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  1. Ser Gareth

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    That's why I said it was a "fairly" faithful adaptation. No adaptation was going to be 100% faithful. I also think it is a good thing when a show attempts to change things a little. Few people want something to be exactly the same as the book they've read. They still want to be kept on their toes. As for Talisa, she wasn't a bad change and it certainly heightened the impact of the Red Wedding past what it was even in the books. Ultimately the change was minor to the overall tale. Cersei's infant was clearly a clumsy bread trail for viewers. I agree it wasn't required because their incest is discovered so early on in the show anyway. I think you're probably right about GRRM and the books. As the quality of storytelling has declined so massively in AFFC and ADWD, it probably is best if it goes unfinished. Which it almost certainly will anyway.
  2. Ser Gareth

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Littlefinger offered an alliance but was always going to betray Ned. That was obvious even from my first reading 20 years ago. The last thing the likes of Littlefinger wants is someone like a Stannis or Eddard ruling the realm. It's why he set off the war of the Five Kings in the first place.
  3. Ser Gareth

    GRRM WoW Twist

    I've never been entirely convinced there was ever a twist. IIRC GRRM made the comments almost immediately after D&D spilled the beans on Shireen and/or Hodor. I always felt the manner and timing of GRRM's outburst was his way of sticking up a middle finger to the show and trying to steal some limelight back to ensure that the books maintained relevancy. That said, I've always suspected since that point that GRRM is actively changing as much as possible from what he originally planned so that the books are different to the show. But if removing the five year gap tied him up in knots then a plot re-write, especially as he'll have to change some of the meaning behind earlier foreshadowing, would have had him tying knots over existing knots! Which could actually explain why TWOW is taking so long and why GRRM now seems to be conditioning readers that he is throwing in the towel.
  4. Ser Gareth

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    It's not a competition. To the vast majority of people it is not one or the other. We know you hate the TV show and you think it is awful, we get it. We know you love the books to the point where you think they're are literary masterpieces and almost flawless. We get that too. What I personally don't get is why you watch the TV show and then get into these large polarising arguments on this forum. If you don't like the show, then fine. Don't watch it and certainly don't waste your life discussing it! The vast majority of people have well rounded enough opinions to be able to like the show and the books, to like one but not the other, to like the books and the show but see flaws in both etc. And you know something else? Most people who have read the books and seen the show will freely admit the books are better. In almost all cases books are always better than their TV or movie adaptation. What is fairly unique about AGOT is that it started as a fairly faithful adaptation and then had to go completely off book because there were no books to adapt anymore (and even where they were books plotlines weren't resolved so couldn't be used or had to be amended). I can only speak for myself but speaking as someone who first read AGOT in 1998, who obsessed about it for years, who pre-AFFC (and even to a lesser extent pre-ADWD) tried to get as many friends, relatives and strangers as possible to read the books and who would tell any show watcher that would listen to me that they needed to read the books because they are so much better than the show.......I am just glad that I am going to get some sort of closure to the overall tale. Because let's be honest, we're never going to get it from the books. I'm just sad, and a little bitter, that it's going to be a shell of what it could have been. But then having seen the state of ADWD and the TWOW sample chapters, maybe it is not such a bad thing after all.
  5. Ser Gareth

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    Why is that a strawman argument? It's pretty much a fact. No show is going to be 100% faithful. The real problem AGOT had was that it drew from strong source material up to a point. Then that source material became weaker and then finally there was no source material at all. Someone else nailed it elsewhere. GRRM should have been honest with everyone and admitted he was never finishing the books and then freed himself up to write for the show to make sure it was as close to his vision as possible. Then we could have had the best of both worlds. Instead we are left with a TV show that isn't going to reach the heights in story telling that it should have and a book series that will never be completed.
  6. Ser Gareth

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    It is clear the Iron Born are modelled on the Vikings. No one is going to deny that. What makes no sense is having that societal view in Westeros. The Vikings thrived during the early middle ages (often referred to as the dark ages) and then the society changed (as did all of Europe) when the middle ages truly got going. In Westeros the Iron Born are stuck in the past, literally centuries behind the rest of Westeros. That's why it is ludicrous. Euron's personality is what is absurd about Euron. And his appearance. He is a comedy villain. Nothing wrong with Littlefinger's plans. Maybe. It's the outcomes. Unless Littlefinger turns out to be an avatar (possible I guess) then what is ludicrous is how he always manages to pull them off successfully. It's pretty certain that had the story played out in the books he was the voice in Joffrey's ear telling him not to spare Ned and he would have gotten away with it all if it hadn't been for that pesky Bran. I've discussed the Others pacing and the average reaction of the realm to them ad nauseam so won't get into that here again. Chance meetings do happen. But so frequently on a continent that's meant to be the size of Canada? And that's not including the chance meetings outside of Westeros. Fate is what could explain away the chance meetings or intentional set ups by the Gods. But those reasons would be very lame. In terms of pure coincidence, it's already stretched well beyond the realms of possibility.
  7. Ser Gareth

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    We are. Many of the book absurdities are born from the pacing because now GRRM has added characters that are completely absurd and whose personalities don't truly fit in with the feel of the series. E.g. The Iron Born in the books are laughable. They're like comparative cave men. Even the Wildlings are more socially intelligent than they are. There is no way the Iron Born would realistically survive in a Westeros style feudal system. And Euron is the most absurd character in the entire series, followed closely by Ramsay. Absurd cartoon villains that the book would be better off without. Chance meetings on the road, Littlefinger being able to pull off overly unrealistic complex plans left, right and centre, Tyrion and Penny, the entire pacing of the Others plotline and how Westeros perceives the threat etc. There are absurdities a plenty. The problem with what people regard as absurd is that it is highly subjective. For example a lot of people really like Cersei's arc in AFFC but I think it is absurd.
  8. Ser Gareth

    Do you think the show is better or worse for not including Young Griff?

    GRRM may have changed it to Arianne to change it from the shows. But Arianne is a nothing character to the story and her POV wasn't even going to be told. So I can't see her being that important to be part of a significant prophecy. But then Cersei's POV was never meant to be told either..... I think Cersei would have survived quite deep into the books. It's definitely Jaime that would have killed her IMO. Agree about Aegon. But then I think a whole slew of POV characters should've been cut. I cannot stand the Iron Born. They are so socially backwards compared to the rest of Westeros it simply isn't realistic. And Dorne for me is meh. POV's from those regions weren't needed IMHO. Finally, I cannot stand Euron in the books. I think him and Ramsey serve little to no purpose other than being cartoonish villains.
  9. Ser Gareth

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    This is the TV section of the forum so I don't want to get too heavily involved in the book discussion, but I think that is simply not true. The biggest issue of the books is the pacing is completely screwed. GRRM has all but admitted this himself. The five year gap was an ill conceived idea that he realised he couldn't follow through with, primarily because it screwed up other character pacing. The problem is he needs that five year gap for Bran and Arya to catch up. You hit the nail on the head with Tyrion in Essos. But not just Essos. Generally. Now if it all turns out that humans are nothing but puppets for the Gods and the Gods willed these chance meetings then it's an explanation. But for me it's a crappy explanation. But throughout the series the chance meetings on the road are ridiculous. There are simply way too many of them. I don't think it'll be a Wight hunt. And if it is, it'll be for Dany and not Cersei. But as with the "legend" I think it's possible the books would have had Jon "the last hero" lead 20 of his companions beyond the wall and only Jon would make it back alive. It's a shame we'll never find out. I'm just pleased the show exists. Because at least we'll get a broad strokes ending to a series of books I've been reading for 20 years now. I am annoyed though that the show could have been so much better if it had had the complete source material to use from cradle to the grave.....
  10. Ser Gareth

    Smudge: Martin's latest POV

    Confirmation of what most sane people already knew I think. I gave up on the books a couple of years ago. He has other projects that he is more interested in now.. I think the best we can hope for is done he'll release the whole story in an Archmaester's retrospective point of view. It's a damn shame but maybe after the quality of the last two books a blessing in disguise. It's clear in hindsight he made a massive mistake with the pacing of the tale which made him have to rethink his original five year gap and he has struggled ever since.
  11. Ser Gareth

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Not really surprising now the Others have breached the Wall. No one is going to give a rat's arse about King's Landing except Cersei
  12. Ser Gareth

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    It was only ever going to be one book out of six or seven. The long night is the end game.
  13. Ser Gareth

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    I'm not so sure. There has been some pretty unrealistic dumb stuff in the books, especially the last two and we know that Hodor = Hold the Door (which I think is exceedingly stupid) would have been in the books. More worrying for me personally is the whole Hodor time travel/loop is beginning to validate a theory I hated that I first came across before the release AFFC, which is that everything is just a time loop and history is set to repeat itself. Now if that is the case then it's very possible that wight adventure may well have at least been inspired by events that would have taken place in the novels but it definitely won't go down the same way or with the same characters. What I do think may have been planned in the books is for Jon to be beyond the wall with a ranging party and for Dany to swoop in with her Dragons to save the day, only to lose one to the Others. I think that is a very real possibility. As for Littlefinger, I don't think it would have gone down that way in the books but I do think it will be Arya that kills him and I wouldn't be surprised if it is a team effort with Sansa.
  14. Ser Gareth

    HBO Confirms 2019 for Final Season

    I first read AGOT back in the summer of 1998. I'm just pleased that I am finally going to get some kind of closure and know how the whole thing is going to end. I can hang on another year to find out.
  15. Ser Gareth

    Why is GoT so popular yet...