in a future chapter that requires revionist writing in previous chapters. So basically I wouldn't read too much into that.
  2. GRRM rewrites a lot. He certainly doesn't complete chapters in chronological order and in some cases a completed chapter may be completely trashed and started over again. So just because he has mentioned Barristan, it doesn't mean that it's a chapter that takes place after the Battle of Meereen. It could be the rewriting of an old one. You never know with GRRM.
  3. Source? Certainly not what I read in an interview from GRRM. Book 4, dealt with Dany's arrival in Westeros. Book 5, the battle with the others. Book 6, dealt with the aftermath of the battle with the Others (which we now know what that is about).
  4. Dany will arrive in Westeros before the Others breach the Wall. GRRM confirmed that much almost 20 years ago now when book four (after the five year gap) was going to start with Dany landing on the shores of Westeros. The pacing of the Others (and Westeros's reaction to their presence) has been a thorn in the side since the first book. It was GRRM's biggest pacing misstep.
  5. Almost all show viewers that would have bought the book, will no longer buy it. And awful lot of book readers won't buy it either now, as they know how it ends (and a lot of the, including myself, don't ever expect the tale to be completed in written form). It'll be a big selling book, but my guess is it will sell less than half the copies it would have sold had it been ready in 2015.
  6. Won't happen this time with COVID-19 and I don't think the demand is there to warrant it either. ADWD sales were expected to ride high on the crest of the TV show wave. That's past now. I doubt the demand for TWOW will be anywhere near as high.
  7. Was it published by then or that he'd have the story written by then?
  8. That's like saying the Premier League isn't cancelled because they're going to finish it off playing FIFA on the Xbox instead. It's completely different. I never take GRRM seriously anymore.
  9. So basically, it's cancelled and morphed into something different. Either way, he has his get out of jail free card.
  10. I wouldn't get your hopes up. He set a deadline for his trip to New Zealand, which is now almost cancelled. So the pressure is off him to hit that deadline.
  11. I'd say one and two. And I suspect a number five missing from your list. When GRRM published AGOT the internet was in its infancy. GRRM got a kick out of reading fan speculation but despite his protestations of the opposite, I do believe it influenced him as people started to guess right. Then the show came along and it was obvious he took massive delight in the "Unsullied" reaction to events. Then the show past him and those shocking events were no longer told by him in the first instance. He has said several times that the journey is the important part, but I don't think he really believes that true. I said whilst the show was on that I believed he stopped working seriously on the books and was waiting for the show to end. That way he could rewrite the books to make them different to the show, include more shocks and maybe even change the direction of WTF moment in the show to something different. This has tied him up in knots. The sad thing is GRRM basked in his new found relevance when the show made him a global star. Now the show has finished, his relevance has waned and unless TWOW is an absolute stormer (if it ever gets released) I doubt it will sell many more copies than ADWD did. It may even sell considerably less as a lot of book readers have now moved on. Either way, our chances of getting both ADWD and ADOS (or GRRM wrapping up in two books considering the general amount of pointless side stories now in existence) are so slim they're beyond anorexic.
  12. I'd be surprised if the book comes out this year. GRRM has said several times that he doesn't write when travelling and he had a busy year last year with other projects and travelling.
  13. Found the note from GRRM. 'A note for future reference. A season or two down the line Ramsay’s pack of wolfhounds are going to be sent against the Stark direwolves, so we should build up the dogs as much as possible in this and subsequent episodes.' Whilst I think Nymeria is a slim possibility, I do think it would have been unlikely. Her pack would have ripped the wolfhounds apart. Unless she gets separated from her pack or leaves to help Shaggydog.
  14. The journey would be different, the outcome the same. I think there was a strong chance that the Knights of the Vale would have saved the day at Winterfell, and they'd have been led by Sansa or led by Littlefinger, to save Sansa. The name Winterfell is a clever one if the Others are defeated there (effectively meaning that is where winter fell) and I think the remaining Stark's will be there when the Others arrive. I don't think Bolton falls to Stannis. I think the show painted broad strokes, but Ramsay killing Roose makes sense to me. The Bolton's discover Manderley's treason and in the process capture Rickon (which could be another reason Sansa heads to Winterfell with the Vale army). The only think we know for sure is that GRRM wrote in notes to D&D that Ramsay's hounds are important as they are going to have a big scrap against the Direwolves at some point (again, suggesting heavily that Bolton beats Stannis). Direwolves plural is an interesting one. You'd expect Shaggydog to be one of them, but who would the other(s) be? Summer is beyond the wall. So that could also suggest Ghost.
  15. If he still sticks to the principle that he doesn't write when travelling, then I doubt we'll see it in 2020. He has had a very packed year this year and been on the road a lot. And House of the Dragon has almost certainly driven the final nail into the series coffin. Seems history is due to repeat itself and "projects" are going to take priority over finishing the books. Even if by some miracle we do get TWOW, the chances of getting ADOS are zero if GRRM is working other projects.
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